Rihanna Kicked Out Of Abu Dhabi Mosque For Instagramming

Rihanna Kicked Out Of Abu Dhabi Mosque For Instagramming (And Other Over-Sharing Celebs)


Azealia Banks’ posted pasties following Nicki’s posted pasties can’t be a coincidence.

  • Avg

    She’s lucky they only kicked her out and not chop off her head. Next!

  • xedos

    How can she kicked of the mosque when she was not in the mosque

  • rene

    so crazy, what did she do wrong? Oh I can guess she was born a female.Remember when one culture was insulted when one of our Presidents crossed his legs. These people better wake up and start focusing on what God wants, A clear conscience towards Him. Stop wit the culterisim. Remember hand washing? Christ said first clean the heart.

    • BlackMenvsNiggas

      shut the hell up. the b*tch went there to show out idiot. one of her captions read “B*tch stole my look” what were you reading?

      • rene

        So what,

        • BlackMenvsNiggas

          so she got kicked out thats what. thee end

  • Alex

    It’s a pity she didn’t wear a burqa for that photo shoot

  • Girah Jay

    The way she posed ain’t that bad in America but the fact that she has been presenting herself as Straight trashy sK@ank prolly crushed the Muslims since that is a sacred place towards their religion.