Ciara Pregnant by Future Rumors Hit the Internet

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Is Ciara With Child?

ciara pregnant by future Photo: Instagram


After photos of Ciara performing at the 9th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards in NYC last week surfaced with her sporting an usually baggy top, rumors began to fly that the “Body Party” singer was pregnant. Ciara has in no way kept her relationship with rapper, Future, a secret but it still would be a surprise as the couple haven’t been together long.

In interviews, they’ve both expressed their intense love for one another with Future recently telling NYC’s Hot 97, “We haven’t set a date [but], this the one.” With rumors swirling like flying saucers, it took no time for the C-Squad to put in their two cents in about the possible love child.

(For those of you interested, Ciara is wearing an Anthony Vaccarello top, Gareth Pugh pants, Target wrap and Tom Ford heels in this photo.)

We have the most colorful comments below from the post Ciara put up:


“I don’t believe everything I read, so until Ciara confirms it, I will believe other wise. Plus I want her to tour. Can she tour while being pregnant???”

“Finally preggo!”

“body party= preggers”

“You would make a great mother either you expecting or not”

“Yea she’s pregnant. Look how big that black leather vest is. You ain’t foolin’ nobody, boo.”

“Congratulations, girl. That baby will be so beautiful.”

“Please tell us that your NOT pregnant”

“All these other celebrities acting like h**s. And doing too much for the spotlight. Ciara has real talent. Been in the game for how long and still KILLIN IT. #CSquad”

“I don’t believe she’s pregnant, I doubt Ciara is that stupid.”

“This can get her some publicity cause she definitely needs it”