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StyleBlazer Exclusive: Selita Ebanks Talks Business, Beauty And The Kind Of Man She Wants

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She can grout a kitchen and balance a checkbook. Her studies took her from pre-law to journalism. And her resume includes SPIN magazine and Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

Selita Ebanks is literally every woman, but carries her load of talents in the most humble way. The beauty chatted with us about her new project with Shopify. The innovative site is a platform for entrepreneurs selling a products to start the process without much of the hassle. Launched in 2006, the website boasts 70,000 successful stores and $2 billion in e-commerce sales.




Ebanks is working as a mentor for their 4th Build A Business Competition that gives nine driven entrepreneurs in over 100 countries the opportunity to receive $50,000 to grow the business of their dreams. The NYC-bred lady will serve as a mentor, in addition to Daymond John, Chase Jarvis, Lil Jon and Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington. The impressive lineup of mentors is a clear indication of what the 30-year-old has achieved in a fairly short amount of time.

Check out what she said about the competition and what’s going on in her life, below:

What makes Shopify unique: “It gives new business owners a platform to focus on their products and less on the strenuous in and outs of running a business. They reach out to consumers for you, do all the transactions, all the paperwork. I have a lot of family members who’ve started small businesses, and that takes up so much of their time that they can’t focus on crafting their product. So this is a great way for people to start their business.”

How she got involved: “My friend Damon John, my mentor, he’s always educating and having me learn more about business. He gave me a call and asked me to be a part of this. So many young people come up to me saying they have products and now, this is something I can tell them about.”

How young models diversify their assets: “The No. 1 mistake girls in the fashion industry make is that they don’t make a Plan B. It doesn’t have to be accounting or something non-fashion related, but you have to think of yourself as a business woman and you have to evolve. You have to think outside the box. Make a five year plan. And think, how is this going to make revenue for the next five years? Be open to new business ventures and become a business woman.”

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    Nice interview! Great to see her going back to school.