Jennifer Lawrence In New Dior Ads Makes Sultry Private Eye A Thing

Jennifer Lawrence In New Dior Ads Makes Sultry Private Eye A Thing

jlaw_dior1Photo: Tumblr 

From the look of pretty much every picture she’s ever been in, Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. To further awe the world with the beauty of their Miss Dior spokeswoman, Dior had photographer Mikael Jansson shoot the sometimes Katniss Everdeen for a spread in Dior Magazine’s Fall/Winter issue. The magazine is a bi-annual publication that gives readers a glimpse into the inner world of Dior.

In the spread, Jansson shot Lawrence in a variety of the brand’s menswear looks, which, coupled with the use of black and white photography, gave a sort of film noir/hard-boiled private eye theme to the shoot. Thankfully the Dior stylist used a light hand on her makeup, allowing her fresh-faced features to shine through in sultry simplicity. What’s interesting is that she appears to know something we don’t. Perhaps the answer to that frustratingly unsolved mystery; perhaps something else entirely.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that Miss Dior knew exactly what it was doing by choosing Jennifer Lawrence as their spokesperson. Every move the girl makes seems to be set on some glowing backdrop, and her star is only going to get brighter with the release of the second Hunger Games movie on November 22.

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