25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Black

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Alexis Webb @_lexinthecity_

Being racially ambiguous can be a huge plus in the Hollywood scene for our favorite actresses, models, and mega-star crushes. Let’s face it, the less traditionally “Black” you look, the more work you’re probably going to get.

While some fans shun them for not claiming their African American roots, others say the world is no longer about ethnic divide. We will let you be the judge, check out 25 surprising celebrities you didn’t know were Black!

  • Rochelle

    If they don’t consider themselves black then I don’t call them black!

    • Kelly Gibson

      I bet they Black when they want them record and movie sales.

      • Phil J.

        actually that’s when i bet they don’t want to be considered black lol White sells…people of color sell but not as good as white folk that’s why some of these celebrities like to remain ambiguous with their ethnicities

        • James Strange

          a lot of the biggest paid actors are black

          • Phil J.

            really now? A lot of the biggest paid actors are black? please go on. do tell

          • FEDUP

            Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Morgan Freeman etc.

          • Marvelous

            Will Smith, Eddie Murphy(Check out how much money this dude’s movies have grossed. IT’S OVER A BILLION), Samuel Jackson, Halle Berry, Terrance Howard

          • Mark

            Morgan Freeman is Irish. Didn’t you see Shawshank?

          • FallingStars89

            Wow, Phil J. I was feeling you in your earlier post at the top of the page, but now…damn. For someone who seems to know how to navigate through the internet and end up here, you sure fall short beyond that. Google man, google. Plus who really gives a turd about the success or failures of people in the entertainment industry. They couldn’t give two turds about Phil J. You add to their successes when you buy their movies, albums, and clothing lines. You contribute to their success, but they don’t contribute to yours. When the box office sales out number the budget of the next film you’re starring in hit up us. We’d really like to know. No matter the color of their skin or mix mash of heritage that is of the 15 listed above of the black actors that you don’t think are successful, they are more known and people are more aware of their existence than Phil J. who like everyone else, myself included, sits behind a screen blathering on about a topic simply meant to peek our curiosity.

          • Phil J.

            Once again we have another coconut. please preach to someone who cares and learn how to interpret things for what they are, not what they seem.

          • FallingStars89

            Yes because my opinion of your post is an attempt at preaching. Just stating the facts. I’ve never seen a movie starring Phil J. I’m also sure I never will.. I’m sorry your life is defined by the success of some and the failure of others.

          • Phil J.

            Dang. This coconut sure is a big one. You should have a degree in missing the point… actually a few of you one here do lol How did you get how i define my life through one joking statement? Please elaborate on that. once more, interpret things for what they are, not what they seem.

          • Phil J.


          • FallingStars89

            Your above statement makes it sound as if every successful black actor can only be found beneath the success of other white actors. As if there aren’t any black actors who are even more successful than their white counterparts. As if the only way to really be successful is to be white. So my question to you… a person who uses the term “coconut”. Do you really believe that the names listed below do not have a height of success as their white counterparts?

          • Phil J.

            i’m not dignifying that dumb question with an answer

          • FallingStars89

            You don’t have to validate what I have to say with an answer, because we know that is possible to be black and be successful. If you saying “really now? A lot of the biggest paid actors are black? please go on. do tell” is a joke..you should really work on your approach and the part of that that is supposed to be funny. Haha, like damn dude. What crawled up your butt? Let me guess you catcher, not a pitcher? Too much for the infamous Phil J to stomach in one sitting. I’m not trying to ruffle your feathers, or maybe I am, but either way what we say on here doesn’t change views. What we do in our life and with our life does. If you can’t answer a simple question on “styleblazer” then I’d hate to see how you’d actually handle a real live conversation with faces and people and eyes..all looking waiting, watching. Needing answers from Phil J.

          • FallingStars89


        • jasonwheeler97

          Where do you get your statistics Phil? Oprah is loaded. Tyler Perry. Denzel Washington.

          • Sniggih Smalls

            Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson (The blackest man in Hollywood), Jamie Fox, etc..

          • Lani Lan

            Don’t forget my man, Morgan Freeman!!!!!!!!

        • macccc

          some of these people who are responding to your comment are braindead zombies that have been brainwashed by the entertainment industry..forgive them for they know not what they do.

          • Freword

            No moron

        • Deron shaw

          As far as I know either you black or you white two ethnic group of people!!!

          • Phil J.


          • Freword

            No fool

          • lilslzr

            based on your spelling/grammar… you are black

          • Freword

            Not at all moron

      • HoosierDaddy

        more like food stamps.

        • FallingStars89

          Really? Food stamps. Of course, because all black people want, need, or on food stamps. In comparison, I could easily say that almost all paraphilic disorders involve middle aged white males. Statistically I would actually be right though. Come back with something more original than that..middle aged white male…Indiana daddy.

          • Marvelous

            Ahhh the white guy. The people that brought the world SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES.
            True talk. All STD’s have been traced back to WASP Europe. Knocked off a large part of the indigenous population of the Western Hemisphere with that nastiness.

          • Mark

            What about AIDS?

          • Freword

            Still a fool

          • guest

            Lol , really that man made disease ? .. a white scientist made it .

        • Ron Simmons

          Who Gets Food Stamps?

          The most recent Department of Agriculture report on the general characteristics of the SNAP program’s beneficiaries says that in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2010:

          47 percent of beneficiaries were children under age 18.

          8 percent were age 60 or older.

          41 percent lived in a household with earnings from a job — the so-called “working poor.”

          The average household received a monthly benefit of $287.

          36 percent were white (non-Hispanic), 22 percent were African American (non-Hispanic) and 10 percent were Hispanic (Table A.21).

      • Mark

        Correction: I bet they consider themselves black when they expect to receive the record and movie sales.

      • Kayla

        I bet you’re black when you use the word “them” in a sentence like that -_- hater.

        • Kelly Gibson

          I’m not a hater. I don’t kiss people arse because they on TV. Since you call me a hater i guess you kiss arse.

          • Freword

            No again moron

          • Kelly Gibson

            Call me a moron to my face.

  • Nic

    which idiot wrote this article?

    • Beverly

      STOP LYING!!! YOU KNOW DARN WELL YOU KNEW that Mariah Carey was Black!!! And you already knew Maya Rudolph was the late, great Minnie Riperton’s daughter!! Who didn’t know that????? You might not have known that Slash was Black unless you looked at him real good, but you can just LOOK AT Vin Diesel and tell he’s Black and YOU BEEN KNEW that Nicole Richie was Black! (IDIOTS)

      • lalala

        I believe correct english is You should have known.

      • lilslzr

        same with Rashida Jones….EVERYONE knows she’s the daughter of Quincy Jones (and Peggy Lipton)

        • Fpotr5

          Actually I had never seen her before but I can see Quincy Jones in her eyes now that I know that is her father,

          • Freword

            Still a moron

      • sara

        Mariah carey and all these ppl u named DONT LOOK BLACK!! stop your bullshit

    • puzzledagain

      Just read this today (12-9-13) and was wondering the same thing. What prompted them to single out the Black race to compare with the others? When are people going to learn the color spectrum goes from black to lighter and lighter until it gets to white (or vice versa) and that no human being commands any superiority over another human being because their skin is of a certain shade. Many people who responded to this blog are arguing about the wrong thing.

      • ArbeitMachtFries


  • DRUNK247

    I see you are just making it up as we go

  • YouBigDummy

    Umm Soledad O’Brian’s mother is Afro_cuban not her father,

    • Mark

      Again with this Afrocuban stuff…

  • S Jo

    Black Is Beautiful!!!

    • Rastaz Koon


      • FEDUP

        Your avatar and comments shows that you are racist and ignorant. Therefore you are not to be taken seriously.

        • A6768NAMVET

          Better take him seriously….whites are getting tired of the black laziness, drain on the economy, higher per capita of criminals, black arrogance, and voter fraud that put the azzclown Obamao in the White House! Lousy POS we’ve ever had for a President!

          • happy2bincluded

            Black arrogance is right. As a negro, I consider it a sacred duty to never get uppity or forget my place. We of the darker races have much to learn about humility from the white man’s shining example.

          • jennifer martinez


          • lanny

            Now you know your not Black. Wouldn’t say “As a negro” please stop you undercover racist.


          • guest

            Lanny , a black/African living in America , cannot be racist .

          • Misty-Mac

            Love the sarcasm!

          • Ron Simmons

            a67 etc. You are a runner up in the 2013 Racist of the Year.
            Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

          • billy

            Would you rather be living in Dung huts?

          • Ron Simmons

            Would you rather be living in those unrine filled caves in Europe?
            I don’t know what makes you so dumb jack and a complete idiot, but it really works.

          • ds

            You are very very very very very very very stupid. Get some facts before opening up your stupid mouth. First and foremost White people are the majority on Welfare…Go pick up a book and learn your facts. Your people was not the ones enslaved. Whites are draining on the economy since your are the majority. DUMBASS

          • jennifer martinez

            We are tired of the bigotry! The south lost Archie Bunker!

          • I know you

            Lazy, drain-on-the-economy Sicko! grow up- hatred and bigotry are so yesteryear! better yet, get ready for the new world- there’s no going back. At least now you won’t have to rely on institutionalized entitlements and protections. I can tell you are one of the losers hoping for affirmative action of yesterday

          • Ailey S.

            You don’t have to like the president, but laziness comes in all colors, Namvet. Don’t blame it on one race when everyone has seen evidence of it in all races and various forms.

            The drain on the economy cannot be blamed on any one race, either. The “drains” are in places no one wants to look at: political lobbying, paid-off legistlators on both sides of the fence, and deregulated businesses that take millions of jobs to foreign nations that do not hold them accountable for shady practices and below-standard wages.

            As for “higher per capita of criminals,” there are just as many criminals on Wall Street as there are in the mean streets, but wealthy people, especially wealthy people with the privilege of white skin, have always had better luck buying their way out of legal consequences. Because more prisons are becoming privatized, there is now a greater monetary incentive and opportunity to incarcerate those whom racists in American society has rendered least desirable–African-American and Latino-American males. While I am not justifying criminality for anyone, there are rational explanations and covert motives behind this “higher per capita of criminals” claim that can be found below the surface.

            As for voter fraud, many Americans feel that George W. Bush stole the 2000 election. That can be debated just as easily, if we had the time.

          • Ippoletta

            You white people are the
            seeds of Satan. there is no other explanation for the racism cruelty and
            downright evil acts you people have done to every other race on this
            earth. f*** off demon.

          • William Westmoreland

            …..Agent Orange acting up again huh……………….

      • jane

        Yes, your sure are.

      • Ailey S.


        I can’t believe that out of millions of sperm cells, you were the one that won the race to the egg.

        Now leave the room and go burn more crosses in your backyard. The grown-ups here want to get back to talking on an adult level.

    • Rodney Belanger

      I agree, in fact sometimes outright delicious.

    • Donald Schuster

      Only if the eye of the beholder is blind….

  • paul

    When Mariah Carey was married to that white man she said she was mixed with everything except black. After her divorce and mental breakdown she came out and admitted to having a black father. Black people made her rich!

    • charlie

      I doubt black people made her rich, you have to buy her cd’s and buy a ticket to her concerts to put any black dollar revenue in her pockets , i dont see blacks doing much of either – but i did see some afrocano/americans outside a stadium once where she was performing – selling crack-cocaine.

      • Diadra

        What? “I don’t see blacks doing much of either”… really? Not sure what planet you live on then… I am black and I bought almost all Mariah’s albums. As did many of my black friends and family members. So yeah… I don’t know if that was an assumption… based on a handful (or less) of black people that you know…

        • Erik Baran

          I think they mean that the “black” dollars didn’t make her rich. “Whites” make up about 72% of the US, while “blacks” make up about 12%. The majority of her revenue comes from the “white” stream.

          • yaz reggae

            As do the majority of welfare recipients, the food stamps, etc so let’s give the Man his due. Using your logic, ‘white” make up 72% so the numerical superority is obvious of those who collect these goodies of US scoiety, Be praised. The Empire always strikes back says Ted Cruz

          • lanny

            thank you.

      • FEDUP

        And guess who were buying the product – you!

      • FallingStars89

        Gawd, you are such a waste of time.

    • jasonwheeler97

      When she first became famous it was well known that her father was black and her mother was white. Nice of you to make up your “facts”, Paul.

  • mara

    your article some of it is bullshit plain and simple!!!! please do your research before post in accurate stories plsss. there are white trinidadians fyi !!!

  • dingo_egret

    Ummm…just because someone’s parents are from Trinidad doesn’t mean they’re automatically black. There West Indies is made up of Black, White, Portuguese, Chinese and Indian. You can be Trinidadian and still be white.

    • Phil J.

      anything to separate yourself from black lol

      • MeDoneTalk

        No he/she is not. That is a valid argument. People from the Caribbean are made up of every God almighty thing. Tessanne Chin who is currently on the Voice is Jamaican of, Chinese, Cherokee, Black and European descent.

        • sid

          Me: Right! If you consider yourself to be Chinese or Gay I will respect your choices!! Me: if you want surgery to remove your Adams’ Apple I will respect that!! Even if you are the biggest Bath House Queen in Alabama & Mississippi!

          • gritsngravy418


          • randell

            everyone has an adams apple including women

        • Koch

          always hating what you won’t be and can’t have – oreo

          • orpickmynose

            so you hate yourself for not being a ‘slag’?

        • Prototype

          When people claim American Indian descent its almost always Cherokee and I think that its because its a chic or colorful sounding name. But there were and are so many other tribes that I seriously doubt these genealogical claims.

          • doszap

            Depends on what state your from.

          • laramite

            This is just because they’re coastal, and were integrated earlier, the relationships with colonists were very different, and culture different from the Apache, Crow, Sioux… the Cherokee tribe was also organized differently and was HUGE. Around here everyone’s Arapaho, Sioux (Dakota), Blackfoot, nobody here is Cherokee. Also, even today there are a lot of people from local tribes who are intermarrying, it’s variable of course, but there’s a lot of staying on the reservation out here, it’s a different culture from the east coast where the history of the tribes are very different.

          • Crabtree Nick

            cherokee weren’t “coastal.” are northern Alabama and Georgia on the coast????

          • Willy Wonka

            Georgia is on the coast. Go look at a map buddy

          • Roz Dotson

            a very small section of Georgia is on the coast…Cherokee land was mostly in the Smoky Moutain Range which included Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and yes Northern Alabama…they were NOT a costal peoples although some did live near the ocean…

          • laramite

            Prototype: This is just because the Cherokee were coastal, and were integrated earlier, the relationships with colonists were very different, they were a huge and powerful tribe, and had a very different social structure before colonization, and different relationship with the colonists than the native American tribes of the plains. Around here everyone’s Arapaho, Sioux (Dakota), Blackfeet, Shoshone; I almost never hear of someone being Cherokee here. Also, even today there are a lot of people from local tribes who are intermarrying, it’s variable of course, but there’s a lot of staying on the reservation out here, it’s a different culture from the east coast where the history of the tribes are very different.

          • Thinktank

            The majority of the Native Americans were extremely dark skinned. not light brown like the south american natives.

          • Don Oberloh

            Your know this how?

          • greg

            Don Oberloh… if you read hernando desoto the explorer or conquer ,he describes the people he encountered in the early 1500s where dark skin. not like the indians in the cowboy shows of the 1800s. Christopher colombus call the people he say indians but also call then decendants of the khans which were blacks who ruled spain for 800 years. i know your history books didn’t say that in school.. but look it up for yourself.

          • Crabtree Nick

            what the hell are you talking about? try being coherent. the “descendants of the khans which were blacks?”

          • Africa Ain’ttakinnoshit Orta

            It’s funny how all this you guys are saying, moors, khans, all mixed with black though. What if I said the bible was written by william Shakespeare, ppl believe what they want so it makes them feel important or that they fit themselves in these rubbish conversations. Who cares, why are ppl so focused on black and white. America is so full of crap.

          • JFK06

            If you told me Shakespeare wrote the KJV of the Bible, I would say Psalms 46. Count 46 words down and 46 words up. However, that could just be coincidental and not encrypted. I understand your frustration but please understand that history is taught for a reason. It not only installs an awareness of why things are the way they are today but also a sence of pride or dignity into a people. Some people need to know that there history did not start on a plantation. Especially, a people who lack historical or ancestrial pride and/or identity, and a people have been told that they contributed nothing to this world or society. You have those who are proud of there heritage (Jewish, Irish, German, Scottish, ect.) and they receive no hostility for their pride in self identity. Yet, a person of color receives plenty of hostility for just suggesting they contributed anything other than sports or entertainment to the world.

          • JFK06

            These things mentioned is what shapes a healthy and unhealthy “culture”.

          • truthhurts.

            Perfectly stated…..

          • guest

            I say the same all the time . All people of color are only good and become truly ‘successful’ through entertainment . No African-Americans ate billionaires , without done type of entertainment . Whites really do have people if color slaved. Blacks are the only ones , who can’t accept where they came from and make fun of it . Everyone had their hand in Africa , making it so poor putting these white faces on t.v. , trying to make themselves seem like they really care what’s going on . Europeans crawled out of their caves suffering . While Africans lived wealthy in Africa , with ask the natural resources . They are jealous and envy anything with melanin . Im not preaching hate it’s facts and its true . It’s sad cause slaves fought through shackles and chains . To the Harlem Renaissance and building our own . While whites were creating drugs and ways to corrupt black neighborhoods , school systems , politics and so on . IT WORKED , STILL DOES , SO I GIVE WHITES THAT ONE !

          • Marta Rizzo

            NO blacks rule Spain. IN fact when it comes to European DNA Spain is one of the whitest nation in Europe.

          • JFK06

            The Encyclopedia Britannica describes the Moors as Mixed African and Arab people. 1/3 being Arab and the rest from Sudan. I actually posted a long comment with links and references on this but for some reason my post reads “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

          • rich1971

            This planet we live on is constantly revolving in multiple directions, so who’s to say that Africa wasn’t always in direct sunlight and was more shaded, because they have found it was at one time a lush vegetative area which meant it was a lot cooler that current conditions of the last umpteen millions of years and that true Africans were not dark skinned people but more of a light brown to white color…as plates shifted and the planet rotates on its axis it put Africa were it is now which is in an area were people are known to be of dark skin . There is no proof anywhere in science, the bible, etc. what color original Africans were…so don’t me this black/white bs

          • JFK06

            Interesting! Placing all “theory” aside, lets just look at geographical locations and people close to the equator compared to those further from it (observe). Done? You say, “There is no proof anywhere in science, the bible, etc. what color original Africans were. Lets start there, shall we? “Scientist” (white scientist) utilizing forensic studies were able to identify a single common gene shared in all participants in this particular study in Matteson Square Garden, New York (melting pot of diverse culture). This common gene belongs to that of the “Bushmen” tribe in so-called “Africa” (which is also a European title). This site tends to place my comments under “moderation” whenever I try to produce links and references, but you can Google these people and just tap the image tab to see what they look like. Done? Should we say the bible is true (..or not. You decide), Moses (a Hebrew) lived amongst the Egyptians (I prefer the name Kemit or Kemet, as Egytian is Greek terminology). Egypt, the country in “Africa”, which I am sure will probaly not be considered “African” by you. Referencing the Bible here, Exodus 4:6-7, God turns Moses’ hand white or some scriptures “leoprous as snow” and then back to his “other flesh”. Whats color is this “other flesh” that is not white?(i know still not evidence enough). He also helped a Hebrew woman at a well, who thought he was Egytian due to his attire (Exodus 2:19). However, this is still all information translated to English and written by man but it makes one wonder does it not (of course not to you)? So back to common observation again. The mass majority whites are found it what continent (Before invasion of the “new world”? Think about. Thats right. Now, one more. The mass majority of darker people are found in what regions of the world? Imagine the color of those people Pre-European invasion. Understand that I am not posting hate nor do I agree with such behavior. I just promote awareness and possiblities that you will never consider “truth”.

          • guest

            Its a lot of proof . From even ‘before Christ’ days .. And they were dark . America doesn’t show it but if you were to really study it . It was in pyramids , paintings and even Churches .

          • Josiah Tabat

            Spain is NOT the whitest nation in Europe! Check IQ levels to believe that. Try traveling to Spain. Compare them to Danes, Sweedes, Brits, Germans, Walsh, Fins, Norwegians and Scots. Also, the British ruled Jamaica for less time than the Moors ruled Spain……do Jamaicans look Anglo? Get the point?

          • Tha Clam

            youre a little too proud of that honestly. that was like literally a thousand years ago buddy.

          • Francisco

            The Moors Ruled Spain! Do Your homework.

          • JFK06

            Greg, you are thinking of the Moors, which were mixed Arab and African descent, that ruled spain.

          • DufusofAustin

            Show me the pictures!

          • Kc Heller

            takes a low IQ to know these things…….. sorry you got left out

          • tomi

            Go read the history of the world. Is all in there. History judge blacks very harshly but the truth is blacks are the original people before different shades of people

          • Sloan

            Incorrect. Science and archeology have shown that we all came from dark brown, not black. Those who remained in the region became darker and those who moved northward became lighter.

          • JFK06

            “The Human Race”, documentiary done by “scientist” and aired on the History Channel, showed common DNA links us all to the Bushman tribe of Africa. Please, Google them and tell me what they would be classified as here in America. Oh… and most Blacks are actually just dark brown.

          • Mack

            Amen JFK

          • kham

            thank u very much for pointing this out. I have bn saying something similar the first ppl were found in Egypt

          • guest

            Egyptians are / were Africans .. They are trying to make them look of an Arab , Indian look .

          • carjones

            I am thankful now that DNA can tell exactly what you are. Your heart can prove what you become good or evil.

          • Mack

            C’mon…..”black” “dark brown” tan” all semantics.

          • guest

            Dark Brown / Black .. technically it’s the same thing . We still came from Africa .

          • bobo

            why then do all religious image show pictures from “Adam and eve” and all folks as white????? Remember, “God created man his own image”

          • JFK06

            Those are pictures created by Europeans (English, Italian, ect.) in either the Renaissance or Mid evil era. Please, read your History.

          • kate in MI

            I’m guessing you meant “medieval,” right?

          • JFK06

            And your guess would be correct as I was referring to medieval but I said mid “evil”. On some post I may refer to “history” as “his story”. However, the point was apparently clear.

          • Mack

            Over their heads JFK.

          • Africa Ain’ttakinnoshit Orta

            I love your way of talk. Proud someone keeps up with this cause it give me a headache, but I was taught all of this at an early age. And you know what I’ve learned, white ppl beat, lied and degraded blacks to where they don’t believe anything that comes from another black person, remember if your white your right, black get back brown get down.

          • guest

            Your right. They even do it to their own people . Look at Hitler .

          • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

            It’s meant metaphorically, not literally… some of these comments . SMH

          • Multi

            Gill Scott Herron fan?

          • JFK06

            Never heard of him until now. I just Googled him. He is a Jazz muscian, right? Are you recommending him?

          • Multi

            Not sure what’s up with the mods but incase my first reply doesn’t show up but search: watch?v=tJEbh3DxLEU

            Be sure to watch it until the end.

          • JFK06

            I think I am a fan now.

          • Mr.PhD

            Shows how little you know about the history of religion and the Roman Catholic church…it’s great that you believe in God, but it’s unfortunate you put faith in the commercialized version molded by early Europeans to suit there misguided propaganda.

          • 82NCMARINE

            In this society DNA testing is used as undisputable evidence that someone committed a crime. Yet when that same test has been used to show evidence of the origin of MAN, then you have those that refuse to accept the fact that the origin of Man originated from Africa (The Motherland). Those same people are the first to say “what difference does it make the color of Jesus”. I’ve been around the world and in many countries, black stone or marble is used to depict figures of the Bible! So all this is to say, this is an discussion that will never end because no matter what evidence or proof is provided, some people just won’t accept it!

          • Tecla Jones

            In high school I asked the nun why were Jesus and all the disciples portrayed as being white as if the stories in the bible were set in Iceland and not the middle east and Africa. After two weeks detention, I was never called on in catechism to answer or asked any questions, Sometimes regardless of propaganda you have to think for your self.

          • Tha Clam

            your joking right? those are only the european religious images which have no clear basis to fact. those people would have been black or middle eastern or something like that…as much as you would like to separate yourself from color.

          • guest

            Jesus was black . His name isn’t even Jesus , it’s Huru . It’s facts on that .

          • tinhatter

            Blacks (Africans) are the original people. But in every culture a pale skin is considered to be better…. I am not saying I agree, but this is something we all (Africans, Indians, E Asians and Europeans) have to ask ourselves…. why is it part of our culture to judge a darker skin tone as inferior.

          • hiram nerja

            by racial make-up Native Americans were mongolian race (politically correct nitwits today would call this asian). remember chilen’ there are only 3 races : caucasian, negro, mongolian. everything else is ETHNICITY OR NATIONALITY!

          • Satice James

            There is no such thins as ‘race’. It is a socially constructed term put into existence by Whites to show they were better, in power, and in control. There is only Ethnicity/Nationality. Also Culture.

          • Shannon Tierney

            The human race

          • SASSI N CUNTRUL

            Thank you Satice and Shannon these people need prayer and education….Its only one race….. The Human Race which some people are not considered a species nor subspecies only similar to man……. we all know ?????? they are….and they do too……that’s why their so concern and threaten by color…..we all no who was here first……you guys can continue to play dumb if you want…. we know better…..face it and get over it…… Dominant is what you call us…..

          • HumanBioDiversity

            You actually fall for that bull? You really must have loved sociology and anthropology. Genetics and bone differences don’t lie, though.

            Give us all the same skin color and you’d still be able to see racial difference, and that’s only what’s on the outside. You seem a little racist pinning everything on white people, though. You and everyone who liked your little post.

          • nope

            Ever heard of Eugenics? Yes, people are genetically different from around the world but specific racial categories (black, white, blah blah blah) were categories created by Anthropologist. Hitler used the theory of Eugenics to justify killing Jews and the U.S. government used it to forcibly sterilize poor people (of all ‘races’) b/c they were considered idiots. You can look up the supreme court case on this if you dont believe it.

          • Roz Dotson

            European scholars, Buffon and Blumenbach in the 1700 put forth the separation of people by skin color and imagined physical characteristics. RACE is a LIE used in the colonization of other continents. please don’t take my word for it…look those names up.

          • Julie

            Actually, you’re wrong. Bioarcheaology and human osteology, and forensics have proven otherwise. Race is a social construct. If your pulling your opinion from these areas you didn’t understand the jargon in the material didn’t have enough info or your sources were antiquated.

          • Roz Dotson

            yes Julie you are right RACE is a LIE…initiated by so called scientists Buffon and Blumenbach…

          • kham

            i agree

          • jazmyn

            Your stupi d put different races with the same skin color and we are all the same color shouldn’t even matter anymore just like people who are prejudice against gay and poor people it’s not that important once people accept that the world will be much better.

          • Meggan

            say WHAT ????

          • Satice James

            To ignorance be the glory. I didn’ t have to get a college degree to know my history. Those of Caucasian descent in most.cases.did implement this platitude of being better than anyone who wasn’t Caucasian. Even enslaved their own as indentured servants to pay off their crimes against society. They went on to the indigent Native American, and when that didn’t work, the African man and woman, the African child as well, were stolen from their continent to be worked and beaten to death etc. Of course there were other groups of people who took on this mindset of being more privilege but that is mute. There is no racism here, hun, becoming Muslim took that out of my heart. Get the word ‘ race ‘ out of your vocabulary, try ethnic make up instead of racial difference. Know that you have whatever features you havve because Africans were the first people on this Earth. It is a scientific fact. Also delve into history, yours as well as everyone else’s so you are more cognizant of true facts. Anything you have to question, then throw it out and move on to what is pertinent to what you seek. Enuff said!!!

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            How where they enslaved in ships when africans black africans would enslave there own people and ship them to the land of milk and honey?

          • Roz Dotson

            greed knows no skin color.

          • madihwa

            Think that’s bad? What about their need for 7 continents just so they could have a continent separate from Asia? Really, that continent is Eurasia.

          • barbrshp

            Your so smart

          • madihwa

            And you used ‘you’re’ incorrectly, so I guess you’re not. Plus you did not use a period.
            The well-known and now long dead writer Sydney Harris once wrote, the secret to good communication between people is the proper and correct use of language–whatever language one is using.

          • Ka’uilani Kim

            Practice what you preach. There should be quotation marks, and should read:

            Sydney Harris once wrote: “The secret (etc).”

          • madihwa

            Forgetting quotation marks is not as bad as using ‘you’re’ incorrectly.

          • Meggan

            anybody have change for a twenty?

          • kham

            one race its the human race

          • Jon Dwyer

            So where did you come up with these facts?

          • What about the 15th amendment?

          • barbrshp

            You just contradicted yourself in one sentence. No such thing as race, unless you need a scapegoat. Then there’s that pesky evil white race… Smh

          • Ramon Cortez

            Ya’ll know if you got even a smidgen of Black blood you is Negro,of course we all came from Africa,you do know that,don’t ya,cullid peoples!

          • diias

            Ur an a**hole. Prob half prican. sSTAY ON YR ISLAND NO ONE HERE LIKES U

          • Ramon Cortez

            My my My,getting a little uptight,are we!my people were actually here when the thieves from Europe showed up with Germ warfare & terror tactic’s to steal a country to enrich theirselves !if anybody should go anywhere,it should be Youin’s THE WHITE SPAWNS OF SATAN

          • Bnode

            What an ironic post, coming from a guy with the surname Cortez.

          • roscoe

            GO HEAD THEN, TELL US LIKE IT REALLY IS!! ha, ha.

          • diias

            Satice go sit u self down w nice cup of reality. No one like black peepd but back perps done and done

          • Satice James

            You definitely make no sense here, but do step into your own reality and try to discern what you meant here.

          • Satice James

            Point considered and taken, however it is the accepted group name, you’ll find it on any Census intake form. I didn’t use that moniker to be ‘ racist ‘ but in the future I’ll just say Caucasian if that makes you feel better.

          • diias

            Well actually then “whites” are better since we have never been enslaved right? People quit bein black and mad for it. Accept it and KEEP IT MOVIN!!

          • Satice James

            I’m going to let you simmer in your own thoughts here. I believe my recent reply to HumanDiversty answers this. FYI, no one is ‘ black and mad for it’. I love being African American, I grasp my hisyory, I know my roots liein Sierra Leone, Africa, and in the Seminole Native American people. I accept all, I accept he history of our struggle and will keep on promoting the truth. NEXT!

          • Meggan

            There are plenty of “black and mad for it”. Check out the black-on-black murder rates in any large city in the U.S.. Jump on a city bus in Philly and look at those angry faces as the bus starts to cruise through the suburbs.

          • Ka’uilani Kim

            Wtf are you talking about? Whites were slaves. Do your research.

          • JinaBean

            In sociological terms, race exists. We can debate it by saying that we are all human…and that is correct, scientifically. Don’t confuse the two sciences. Sociology is the study of society…and we, as a society, have decided to separate ourselves to express the uniqueness of our cultures, which is fine. Just don’t state that one group is superior to another (that is, then, racism).

          • Roz Dotson

            those are man made separations of the human race…the Lakota saying/prayer is very true…Mitakuye Oyasin…(all my relatives or…we are all related). DNA research has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that we ALL originated in AFRICA…aptly called the MOTHER LAND…from a nomadic tribe of bush men. it’s your turn to check your history… or watch the first video (there are serval since) called “Journey of Man.” don’t be so quick to call someone a nitwit … you may sound like one yourself.

          • Txoildriller

            So we are all African Americans of different shades.

          • Jess

            An African American is, by all means and purposes, a “black” individual who also happens to be a citizen of the United States of America. With that being said though, either you’re American, or you’re not. I’m so sick of these sub-categories being placed onto EVERYTHING.
            Back to the matter at hand though, no, we’re not all African. At least in the regard that we were all “black”. Dark, yes. Black, no. A more realistic color of origin would be to look at color of modern day Israelies.

          • TLT

            Well I call myself Mocha-latte with a sprinkle of Cinnamon. That’s my color.

          • Rick Polk

            Sounds like a giant waste of time. We’re all human. We all bleed red.

          • genevevil


          • Jaime Andres Pretell

            Yes and no. Africa, yes. But the ancestors to is all were not Khoisan or any other bushmen. They just happen to have some of the oldest DNA among them. What you could say is that they are the group who has moved the least from where our ancient ancestors lived. All humans have evolved and they are no different in that.

          • read more & better


          • Jaime Andres Pretell

            You wish

          • humpty dumpty

            More and more research is showing that Europeans tend to have NEANDRATHAL genes. That they blended with the humans. Next thing we will see are articles of famous people that are part NEANDRATHAL. Smh

          • Romeo

            Neanderthal, humpty dumpty, NEANDERTHAL!

          • Choppa

            All people, other than black Africans, have neanderthal ancestry. Neanderthals were human as well.

          • recindo

            Check out also “The Real Eve”

          • diias

            I’m white tight and right and NO ONE IN MY FAMILY IS FROM AFRICA. GET IT? probably not…

          • JinaBean

            I am Black American and none of my relatives are from Africa either…except my step-father and step-siblings, who are from Ghana. My ancestry, like everyone else in this world, can be traced back to Africa…either by North or East Africa. I think that is what she’s trying to state. Even the most European Caucasians can trace their ancestry to Egypt…ijs.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            well not mine they come from china and England and wales and scotland

          • JinaBean

            The Great Britain ancestry can be traced back to Mesopotamia and Egypt. It’s not that difficult. People adapted with the migration from Africa and the Middle East (where the original Caucasians are from). Even now, there are physical differences between Black Americans and Black Africans.

          • Theodora

            The origional Chinese were African, and had dark skin up until a 150 years ago. Look up the Khoisan people.

          • TT335i

            The modern human race can trace it’s ancient ancestry back to areas in Africa, skin color does NOT change in just 150 years.
            I fully accept the current science that shows us that modern humans are descendent of human’s coming out of Africa.
            But to think that the skin color of a group of people can change in just 150 years is not scientifically sound and not proven.

            Also, current ancestral research is posing the idea that the original migration out of Africa is true, but there may have been later migration back to the land now called Africa.

            And, the original human’s that migrated out of Africa likely had different features than modern Africans.
            To support that, modern Africa is also made up of people who have different facial features, and other physical characteristics that are not the same across all of Africa. Skin tones are different from very dark to very light, hair texture is different, facial features are different from east Africa to west Africa and from north to south.
            These same variations exist in Europe, the Middle East and in eastern Asian countries.

            The Human race is very varied in coloration and superficial physical appearances. This is the great variety that has allowed our human populace to thrive on planet Earth, where we ALL come from. The variety we have is linked to the climatic regions and physical land make up our ancestors lived in for VERY very long periods of time.
            These variations are the beauty that makes up our human race and we should respect it and not use it to instill superiority or fear.
            Our collective history shows us that we don’t want to go back there again. Haven’t we had enough of this “racial superiority” ridiculousness especially over the past 400+ years?

          • Ron Simmons

            That’s not you told me last night.

          • Forrest

            I bet you’re one of those who would never open your mouth if you were face to face with someone. In response to your comment that was moderated on another article, you can drop to your knees kiss my educated back side, internet tough guy.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            Thank u so VERY much for voicing the sound of truth in a sea of misconceptions, misinformation and just plain IGNORANCE & lack of EDUCATION!!

          • roscoe

            I think its important for black people in America to discover who they really are. Look at us we are last in education last in family structure last in community safety etc. But we are first or close to first in joblessness first in poverty, prison, un wed mothers etc. Now i am no fool, a lot of that crap comes from unfair social elements, lingering raceisim and i think if we had some insight to the facts, it may help us mentally so that we can climb out of this rutt we have been in for 300 years. NOW I AM GONNA DROP THE MIC

          • rene

            THANK YOU !!!!

          • TazzHawk

            You have hit the nail on the head. That is so correct to all you so called history buffs.

          • Julie

            Those aren’t races. They are descriptors being incorrectly used outside of an bioarch/forensics lab. They aren’t full proof.

          • madihwa

            Actually Chinese don’t mind being Asian–as long as you don’t also classify India as Asia (which has a totally different culture and different ethnicity)–and which is also slightly crazy.

          • barbrshp

            Actualy being technical, Caucasians are black white and Asian. Look up the definition of theword

          • diias

            : I’m not black. I’m caucasian. Same as my husband from Peru. We have no negro or asian in our blood. Thank you and good night.

          • barbrshp

            I dint say you were. But not all white people are Caucasian. It is a misused term to describe one race. It was not meant to offend but rather inform. A man from England, Norway, Ireland, etc. is not a Caucasian by definition of the word. By definition of the word, a Caucasian can be black or Asian. Actually the only true Caucasian white people are from Russia. Turn on your Olymoics channel for 5 minutes and you will see Caucasia! Those are the big mountains in the background on NBC.

          • Diamonique

            Maybe you show get a DNA test done!! Lol….you will be surpised ; ) Trust everyone has African in them. I know this truth hurts.

          • poppa sunn

            Negro really

          • Jaime Andres Pretell

            No such thing as these colloquial races.

          • Gaye Lynn Edwards Puerner

            There is only ONE RACE; the human race. Scientists have classified the different features related to identifying someone’s ethnic origin as the three “races” that are actually caucazoid, mongoloid, and negroid. DNA proves it.

          • paul

            more BS,how in the hell do u create a name for a group of people from the Africian con as NEGRO what the hell is that u sound real stuipid is that?

          • JinaBean

            Thank you for stating that. That is Sociology 101, but most people never took Sociology, including the author(s) of this article. Being West Indian or Black African does not make one “American” either. Technically, Wentworth Miller is an bi-racial-Brit.

          • hmm..

            You are sadly incorrect. Native Americans identify strongly with west coastal Africans that migrated.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            NO, THERE IS ONLY ONE (1!) RACE ON THIS PLANET, IN THIS UNIVERSE, THAT WE HUMANS KNOW OF: THE HUMAN RACE!!! Race is NOT determined by COLOR, by neither Nature, GOD, science or biologically!! ONLY BY THE RACIST SO-CALLED WHITE RACE!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!

          • Roz Dotson

            incorrect Hiram…just as is your use of ‘chilen’) in the 1700’s European scholars, Buffon and Blumenbach conceived of the notion of RACE…it is a man made theory…RACE does not exist any more than the construct of time! both are used to justify the actions of one group of HUMANs in relationship to others. when taught with authority (be it humane or violently) these constructs are taken as reality…losing the memory of the fact that it was all just made up…usually to establish superiority of one group over another…like in colonization. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACIAL MAKE-UP. (if I were you I wouldn’t be so quick to call anyone “nitwit”)

          • Lil Fawn

            Check your facts on ” the majority of NA r extremely dark skinned” All of you stop reading and listening to american book written by white people…. Oh and Roz Dotson right on bro Trail of Tears nobody wanna acknowledge that.

          • madihwa

            One note here–about the dark skinned thing–being in the outdoors a lot will turn one’s skin very dark. But then you look at that tummy-if it’s been covered by clothing–it will be very white.

            I know all this because my family is very diverse–Mexican, black, (remember Native Americans are Asian) 4 or 5 Asian ethnicities, Jewish, umpteen different white ethnicities. Our family reunions look like a meeting of the UN.

            Also I lived in Taiwan for 2 years. The only difference between the light skinned people and the dark skinned people there was that one worked outdoors and the other indoors.

            In older times this was seen as a class divider. Actually in some countries such as India it still is and they use lotions to bleach their skin.

          • barbrshp

            Anyone born in America is a Native American. It is not a race. American Indian is correct. None of us know who was here first any damn way. Just another way toblame everything on those evil white folks.

          • guest

            I hate when people come voice their opinion .. and try to put it against and argue with facts .

          • Jaime Andres Pretell

            Lol. Load of hogwash. There is a variation of skin color, but no darker than Central American and Mexican Natives.

          • Roz Dotson

            Indigenous people come in all colors, shapes and sizes…everywhere…there is no set category according to the color of the skin…anywhere!

          • elexia

            I’m do happy people know of the Blackfoot Tribe!”” My grandpa was fullblood and carried the surname of Sturgis!!

          • montana83

            The neighboring tribes hated the Blackfeet: Salish/Kootenai/Pend O’Reille/Crow etc.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            This is great….we have gone from if Mariah Carey is black or NOT, to a history lesson on Native Americans & IF they r REALLY Native Americans & who is Native-American & all the tribal names & where they lived!!! The exchange of information is LIBERATING! FOR US ALL & ALLOWS US TO CONNECT WITH OUR OWN HUMANITY!!

          • Tracy

            My greatgrsnd father was born on the reservation in montana full blooded blackfoot sn hsted his heritage

          • Meggan

            I bet he didn’t pass down his talent for spelling, right?

          • Knotty

            I thought the same thing.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            STOP IT!! We can be CIVIL towards one another, cannot we? SO DON’T GO THERE!!

          • Roz Dotson

            Cherokee land ranged from Georgia to Tennessee, Virgina, North and South Carolina…they were not just coastal…Home was the Smokey Mountains where the reservation is still. ..those that left on the Trail of Tears followed their clan Chief to Oklahoma…my ancestors did not leave..they remained in acestral homelands… the Smokies…and BTW…Cherokees were farmers.

          • Nick

            They (all native Americans) migrated across the barren straight, so they can’t be called native Americans since they didn’t start in the Americas.

          • Djmarski

            It’s the Bering straight BTW

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            LOL!!!! NONE OF US R PERFECT, R WE??

          • charlotte

            It’s Bering Strait!!! LOL

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            Stop being SO ANAL! As far as RECORDED history knows, the ONLY peoples in this land BEFORE! EVERYBODY ELSE came OVER, WERE the NATIVES, who, of course were NOT Americans because the country back then had NOT BEEN NAMED: AMERICA!!!

          • Roz Dotson

            this is an unproven theory…contemporary archeologists have established that Natives WERE here before the Bering Straight theory period of time. there is the reality that some did cross the Straight but there where Natives here to greet them.

          • Will Roberts


          • Roz Dotson

            lol…yep…sorry… Strait

          • Roz Dotson


          • Veronica Vautour

            (Proudly 1/8 Mi’kmaq)

            If you want to be stupid about it, Asians can’t call themselves Asians because they didn’t originate there. We’re all bloody Africans. Happy now?

            I think the fact that the ancestors of most indigenous people arrived on this continent from 12,000 to 30,000 years ago gives them the right to call themselves native, aboriginal, indigenous to these lands. Whether they want to call themselves “Americans” is up to them.

            There’s also a chance they didn’t all cross the BERING STRAIT, or come from Asia.

            Put THAT in your peace pipe and smoke it.

          • Herne

            Bering Strait not barren straight…

          • Mark Free

            That Bering Strait issue is a red herring argument used to justify the conquest of the Native Americans and theft of their ancient continent. In other words, the contintent did not belong to them because they were immigrants too just like the later settlers from Europe, especially England. So it was their fault for living in a country that did not belong to them! Some writers/academics even claim the earliest known human settlers bones show they had European features not native american! they were living in the contintent far longer before England, Spain, Portugal came into existence as nation states. They native americans have no oral history or tales off migrating from asia and their language and culture is totally different. Some say the native canadians and eskimos look oriental but their language and culture is totally different to china/mongolia. Final nail in the coffin of this argument, is no one asks who were the first to discover or setlle in England? Spain? Portugal? France, Holland or any of the colonial powers? Also the ‘definiton’ of who contitutes an ‘American’ in the library of congress, and American Webster dictionary: ‘is a descendant of the founding fathers’ Native Americans (also add African Americans) are not officially recognised even though they were there thousands of years before the so called founding fathers

          • BABS

            I’ve always wondered… When we’re finished giving North America to Mexico. Do you think they’ll return the lands once inhabited by the Indians? Me either. All that really matters at this point is who’s here/there now. Prepare to to protect it, or prepare to lose it.

          • Jay Lewis

            Mark, I know this thread is quite old yet I wanted to comment on your excellent post! what you have referenced is the ideology of white supremacy. many mistake white supremacy to mean the KKK or other racist organization. white supremacy is a theorem and system rooted in the notion Europeans ( more precisely those of Aryan ancestry) are superior to all other races. it is so ingrained into the world view that many are oblivious to its presence, including those most affected by its heinous doctrine. the world is beginning to change yet there is much work that still needs done. I hope many of you will continue your efforts to inform others of history and change the world for the betterment of all human beings. thanks again for an informative post.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            THIS IS WHY I LOVE HISTORY!!! Thanks for the info!

          • SuitNurse

            Where is “here”? You didn’t specify your location, other than to imply “the plains”.

          • Vea’ Barksdale

            Very interesting!! This is why the American Government REQUIRES that ALL Native American tribes requesting federal grants, etc. MUST show proof of ACTUALLY belonging to a FEDERAL RECOGNIZED tribe!!! IMAGINE THAT!! after what was done to the Native Americans by the so-called white man!! The so-called white people have NEVER been short on GALL!!!!

          • Roz Dotson

            go back far enough in history as with the Cherokee and Lakota who were of one Nation before Europeans arrived, you will find that we are all related. The Cherokee after initial European contact took on the role of farmers and those who are later called the Lakota continued following the traditional routes of seasonal hunting.

          • Chrissy

            +Prototype Agreed Agreed Agreed Agreed! THANK GOD someone said it!

          • Pugiron

            You thank god for making morons as stupid as you are? Weird.

          • origamigirl

            So many people claim to be defended from Cherokee because they are, myself included. It wasn’t at all unusual for Scottish immigrants and Cherokee to merge cultures.

          • Lori W

            Got one here!!!

          • Crabtree Nick

            come on. the whole “cherokee” thing is a way for bored white people to make themselves seem more interesting. they don’t have to pay the price of being a minority, but it’s cool to say “I’m 1/14th Cherokee!”

          • Tawn

            Nick, you are so funny and on point. I love it. the discussion is great but everyone cannot be Cherokee. I find it hard to believe that other tribes were willing just “blend” with the Cherokee nation when many different tribes fought for territory.

          • Roz Dotson

            That maybe how you see it…and yes there maybe those who aren’t “really” Cherokee but chances are it is only an assumption that they are not…and a definite insult to the Cherokee people…let’s put it this way…what are YOU?…bet your definition of your lineage contains some 1/3, 1/4 stuff also…jealous cause you can’t say Cherokee too?

          • Math Me

            If I say I am 1/16 Quapaw, not sure how interesting it makes me to recognize a tribe with only handful of people who can still speak the language. The culture is dying and traditions are fading as well, but clearly the tradition of racism is still very strong in the lands outside the reservations. Most of the arguments expressed by the participants in the discussion are doomed to fall into the same dangerous trap that people use to identify fellow humans as Jews. How many times have we all heard, “by Jewish law you are a Jew if your mother is a Jew”? And why do countless non-Jews follow the law of a people they love to hate? If you mother is a Jew and your father is 100% Navajo and you grew up as a baptized Catholic, are you a Jew? Or are you simply just another multi-cultural earthling? And which answer to that question is best to build a civilized world in which respect for each other is woven into the fabric of our very existence?

          • Laughing AtYou

            ya-te-hay! I am 1/32 cherokee and 1/64 african, so as a “person of color”, I am in complete agreement with you.

          • don

            I don’t know what percent of this or that I may be, and don’t really care to waste time trying to find out. I am me, however that came to be, and that is good enough.

          • MsPeaceful

            where is this in the history books , the cherokees and other natives tom tribes did not want anything to do with the scottish culture, REALLY? NO WHITE CULTURE THE INDIANS WANTED TO BE APART OF!

          • origamigirl

            The family trees of ma,y many Scottish Cherokee people prove otherwise. Do your research. Do you really trust history books? You really should dig deeper than that.

          • rich1971

            This planet we live on is constantly revolving in multiple directions, so who’s to say that Africa wasn’t always in direct sunlight and was more shaded, because they have found it was at one time a lush vegetative area which meant it was a lot cooler that current conditions of the last umpteen millions of years and that true Africans were not dark skinned people but more of a light brown to white color…as plates shifted and the planet rotates on its axis it put Africa were it is now which is in an area were people are known to be of dark skin . There is no proof anywhere in science, the bible, etc. what color original Africans were…so don’t me this black/white bs

          • origamigirl

            Bottom line is that there is no pure bloodline. We are all brothers and sisters underneath it all.

          • Roz Dotson

            wow…where have you been? Check North and South Carolina, havens for the Scottish, German and Irish…who heavily married into Tribes…there is Scottish and Irish in my family and i am definitely Cherokee…

          • Nina Trimbath

            If you watch the Documentary “We Shall Remain” they talk about the intermarriage between people of the Cherokee Nation and whites. Some Cherokee farmers even had slaves. I am sorry, but your emotions has nothing to do with what actually happened. They wanted to survive under duress and under duress they were. How can we begin to understand or judge the decisions they made. So I just gave you a source, now you can educate yourself.

          • chickypoo

            Very hateful comment on your part. Whatever happened between their ancestors, they are family by blood now. So quick to judge and tell others they don’t belong and are not family. If you have anyone in your family who is mixed, god help them. Please try to follow what your name suggests.

          • Escaped Scottish slaves found refuge with Native Americans.

          • Laughing AtYou

            Can you rewrite this, in a way that makes sense?

          • Is that what you call it ? I call it merging flesh and bodily fluids.

          • Nina Trimbath

            Hi Origamigirl, You may very well be of Cherokee descent, but the point is when a group of people are oppressed so bitterly and only have their culture and ethnicity left – it cannot be so easy to claim this. Have you ever invested the time or money into testing this claim genetically? Do you know about your heritage, do you care to? Intermarriage isn’t necessarily “merging cultures.” There was definitely a lot of intermarriage between Cherokee and whites but it was mostly on terms of Cherokee people giving up their culture and assimilating to white culture, which is very unfortunate in my opinion.

          • chickypoo

            Have you investigated yours, or is that just for people that are considered worthy of claiming their ancestors? Why not let others be who they are and celebrate all parts of their heritage. My son is half black, but most people are shocked when they hear that. He definitely favors me, and looks nothing like his sisters. Are they the only ones permitted to accept that part of themselves?

          • Laughing AtYou

            And you know this, how?

          • Escaped Scottish slaves had to hide somewhere.

          • Southernblonde

            In the Tennessee side of the smokies many many Scot and Irish immigrants took Cherokee women for wives. That’s why Sevier county Tennessee in particular have so many white people of with Cherokee ancestors. It was filled with lots of Scottish, Irish and some German immigrants who had to take Cherokee wives because the men out numbered the women. My great grand mother was Cherokee and her husband was Scott/Irish. It is not rare at all in Appalachia in fact it is very common.

          • Pugiron

            You only think that because you’re 100% pure blooded stupid. Your parents were stupid, your grandparents were stupid, and all your extended family are morons.

          • WakeUp

            We are all related and we are all one.

          • Fan123

            When I was researching my heritage i found out that most of the smaller tribes were combined into the Cherokee Nation during the Trail of Tears. When they were forced to leave their areas and go onto reservations the Cherokee Tribes were larger and helped to keep others a safe as possible in such a time. So most people say they are Cherokee because that is where most records trace back too. To know for sure you should get a genetic DNA test done. They can trace back to the exact tribe you come from

          • Roz Dotson

            what you heard is unbelieve incorrect. there is no DNA that can tell you what Nation you are. there is a Native American genatic marker and then identification by location…not by Nation. The move to Okaloma was not to reservations. and to this day there is only ONE reservation in Okaloma…the Osage Reservation…if i remember correctly…can’t swear it’s Osage but can to the fact that there is only one. the Cherokee were actually NOT forced…but left the Smokies and Cherokee lands following their Chief under the promise of land ownership. the attempted genocide that occured on the Trail was to reduce the number of Natives the government would have to provide land for. at the same time there was a major publized announcement made to freed black slaves…who would be awarded land as the Natives were if they moved to Oklahoma. There were Natives of all Nations on that walk…again on the promise of land ownership…but they did not become Cherokees. they maintained their Nations which included Choctaw, Osage, Ponca, Chickasaw, Ponca, Apache, Comanche, Chickamauga…etc…it is often refered to as the 500 Nations of Okaloma. the intent of the removal was complete asimalation of the Native Nations into the ‘white man’s way of life” it was almost successful.

          • Dianna Rickard

            Roz, sorry to tell you, but YOU need to dig a little deeper into Cherokee history.. The Cherokee were indeed FORCED out. One man was shot to death in front of his family because he would not leave his ancestral land. And a quote from Rebecca Neugin, a Trail of Tears survivor: “They (soldiers) drove us out of our house to join other prisoners in a stockade.” Further “…my father wanted to fight but my mother told him that the soldiers would kill him if he did and we surrendered without a fight.” The true reason for driving the Cherokee out was that gold had been discovered in Ga. Andrew Jackson turned his back on John Ross, leader of the Cherokee nation at the time and supposedly Ross’s good friend, and allowed the Cherokee to be removed.

          • Africa Ain’ttakinnoshit Orta

            Tell it girl…lol..but very true. I say it again ppl believe lies before the truth.

          • Region, not nation.

          • Josiah Tabat

            The trail of tears or long walk across much of the USA was forced due to the Indian Removal Act. It in THEORY was to be a voluntary removal but it was in fact a FORCED removal. There is really no question of this. Witness the forced removal of the Seminoles from their native lands to Ok. The goal in THEORY was assimilation but in reality it was GENOCIDE by intention of many if not most and in it’s actuality.

          • Tha Clam

            you are mistaken

          • Nina Trimbath

            Interesting. So you are saying the Cherokee nation, before the Trail of Tears, was not one nation? I never heard that and I interested to look into it. I do believe that with all that indigenous people have had to endure that people should get a DNA test before they claim a heritage. Unless they were adopted and raised or some other special circumstance.

          • justme

            I know what you mean. I am a descendent of the Black Foot tribe from my paternal grandmothers side.

          • Raff

            And you are you are probably considered white, correct?

          • Dan

            You just claim to be indian, because it gives you a valid reason to be a genuine american, and steal the culture from natives, because you have no culture of your own, beings like you are white, correct? What tribe do you live with??

          • Other than the flora and fauna, there are no natives to America.

          • JoBeth

            I am of American Indian descent. No!! not Cherokee but Powhatan Indian. My Grandmother was full blood Powhatan and a descendant of Pocahontas. Proud, you better believe it. Yep that is me with my number 5 grandson. My mother was English……I’m not jumping your bones, albeit, we can be proud when in fact we are of American Indian blood. Happy New Year.

          • Karen

            Pocahontas had half white children. Her husband was John Rolf, an Englishman

          • Chrsitine

            Oh my Gawd, if I had half a penny for every white person who said they were a descendant of Pocahontas… damn, I’d be a Rockefeller. Yeah, YOU’RE of American Indian descent. Blonde hair and blue eyes tell everything. Where is your blood? In your imagination?

          • Roz Dotson

            check out Oklahoma…the land of the blond hair, blue eye Cherokee…and yes they are Cherokee…there are white and black looking Natives in ALL Nations…as the saying goes…INDIANS COME IN ALL COLORS, SHAPES AND SIZES.

          • chickypoo

            Thank you for your helpful insight. So good to see someone who understands. Why is it in this country people picked on for not being a full race? People from South American countries can simply claim hispanic with no questions asked whether they are native, black, or white. Even if fully white they are not denied the right to a hispanic heritage. Why is it so different here. If I wanted to explore my native ancestors heritage, based on many posts I would be ostrisized.

          • chickypoo

            Where have you been? Many many people are not easily identified by their features. How do you know what lays in anothers family tree? Those types of comments pull people apart and are incredibly hurtful. Going to a family reunion on my son’s fathers side is very much like a rainbow. We can’t pick and choose who is and isn’t part of ethnicity based on shade. That would be disregarding a large part of where we came from. People should not have to be ashamed to say they have native blood because biased people tell them they are the wrong shade. How must you feel about yourself to say such things.

          • Well, how are you doing, John D.?

          • Laughing AtYou

            How ignorant are you? hahaha! Do you really think that just because someone has blonde hair an blue eyes, they can not be American-Indian? I bet ,in your world, all American-Indians have black pig-tails, deep redskin, and feathers in their hair! Stupid, dumb racial profiler!!!!

          • Dreamgirl

            cherokee nation had slaves my grandma was of that tribe! so who cares what u think

          • Most Native American tribes had slaves as a result of territorial wars. Who they did not kill, they enslaved.

          • Jimbo

            What are you? The short answer is, who cares. The main thrust of this story is “black celebrities.” The ones I’ve heard of are well known, as being black. The others, who the hell are they? How much celebrity do you have if no one has heard of you?

          • Nina Trimbath

            I am not sure what your point is. I think it is quite refreshing that a discussion about celebrities has turned to the important topic of indigenous peoples, claims of ethnicity, and history. And for the other part, just because you, whoever you are, doesn’t know who the other people are doesn’t mean that others don’t. We live in a plural culture with many different people and lifestyles. You aren’t the point of reference here, and why would you want to be?

          • Txoildriller

            OK so if everyone came from a pile of ooze some where in Africa, it would seem that there aren’t by definition any “indigenous” people anywhere. We are all African Americans and entitled to the term “bro”.

          • yippeekayay

            That’s what my Pawnee and Seminole friends say too. But then they usually add that the Cherokee were a bigger nation and inter-married and assimilated a lot more than other nations. But it’s still a joke to them.

          • Roz Dotson

            Ignorance is often bliss…judging someone by the color of their skin is a very ‘White’ thing to do…so where does that leave any Native that does so? assimilated or at least strongly influenced by the White culture…oops.

          • sorrylew

            “Judging someone by the color of their skin is a very “White” thing to do.” … REALLY? REALLY? You’re right. Ignorance is bliss. Judgmental a**holes come in all shapes, sizes, and color!!!!!

          • yippeekayay

            In my experience judging someone by the color of their skin is universally human. Cultures that are successful, stable and prosperous are always the target of envy and bigotry. I certainly hear a lot more anti-white hate these days than anti-brown. I wonder if the people hating think of themselves as racist.

          • Roz Dotson

            No it is not universally human…it did not exist until slavery became big business in the “new world”…slaves were of ALL races but Africans became a target here in this country because they were easily identifiable. travels outside of the US dispel this fallacy…the concept absolutely spread…like any bad disease around the world…but it was and is not universally accepted. one is and was more likely to contact bigotry/racism based on education, wealth, religion or family trees.

          • yippeekayay

            Whatever you say. (not) In my experience it’s universally human. I think you’re a little deluded about both reality today and the history of slavery. Slavery was imported to European nations and their “colonies” by the moslem world. African tribes had conquered and enslaved each other on a regularly recurring basis for generations long before the white man showed up in Africa and started in on it. At some point some African kings started selling fellow-Africans to moslem north african traders who eventually used the Portugese and the Spanish to create new markets for their trade. So if you want to hate on anyone you should hate on Islam and the slave-trading African tribes (Like the Zulu for instance, forever enslaving the Xhosa, read your African history).

          • Tawn

            So true, you never hear people claiming to be from the blackfoot tribe or the Sioux nation. Everybody cant be Cherokee. What about the Seminole tribe. I doubt a lot of these results well. To say someone is afro Cuban just means there are a dark skinned Cuban. Not all Cubans are dark. I live in Florida and I have met several Cubans that will make you do a double take.

          • nicholas starling

            Several Cubans in Florida? That many, really. A significant percentage of Cubans are white. That’s why white people are now classified as White/Non-Hispanic in the Census.

          • WillyWonka

            There is a difference between the people in Cuba. There are the whites, the blacks, and the people in between, (also considered black.) Most of the whites left Cuba after the revolution and went to the United Staes.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Most wealthy Cubans are white with a background from Spain.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Indias from the Americas came from the tip of Canada, and in between to all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Chile and Argentina. ALL OF THEM were NATIVE American Indians.

          • Carla Sebrina Spahos

            I know what you mean. When someone wants to know what tribe I’m descended from, I say Seminole. They just look disappointed after that.

          • Nina Trimbath

            There is good reason to doubt the genealogical claims, but it is also a historical fact that the Cherokee Nation took part in an assimiliation and intermarriage project on the east coast for some time while other nations did not. These kind of claims are often of complicated origin. It certainly isn’t right to appropriate a minority status because it is trendy, but it isn’t always a good response to assume the worst in people and not attempt to dig a little deeper into these claims and perhaps use them to introduce the people to the real history and proud culture of the indigenous nations of America. Why alienate people more? Use it to get them involved.

          • madihwa

            I’m part Kickapoo.

          • dlsparks

            My family is Blackfoot, and proud of it.

          • Cliff Giddens

            When people claim Cherokee it’s because when slaves were brought over here they came in on the east where the cherokees were at the time. Many blacks and cherokees mixed in and around Georgia. Then you had the mixing from Georgia to Ohio during the trail of tears. My grandfather’s mother was Cherokee. You shouldn’t make comments about being colorful or chic unless you’ve done your research. I know Blackfoot dependents too but Cherokee are the ones most widely mixed with. I guess slavery was chic and colorful too? Spoken like a true racist

          • Ernie Butler

            Then you should study American History again. Don Cheadle is a decent ant of Slaves owned and mixed with Native Americans in the Midwest with no other outside influences even after slavery because emancipation didn’t apply to reservations. He’s darker than me but probably has a deeper genetic link than me who can trace back to my Soiux great grandmother.

          • Ilene Bonson

            To be considered a true Cherokee you have to prove your ancestors on the books from the trail of tears. It took us 2 years to go through the process and get my husband and our children their Cherokee Indian ID cards. We even got verification of the land that his grandma owned and died on.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            well who knows. but I trust a white person versus a black person who says that since its proably from that WHITE ancestor!

          • Hope Ann Wessel

            I am actually Cherokee, my grandfather was full blooded Cherokee ._.

          • Sully

            My paternal relatives believed we are of Creek-Indian and Choctaw Native American ancestry. I’m from MS and the Choctaw were a local Native American tribe before they were sent to Oklahoma. But it’s hard to say if we really are Choctaw or just had an ancestor from their reservation. Because the Choctaw did keep African-American slaves (some they intermarried) but it’s only written that my Great-Great Grandmother came from a Choctaw reservation- not that she actually was Choctaw.

            Now another Great-Great Grandmother of mines is specifically written to be of African, Irish, and Creek Indian descent. My Great Grandfather (on my paternal grandmother’s side) is the grandson of both of these Great-Great Grandmothers, and he does look like he could have Native American in him (with his sleek, dark hair; small, dark, almond shaped eyes; and high cheekbones). However, on the United States census, he and his entire family are written as Mulatto. His wife is also written as Mulatto, except for her father, who is written as Black or Negro.

            But I’ve yet to get a DNA test done to properly see if there really is any Native American admixture in my family. I had my father do a DNA test once for his paternal line and that came back primarily Western European (English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and German); but the Native American ancestry is believed to be from his maternal line. I’m planning to get more tests done, just for fun. Either way, it doesn’t change who I am, but it doesn’t hurt to see. I love learning about history and learning about my own family’s history is even more exciting.

            They say the average African American is 20% European and 1-2% Native American.

        • Savonne Smith Arikat

          I agree with Phil j. When someone have to explain their race most of the time it is because they don’t want to be called Black. We all are mixed, some more, some less, because of slavery. Paula Patton is the only one who will actually say she’s Black no matter what other race she is. She know that’s how society will always see her and she is not ashame of it.

          • GhostWriter

            Not all of us are “mixed” in terms of race. Some of us are all Western European for hundreds of years, dating back hundreds of years., My family emigrated from Germany on a sail boat in the 1800s, long before there was an Ellis Island, raising 13 white children that spoke English, and did not marry anyone who wasn’t Western European.

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            Post civil war and sometimes before, many “mixed” descendants of former slaves “passed” meaning they claimed to be white. Often claiming to be “exotic” European descent – Mediterranean (Italian, Spanish, Jewish, Eastern European, French Creole, heck gypsy (Romanian)). So there are indeed “white” families with black blood because frankly they just don’t know any different.

            They only way you can absolutely claim, or rather positively prove, not to be “mixed” having lived and married in the United States for generations is through a DNA test that shows negligible African heritage.

          • Highpachechief

            Wow, you better jump on that!

          • gritsngravy418

            In YOUR dreams….Possibly. In MY points of facts; NEVER!! In your “mixed descendents”, It may be ‘wishful thinking’ on your part….As my mother used to tell me; BLOOD NEVER LIES!!

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            Ha Ha. “Blood never lies”?. That’s right up there with the Tooth Fairy.

            Given your defensiveness, you’ve got a whole lot of hoping going on yourself.

            Clearly your mother was wishful thinking…Hoping more like it.. Just ask the white suprem@cist/Neo N@zi who wanted to start a white only colony up in the Dakotas somewhere. Guess what? His DNA came back with a whole lot of black blood in it.

          • DD

            Are you saying that those of us who are Caucasian, should be ashamed that we are? Sounds like it!

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            Then you might want to get your hearing checked. I never mentioned shame at all. How you feel about your r@cial purity or possible lack there of is on you.

            My comments have specifically been directed at the notion that one isn’t necessarily as “pure” as one believes. And I presents reasons why that might be.

            The only shame has been from the poster who got defensive about factual history.

          • randell

            No such thing as black blood. when ever you hear of people having DNA tests to see what race they are. they always say ” i found out i am such and such” the problem is that all genetic differences are on an individual level not a entire race level. ie blacks whites asians etc have no genetic differences You can not get a DNA test that tells you for sure if you are say Mexican or east African they can look for geographical markers in your DNA based around high probabilities of geographic spread but nothing that is definitive in proving race

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            I’m sorry I felt in this arena the phrase “black blood” was more illustrative than something like “25%”sub Saharan African.” As for an ancestry DNA test determining if one is Mexican, you are absolutely right since a typical “Mexican’s” DNA would show varying percentages of “Indigenous American”, “European” and smaller percentages of a variety of other geographical groups. But so would anyone whose ancestry lies in what we call Latin America.

          • FREDD


          • willie

            cradle too the grave from what we know all the tribes that was lost from many reasons of the earth are being studied then based on dna approximate the genes of the area it none according to todays imfo.

          • Marta Rizzo

            Argentinians dont have Indian or blacks in them. Most of them are a mix of pure European: Spanishs, Italians, German etc In fact that Latino nation is WHITER than the USA.

          • Aaron_of_Portsmouth

            You might want to try going beyond the surface of things and note that DNA and population genetics show we all originate from a common source. Your mother was close, but just a little bit off in her homily, if we combine Science with what Muhammad(see surah 96), Jesus, Baha’u’llah(“The Hidden Words”(#68)), and all the other Messengers have taught.

          • randell

            There is no genetic differences between so-called races. ie blacks do not have different genetic markers than whites etc etc. the only thing a DNA test can tell is the high probability of race based on geographic spread. and how they do that is gather samples of DNA from around the world and compare genetic markers that are left behind by geographic spread it can not tell you that you are definitely from say asia but can tell you that there is a high probability that an ancestor lived there or was born there but not for certain that you are say Chinese

          • Roz Dotson

            no…there is a Native American genetic marker…but you are correct is saying that that marker cannot indicate a tribal affiliation …only a location. a documentary on the first global DNA hunt is a really good one…”The Journey of Man” find it and watch it…gave the first evidence of the fact that we are all related…and that the Mother Land really is in Africa with us decending from a tribe of bushmen…:-)

          • Beamer Beamer

            So you want to make sure everyone knows there is no black linage in your roots. Does that make you extra special?

          • Thinktank

            Ha! subhumanity?!?!? sounds like a sandn66er looking for friends!!! Go move to 1 city-state-or county so you inbreeds can breed yourselves out of existence. lol

          • DD

            Does it really matter that much to you? Do you feel so inferior that you have to try to prove that others have black lineage to make yourself feel better?

          • LadyLily49

            Actually people…Donald Bellisario’s heritage is MEDITERANEAN as his father was of Italian heritage, BORN in Italy, and his mother though SERBIAN, born in ABRUZZO, ITALY…so this argument is MUTE….Magazine Editers; I think maybe you should get your story right before you start a debate like this…

          • Valerie Brown

            What a sad piece of crap you are Justin. You probably have some Black Heritage in your family & don’t know it! You are in the minority…so hating ain’t getting you anywhere.

          • guest

            People like Justin serve no purpose in humanity . This world is diverse and will never be about only one race . The fact that its a constant topic of discussion is ridiculous . We as a race ( human race ) have bigger things to concern ourselves than the color of skin. Justin what makes you or people like you any better than any other person ? The only thing being slaughtered in this world is the hate from people like you. Your views are from a dieing breed.

          • Don Oberloh

            Apparently ignorance of grammar is not a dying breed though huh “guest”.

          • toni twitty

            U have issues and l understood what that person wrote. It was respectful and u are filled with hate and u think that u r superior to my race. It is good and bad in all races but the majority of black people that I know works and are the most forgiving and helpful ppl on earth
            especially with dealing with ppl like u and others on here that think less of my ppl. I’m not making a big deal of who was the first person on earth but as long as it was another race, everything is ok? SAD…I feel sorry for u and ppl like u. I can sleep with a clear conscience.

          • Iam_Enlightened


          • ffjsb

            You are Epically ignorant. The Cradle of Civilization is NOT Africa, it was in the Persian region. The people there were not “African”. They were somewhere between caucasians and blacks. All the races evolved over thousands of years, and no one race is the root of all the others. As the civilizations divided and breed within themselves, the races became more defined.

          • Delsoul

            Where did you study history? Yes the Cradle of Civilization, named by European anthropologist is in the region currently called Iraq and Iran (formerly known as Persia) ; however the oldest bones of the homo sapiens sapiens is found in the Olduvai Gorge found in Sub-Saharan Africa. This fact can make the most logical argument that all humans that walk the planet today got their DNA origins from Africa. No big deal, just fact.

          • Don Oberloh

            Not any more. An older African/Asian no holds the title as oldest human being.

          • randell

            Wrong the oldest remains were in fact found in side israel that pre date the oldest remains found inside Africa by over 200,000 years

          • Sydney S

            • a day ago

            Randell: How come I can’t see a women’s Adam’s Apple? Randy: if you have been dating a women with Adams Apples, I got news for you! Randy: you have been dating a man baby!!

          • Sydney S

            a few seconds ago

            Randell: How come I can’t see the women’s Adam’s Apple? Randy: if you have been dating a women with Adams Apples, I got news for you! Randy: you have been dating a man baby!!

          • yeah so far, Im sure in another 25 years well find older DNA somewhere else and well all be confused once again

          • Aaron_of_Portsmouth

            Before you publicly declare someone as ignorant, you may wish to do a little research in how all of humanity is intimately related, and how we all began our journey out of east Africa.
            Unless, you have evidence to the contrary, to show that Persians, and others you refer to as originators of civilization, just popped up out of the ground like plants sprouting from seeds.
            I eagerly look forward to such evidence.

          • beaglebrigade22

            First, he didn’t say that the cradle of civilization was in Africa, he said that white people come from Africa, and he is absolutely, 100% correct. All human beings came from Africa in several waves of migrations. In fact, multiple species of humans have existed, and all of them ultimately came from Africa. The neandertals and Denisovans split from homo erectus in Eurasia, but they (1) died out, and (2) were technically not unique human species since they could interbreed with other groups, including homo sapiens. Second, Persia was certainly an early center of civilization, but not the absolute earliest. Writing was first developed in Sumeria. Farming was first developed in the fertile crescent. Third, “Persia” as a civilization comes much, much later than the cultures that lived in the Iranian plateau near the fertile crescent as civilization was first being developed there. Finally, there have been several such nuclei of civilization all over the world, including in the Indus valley, in China, and, yes, in the New World. So maybe instead of calling someone ignorant, you should check your own facts.

          • randell

            A couple years ago they found Remains in Israel that predate any other remains ever found by atleast 200,000 years

          • Crabtree Nick

            “white people come from Africa”
            humans originating in Africa, yes. But a group of people with certain characteristics in common, coming from subSaharan Africa directly, I doubt it.

          • ballyboy1

            ffjsh- I couldnt agree woth you more… ou are soo right on. Seems like some people positing stopped learning.

            Folks… learn a little about biology and genes. First of all I agree no one race is the main race, no not even african, although they try to be the first in everything, its evalution over thousands of years. People who tend to be predominately dark skinned evolved to the region and conditions they lived in. Black was not the main color years ago. Im not being racist but white is the main gene in people and black is an evolutionary response to the surrounding and conditions. Darker skinned people predominately live in hotter regions. The bodys response is to create more melatin to protect you from the harsh sun. Grant it there has been migration over many years and there are white people in hotter regions too, however if you compare them to a relative in say Chicago, they will be a little darker skinned compared to their counterpart in the north. Again, there is migration and you will see darker people in colder regions, but thats migration…I cant stress that part enough. Predoniantely you see fair skinned white people in Iceland because why? they dont need the extreme protection from the sun as in people like Africa.

          • Crabtree Nick

            any effect of evolution on people’s skin color happened eons before people got to Iceland.

          • Trumancat

            Your idea of evolution is a little off on the time span required. I could move to Florida, but I’m still never going to be darker than my own mother even if you keep her out of sunlight for the rest of her days!

          • Crabtree Nick

            civilization and origins of humans as a species are two different things. The Iranian Plateau had early civilizations, but it was not the “cradle of civilization.” that would more likely be the Fertile Crescent.

          • MsPeaceful


          • Roz Dotson

            Nope…the film “The Journey of Man” will explain it to you..it is the first DNA trace that says yep we are all related and that started in AFRICA…only one race is the root of all the others…sorry if that is hard for you to take..but that doesn’t make it any less true. we are all related…

          • Don Oberloh

            Anthropologist Lewis Leaky (remember him?) stated that only until such time as we uncover an older example, the oldest man found was in Africa. Your rationalization is not only inaccurate, but also ignorant; one of the stereotypes used to describe “your” people.

          • DD

            How do you explain the older skulls of humans found in Asia, found since Leaky?

          • MsPeaceful


          • DD

            Excuse me, but I think you should read a little before you post. You are referring to “close to human” skull found in Africa. Oldest human skulls were found on the European continent and the middle East.

          • THANK YOU AFRICAN History Scholar , OH Snap wait…..your not. Either way Whites are white because of evolution, why havent blacks done the same, Black Africa is like the lazy didnt want to get a job like the rest of the world that went threw evolution still to this day collection welfare. ok Black PEOPLE

          • Trumancat

            Racist much? Are you really stereotyping ALL black people as lazy recipients of welfare? Really?

          • B J

            Dear Iam_Enlightened,
            Tell it like it is!!!!! Their problem is. White folks do not want to
            admit it. Most of them have ALWAYS feared the TRUTH!!!!

          • Crabtree Nick

            im scaaaared!!!!

          • jeau

            So you do not believe in God?

          • Thinktank

            no one knows what your talking about!!! And if you think you are Western European German decent then you would know that the Germans were a central point of trade that included a mix from all over Europe and Africa of traders. They mix heavily with the Persians and Huns and Africans. The Majority of Germans get dark in the sun, no suntan lotion needed. they have African features or subsuharian features. The blond hair – blue eyes are in completely differet countries like Poland, Netherlands, and such.. and those countries have always been into heavy race mixing.

          • Marta Rizzo

            What are you smoking? All Europeans are Caucasians unless a foreigner goes there and marries a local but that is a very small %. IT happens more in the USA or Latin America with the exception of Argentina which is whiter than the USA.

          • Thinktank

            You sound like a middleeastern sand n66er Justin.. lol-rofl

          • Don Oberloh

            Note just the opposite is true. More times than not racial mixing
            “lightens” the features.

          • carmen

            You are so right! Not all of us are mixed, a current word being used today instead of Mulatto. I know my bloodline, too. And if I had Negro/Black, I’d say so. But here in the U.S. today, even black folks are being encouraged to aspire to be white instead of claiming their ancestry. So again, Not All Of Us Are Mixed or Mixed Up!

          • randell

            No such thing as black DNA if you did a blind test with 100 whites and 100 blacks and had a doctor tell you which DNA belonged to the white men and which one belonged to the black men the Doctor would say i have no clue.. all Genetic variations are on an individual level not a racial level

          • Marta Rizzo

            So right. Look all the black women getting cream to get the skin lighter or getting their hair straight. What happened to the AFro? Guess it was too black.

          • kissmyass

            LOL @ this post.
            look at all the white women getting lip injections to make their thin a$$ lips fuller(a feature that black women naturally have)
            Ya’ll white h0ez wear weaves, too. Ive seen ya’lls hair brittle af lmao. Ya’ll wanna act black, look black but ya dont wanna have anything to do with being black. Getting our hair straight? How about more manageable, more healthy! Today more and more black women are going “natural” with their hair and thats something you probably never heard of. What about the whites who get ethnic hairstyles thinking that it looks cool? And to “fit in with the necessary culture” And what about tanning? You whites are so contradicting. Ya’ll will purposely go sit in the sun, “tan”, read comic books or whatever is u people do lol and have the nerve to say negative things about naturally darker skinned people, when ya’ll literally make products to “darken” ya’lls skin so it can look “healthy”?? Tanning, Bronzer?? LOL

          • guest

            Blacks are mentally slaved by this white world . When you step someone off their selves you get lost mother fuckers .

          • Crabtree Nick

            “hundreds of years” is a drop in the bucket of human history. people migrated too. wars. they didn’t even accept jewish as european for hundreds of years. grow up.

          • skinni_minnii

            you should not be on this site at all. you are completely racist, but you must have love for black people since this is a discussion about black people. Everyone up here claims to know everything, when clearly no one has all the answers. We weren’t even thought about back then so we will never really know. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If your parents or grandparents tell you that you are half this or a third that, thats what you are.

          • Andrew Charles

            I think he meant all the white red headed children… that is supposed to happen in about 100 years or so,, there won’t be any more of them

          • lilslzr

            when someone HAS to explain their race….. no ebonics allowed here!!!

          • R SueYing Lee-Bond

            Not true…I always claim i am black. However, I have numerous times been asked about my racial background. People sometimes explain their racial heritage because they’re asked or people make assumptions about them based on how they look.

          • sara

            youre wrong! if ppl ask you where youre from..you know damn well youre not black! no shaniqua gets asked if she’s Italian,lebanese,german,carribean!

          • R SueYing Lee-Bond

            I’m not wrong since this HAS happened to me many times. I get why people ask me that. However I never claim to be anything other than what I am. I was responding to a statement that someone else made, stating that every time a person had to explain their racial heritage it’s because they are trying to say they’re not black. I disputed it because I never do that. Not sure where YOUR hostility toward me comes from but it seems misplaced and unable to support itself.

          • Don Oberloh

            What do you mean when you say “We?”

          • t. dennis

            perhaps they dont want to be called african american! that term really annoys me because what are ppl actually from africa supposed to call themselves? the article states “african american” yet most of these ppl have black blood from overseas. no matter how much ppl hate to admit it, being a person of color from abroad is not the same as being a person of color from the states. life was not perfect perfect for blacks anywhere but it seems like the longest negative effects are in the US.

          • ArbeitMachtFries

            people from africa don’t use the continent as their national identity. they’re born in countries that are located in africa and thus, use that nation to describe their heritage, just like europeans

          • Tonya


          • Crabtree Nick

            stop being hypocritical. if one of those very light-skinned black people insisted on being “black,” dark-skinned black people would mock them and tell them that they aren’t “really” black but “mixed.” who do you think you are kidding? and people can have several ethnicities- Asian, Middle Eastern, European, etc. w/o being African in the mix.

        • Exactly. The West Indies are mixed with everything, a history book will tell you that. People came over to be indentured servants and never left.

        • Lee Mun Lim

          How do you know?

          • Don Oberloh

            Because, Lee Mun Lim, some people feel that stating the obvious in a forum of this majestically endowed, is not only warranted, but necessary.

          • Micah 李 文 Jung

            Not all blacks are endowed! its how it works not how it looks

        • Lauren Wallace

          Just because you come from a certain country doesn’t mean anything!

        • da one!!!

          she looks like a pure china woman to me!! Don’t know about that!!!

        • Don Oberloh

          So true Phil. In most states, one drop of black means legally your are Black.

        • tomi

          All the people you mentioned are blacks don’t let the skin shade fool you. Go back to original people even Chinese scientist confirmed it that Chinese people are Africans. You failed to mention where in Europe are people came from but she’s still black. It’s a fact!

        • Josiah Tabat

          The same is true of African Americans in the USA! African Americans in the USA are a mixture of a variety of African groups along with European and Native American. It is a fact. The ONLY difference between African Americans in the USA and the Caribbean or South America or even Canada is country of origin NOT DNA.

          Everyone on the list is African American. African American means being of a TRACEABLE, definable African ancestry. All are a part of African diaspora regardless of speaking English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Papiamento or Patois.

          Racist try to put African Americans in a box that they do not attempt to place European Americans in.

        • Josiah Tabat

          The real question should be what is “black”? If it is African American meaning a person of a traceable, definable African ancestry born in the Americas then YES 99% of Trinidadians as well as most Caribbean countries are “black”/African American.. Most Dominicans, Haitians,Arubans, Puerto Ricans and most Cubans also fit into that category. Not to mention most Brazilians, Guyanese, a great,many if not most Venezuelans and Colombians. African Americans born in the USA have a mixture of various African, European and Native American ancestors no matter how dark or light. The mixtures started before Columbus and continued on the trans Atlantic journey and through the years in the Americas. It is fact, proven by DNA as well as history.

        • mostro

          At the end of the day Americans PERIOD are made up of a million things. Americans are the most ignorants when it comes to race but they also are the most mixed outta any other country in the world. Idiots immigrants make the U.S.A.

        • Carol Bryan

          Cherokee? We have Cherokees in Jamaica, Must be since I left.

        • Troy Coates

          I saw her documentary she said that she was black and so what if she is.

        • Vea’ Barksdale

          Yes, but what does she LOOK like?? Just asking since I don’t watch the Voice!!

        • TLT

          Yeah But her dad is some serious Dark Chocolate. Tessanne is amazing I don’t care what color she is.

        • DK-2000

          @dingo & MeDone, what both of you simpletons fail to realize is that the article made a very clear reference to “Afro Trinidian” not simply Trinidian…..”Afro” is the difference here. Dingo’s taking exception here would be similar to someone mentioning an “Afro-American” heritage, and then someone else attempting to refute it by saying, “Ummm….just because someone’s parents are from America, doesn’t automatically make them black, there are whites there too….” Completely missing the key distinction, learn to read more carefully…..both of you.

      • dingo_egret

        Idiot…have you been to Jamaica? I’ve been plenty of times. My family is from there. Yes there are blacks and there is no denying it, but there also pure bread Chinese, Indian and White who speak patois.

        And just in case you still don’t get it. Think someone who looks like Bill Clinton or Bruce Lee, but speaks with a Jamaican accent. I’m not talking about the mixing of races to deny anything.


        • Phil J.

          Sorry sir you don’t get it…it was a joke dumb a@@…ppl like you are the reason i’m pro choice

          • Edd

            Very ignorant “joke” indeed.Keep you day job.

          • Phil J.

            I’m sorry i didn’t know you were attached to the dingo’s penis it was a joke so lighten up…a(*hole

          • dingo_egret

            Sorry Phil, but you take the “L” on this one. The only one with penis on their face is YOU. Read a book or travel and see the world. It’s not just black and white.

          • Charlie

            oh god…that attempt at a comeback really, REALLY hurt my head.

          • Phil J.

            I read often and I have a degree I don’t need a lesson I know a lot about the world and its many diverse cultures f*ck an l

          • hoosierdaddy

            Jamaica sucks!

          • HONEST Injun

            Never could tell u have a degree by your bad vernacular, ALL these people look beautifully tan, I am 3/8 SEMINOLE & believe it’s what’s INSIDE a person that matters. You seem kinda dirty inside because of your ignorant choices of speech.

          • ProudtobeNubian

            You are the biggest hypocrite and do not know it. How can you say, “…beautifully tan” and then say what’s inside a person that matters? Is tan the only color that is beautiful? You know that tan is closer to white that black on a color chart? You have some soul searching to sort out. Also, what part of your body represents 3/8 Seminole?

          • KAYLA

            You took that way too literally. And yeah there are tons of beautiful physical features found in all people, but at the end of the day if they are ugly inside that doesn’t matter. You sound like a self-hating black person looking to get offended because you’re insecure.

          • Marvelous

            I thought your joke was funny.
            But also funny.

          • Spiked Honey

            I actually think you were serious and started backtracking when you realized you looked stupid.

          • Phil J.

            if you notice I joked all up and down this post. I have no problem looking stupid or making mistakes that’s life! I really don’t have a problem doing it one the internet b/c I’ll never see any of you lol trust me it was a joke

        • Marvelous

          All one has to one has to do is watch The Voice on NBC. I believe there is a Asian/Jamaican leading the show. And he’s correct. I’ve been to Jamaica at least 50 times. There is actually an entire town of white Jamaican’s of German/Dutch decent. A lot of blue eyed blond haired, patois speaking, thick Jamaican accented white people/JAMAICANS. As he pointed out, Jamaica also has a large Asian population.

          Jamaican Motto


          • dingo_egret

            Thank you.

          • Tiavic

            Only in “America” would it even matter.

          • Astra Lia

            For real 😀

          • sam

            …lol. obviously you have not been anywhere.

          • ChrisLoos

            My thoughts exactly. As I was reading this I just kept thinking “who cares?” I guess people in suburbs that are majority one race or another get hung up on this stuff. But at least in NY, LA, Miami, SF, etc. residents are every color of the rainbow and from every corner of the earth. We have better things to worry about than if someone we consider to be white has 25% black ancestry or if someone we consider black is half white. They’re just labels.

          • just a some guy

            I live in the suburbs and there’s plenty of diversity here. Bagging on the suburbs is elitist propaganda. Being too poor to afford downtown highrise living doesn’t make someone racist. The suburbs you’re speaking of haven’t existed for the last decade, update your stereotypes. Also, it’s important for people to feel represented in media, so yes, race can matter. Finding out you have the same race, heritage, ethnicity as someone you admire can be a boon to the self esteem. And learning that someone has a diverse background is good to shut down stereotypes. Maybe some racist some where just found out there favorite athlete isn’t 100% white, now maybe that person will have to reconsider some previously held beliefs. Now maybe you should reconsider whether someone’s address defines them.

          • First off, this article was stupid. I was surprised to see a few people on the list but I could really care less lol. Second off, I agree with you guy, I live in the suburbs as well and we have a lot of diversity going on around here. I almost feel like the people that act like WE (those of us that live in the suburbs, drive a range rover/ Mercedes / hybrid SUV/ whatever and have enough money for a nice house) must be living in some dream world where we have all joined an all-white clan or something. Come on people. Just because I live in a nice neighborhood doesn’t mean I don’t see blacks, whites, chinese, indian or whatever else. Actually you saying that I do not have diversity in my neighborhood – is kind of racist of you (not you guy, the person above you). That’s like saying only white people can afford to have a nice car, house, etc. lol. I think sometimes people should just keep their mouths shut.

          • Dani C

            I’m black and we live in a very nice OC city (CA not FL) where we just hit 2% blacks a couple of years ago. Most of my life our city was 1% and my HS stats said 0% black when I went there 10 years ago…which was kind of a slap in the face IMHO! I mean come on, sure there were less than 10 in a school of 2,500 (which btw was the most amount of black kids outside of my family, that I was ever around until college…that was a culture shock for me); but we still existed! Couldn’t you put point something? As for Hispanics, I think they’re at about 2% as well. We had a large extended family that brought the statistic to 1% at the HS. We didn’t know until my Senior Year that they were all cousins. Even the ones that were mixed white and Hispanic were cousins! Which is ironic since there were people that assumed all of us black kids were siblings or cousins o.O (none of us were. Those of us with siblings were too young or old to go to school with us). Just a fact that there are a lot of high end suburbs that are extremely segregated. Actually on the flip side of that, as a teenager after a very difficult identity crisis, I was crying and asking my parents why they didn’t raise me in an affluent black neighborhood that I knew of, their response was, “First off you’re not going to live in a mostly black world so you need to learn to cope in this one and second, we couldn’t afford to live there!”

          • black

            so negro, you didnt count? you went to high school, is clearly black yet it says 0%? the things inferior blacks are proud of. lol

          • Dani C

            I didn’t understand all of what you said. Please feel free to rewrite that in proper English. Too bad you couldn’t go to a half way decent school so you could be proud of it too. But I think you’re saying I’m proud of living in a predominately white area. Not really, I am blessed for what I had. And I know plenty of blacks that live in much more affluent black neighborhoods. I just stated a fact. Now what am I proud of? Being accepted into one of the best undergrad business schools in the country, putting together a National winning business project for Future Business Leaders of America, being a Speech and Debate regional champion in two different categories, earning an internship for a major worldwide corporation in Germany and subsequently winning a merit based scholarship to pay for my living expenses, packing up and moving to a foreign country for half a year with less than a months notice, and I’m graduating this year with my MBA with an A average while working two jobs and mentoring as a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Oh yeah and surprising my family with a week in Puerto Rico this year for my parents anniversary and I’ll still be debt free (except student loans) and approaching $10,000 in savings this year. And that was just some of what I did in the last 8 years of my life. What have you done with yours?

          • elleRachCook

            I beg to differ. I live in a suburb that is 95% white. Now just to clarify that doesn’t mean I have any problem with people who are not white, I just happen to live in a place where the majority of people are white.

          • youknowthisandthat

            not so much anymore about SF. no diversity there anymore. #SFsucks #Oaklandiswhereitsat #notforlong #whitepeoplearecoming

          • William Westmoreland

            …walking in on your mother with a black man really f*&^ed you up, for life……………..or was it your father………………

          • Janice

            I totally agree Tiavic….only in American would it matter. Who cares? I doesn’t matter to me what nationality a person is. What does matter is the character of the person.

          • Koch

            Y-O-U care enough to post – so you don’t matter then?

          • orpickmynose

            sames goes to you janice and you mean the united states.. be more specific.. america covers more territory.. which america are you speaking of? duh!

          • Nicole Brooks

            well why do US nationals call themselves American and Mexicans, the original American can’t?

          • GhostWriter

            Mexicans are Central Americans. “Americans” refers to nationality, not heritage, nor race, nor ethnicity. The first Americans were/are Native Americans aka American Indians.

          • Robin Sizemore

            Technically, Mexico is in North America. And anyone who lives in the three American continents is also American, just like a Frenchman, a Spaniard and a German are European. They are of the continent.

          • pbenav

            America is the name of the Western Hemisphere exclusively. America is comprised of two continents, North America and South America and the island of Greenland. Greenland could be called a continent, but is part of North America. There is only one American Native, which is subdivided into several American Native tribes. Originally some of these native tribes were as big as nations, i.e. Inca, Maya and Aztec were considered empires. The American Native is often referred to as the Red Race. Geographically, the Earth is divided into 5 continents, America North, America South, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, India and Europe are basically subcontinents of Asia, often referred to Indo-Asia and EurAsia. Europe is not a true continent. The races are White (European), Yellow (Asian), Black (African) and Red (American). Whites born in America are European. Whites born in the United States by exception often refer to themselves as American by nationality but are not American Native (Red Race) origination. There is no such thing as an American Passport, but you can get a U.S. Passport. The European colonization of America was particularly racist because the Catholic Church considered all people that were darker in skin color to be negros (Latin pronounced Ne Gro not (Knee Grow). The American Natives, Polynesians i.e. (Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Maori), Chamorrro, Phillipinos, Indonesian, Malaysian, were all Ne gros. The Roman Catholic Church order the mandatory conversion of these people religious beliefs to Catholic because the Catholic Church believed itself to be the only true religion. Respectfully

          • ArbeitMachtFries

            yes and no. language is about communication and if you as most people who understand english where do american’s live, they’ll point to the 50 states…

          • Moon Son

            Americas in the true sense of the word refer to people born in the American continent(North, Central, South) just like Asians cover Indians, Chinese, Japanese, and the rest of the countries and islands.

          • R SueYing Lee-Bond

            Mexico is part of NORTH America

          • William Westmoreland

            …is geography supposed to be taught in home schooling too…..or was it replaced with noose making and rifle cleaning?

          • Don Oberloh

            :sounds a buzzer:, American Indians were preceded by whom? Asians ring a bell?

          • Marta Rizzo

            Native Americans covers all the natives from the tip of Canada all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Chile. When they say, “Columbus, but he was known as Colon, and the Spanish discovered America. That means the whole 9 yds. The USA isnt America.

          • Don Oberloh

            only “americans” use the label it seems. I have never heard Latinos. Mexicans, or Guatemalan people refer to themselves as south American, or central American except when speaking to white people.

          • Marta Rizzo

            And most SAmericans I know are WHITE of pure Spanish stock. In fact Argentina is whiter than the USA. THey dont have blacks and very few native Americans down there and are a mixed of Euro Spanish, Italian, German etc blood.

          • JJ

            says the person who read the article about race

          • lily young

            I’m an atheist and I do read articles about all religions. Is that wrong?

          • Mateo

            Nationality and ethnicity are different things.

          • ProudtobeNubian

            ….and race! Correct!

          • Allison

            And here I thought we were all of the same race…Human! I hate when people ask me what race I am (surveys, etc)…because a color “white” is NOT a race! And others mix the nationality/ race / ethncity thing up into one list. So idioic. When “other” is a choice, I write in “Human”. And so far I haven’t seen anyone bring up the title of this article. “African American” yet they are listing Jamacians, one was born in the UK, Afro-cuban…since when are Jamacians, Brits, or cubans considered Americans??!!!??? This politically correct crap is just that….crap! The only interest I have in someone’s heritage is family tree realated. Now that IS interesting. And we should all be proud of our roots. No mater what ‘color’ those roots are!

          • Don Oberloh

            The “human race” may be singular but Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid are always distinguishable on the medical examiner’s table.

          • randell

            No they are not. Mongoloid Caucasoid and Negroid are not genetically different. the only distinguishable factors are skin color and bone structure there is no genetic variations to the so-called races. ie blacks do not have genetic markers that whites and asians do not have. we all have the same markers. and the only variations that occur are on an individual level not on a racial level

          • randell

            there are only 3 so-called races

            Negroid caucasion and Mongoloid
            i say so-called because on a genetic level there is no such thing as race. no DNA test can say for sure what so-called race you are

          • falagi

            nationality, ethnicity and race are different things.

          • Ailey S.

            True, Janice. If only the rest of the world thought the way you do, the world would be a peaceful place.

          • JazzyJerome


          • Miss ProudtobeNubian

            MIss Janice, I guess you don’t have mirrors in your house.
            I guess you’ve never seen your own skin and hold your head down when you encounter other people so you won’t see their skin tone. That is the only way I will believe you when you say it doesn’t matter. It matters because some people like EVERYTHING about themselves.

          • montyross

            NEver been to Japan?

          • Don Oberloh

            Nationalities are interesting because of their unfamiliarity. Race and culture are interesting also. Often times you cannot tell person’s nationality, only their racial origin.

          • randell

            thats only a physical thing not a genetic thing and DNA tests can not tell genetic variations in race but geographical variations when you live some where your body gets saturated with minerals and other such materials that can tell a probable geographical spread of humanity

          • Koch

            don’t like it – do us both a favor – go back to whatever banana nation you fell out of

          • cucumber

            we must all go back to “whatever banana nation we fell out of”- there are no exceptions, got it?

          • orpickmynose

            hey tiavic, no one cares what you hate about the united states.

          • c-cool

            it matters in many places, @tiavic:disqus

          • Yvette

            AMEN. It’s sad, really. Why should it even matter?

          • Winston

            Hey! Listen people, no matter what color you are, we all bleed same color RED. We’re all human, right? And that’s how the heavenly Father made us. Be thankful of who you are. 🙂

          • Ailey S.

            That’s because for so long, it did matter to those who hated black people.
            It’s hard to argue with America’s Eurocentric, racist history. If you delve into it further, you will find there were laws in place in order to prevent both inadvertent and voluntary racial mixing. Look up the “one drop rule” and “anti-misegenation laws” on Wikipedia and you will see why it mattered for so long. It was pure racism that started these rules, and their negative effects run deep and long. Wherever there was European colonization, you can usually find documented proof of the subjugating and dehumanization of non-whites. In these environments, it is no wonder why so many who passed for white purposely did so. They knew what hell awaited them and they lacked the courage to admit the truth.
            Yes, it did matter in America and in many other nations. Further, it mattered for all of the wrong motives.

          • Victoria6171

            I could not agree more. This is sad…

          • Prototype


          • Independent Tom

            Real Americans don’t care… only racists care about the color of someone’s skin.

          • Marta Rizzo

            I got lots of black friends. Nothing wrong with them. But if you got a beef then blame white Spain and Portugal since they brought the slaves to the Americas. But hey all of those folks are now dead. So deal with it and live in peace.

          • montyross

            Yes. because there are people that make money off of the classification of others, its engrained in the American psyche.

          • Doris Casey

            this is the way it is in all places ,

          • Ed

            Marvelous…one of the t places I’d like to see before I get too old and die.. I’ve known a lot of people from there, and they’ve all been really nice. Skin color is only a man’s idea of differentiating people and setting classes. It’s really stupid when you get down to it.

          • Koch

            and one of the MOST homophobic places in the world – too bad those ‘many’ people are so eager to be haters …

          • rose-colored

            descent, descent please! get a grip folks: ‘thick Jamaican accented…’ what is that? Never could quite grasp what a ‘thick’ or ‘thin’ accent entails. This smacks of ethnocentrism: I am the center you are not; I am the norm you are not! Indeed, these distinctions are crucial to some people’s sense of being and/or superiority complexes

          • im mix

            oh new York city lmao

          • black

            95% of Jamaica is black though. black people always want validation and looking for approval from these people like it makes them any less racist. these Jamaicans that you speak of have been there hundreds of years and have not mixed into the black population. it has only been the black people when they acquire wealth marry down to non blacks. that’s why we have a mixture. all other races like being themselves, blacks want to watered down and lighten up their genes. when black people talk about this out of many crap its because they feel inferior. 95% of Jamaica is still black. i am sure asian countries have black people but you dont hear them bragging about it. only black people who have been made to feel inferior does this. do you think blacks are not in asian and the middle east? do you hear them bragging? majority of Jamaica is still black bragging that there is 5% other doesn’t change this.

          • Ippoletta

            um no 76% of my country is black. i’m sick of the 90% BS being thrown around.

          • sara

            No,its blacks who are trying to claim everyone black!!! jamicans are mulattos and Asians/Indians/Europeans!!! lok at the blonde woman from one of the JAMES BOND FILMS..shes of Jamaican blood!!!!
            I seen many Caucasian Jamaicans!! you just want to stick others with you! this is why people hate black americans

          • guest

            Um , people hate us . Cause white people created race to separate us . You guys are so greedy and took everything . We have nothing , not even Africa . So sorry if we try to goat about something.

          • Facts

            True. There is a place in Jamaica called German Town that has some white looking people, but most of them have some black in them. There is a poem by Jamaican poet Louise Bennett who refers to them as souvenirs left behind by German soldiers. Today it is hard to find families of just one race in Jamaica. In Trinidad you are more likely to find straight up East Indians, unmixed. That is because at least up to the 1990s (when I left the WI) the caste system was still very strong; there was color prejudice (against darker Indians by lighter ones) and race prejudice. (Read the book A House for Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul). Saying someone is 1/2 Trinidadian and 1/2 caucasian could easily mean 1/2 east indian and white.

        • pikadon


          Speaking of ignorance, the term is “purebred,” not “pure bread.”

          • dingo_egret

            Alright, you got me. How will I go on?

            Happy now? Now get back to work, the fries are burning.

          • orpickmynose

            you mean inbred?

            which i’m sure you’re experienced with.

        • gualm

          I think you are the ignorant one because there are no such thing as pure bread or do you mean bred Chinese, Indians, Whites etc. I know a Chinese person who owns a store and even he stated that they are descendants of Africans. I am assuming this is something he must have been taught in China because i know was not told that here.

          • Nicole Brooks

            ah ha, he knows his history! chinese and blacks are closer in DNA than any other human being and no, this is not taught in American schools, all they teach you is whites are superior and everyone else is inferior, basically.

        • dingo alert

          “pure bread” Chinese: no such creature, by the by. These are figments of your imaginations. Anybody and everybody is a mutt, simple. Do the math if you must

        • louisrr

          And don’t forget the generational mixes. you know…pure English, mixes with black, mixes with Chinese, mixes with Indian, mixes with black, etc.
          Ludicrous to think because one ifs from Kenya, Ireland…or in this case, Jamaica, for example,,THEY MUST be “those” kinds of people.
          And you are OF COURSE right that there are PURE (for lack of a better term), that live in each country and DO NOT MIX with other groups …yet are still of THAT country.

        • Prototype

          Pure “bread” Chinese? Yes, them Chinese do know how to bake.

        • Robert Knowles


        • gritsngravy418

          @dingo….I believe you meant “pure bred” rather than “pure bread”
          and I totally agree with you!

        • Don Oberloh

          What racial make up did Bruce Lee enjoy? Dis you know his grandmother was White?

        • randell

          If a person is pure Chinese then they will not Look like Bruce lee. Bruce was in fact born to a full Chinese Father and a Chinese German mother

      • sid

        Phil: that is Ding’s choice! If Ding wants to be a White KKK or the President of the Hitler Youth that is choice! & in the US he has the freedom to do that even if he is a Black Jew Gay Latino who dresses up as a Female Prostitute who services are half price!!

      • meangreen1

        I agree Phil sad but still true for some.

      • Al

        No.. Are you a racist idiot? Just like the term Asian includes people from India, Afghanistan, and Russia.

        • Phil J.

          no but i hate that your mom didn’t use plan b

      • Koch

        will you marry me?

        • Phil J.

          yes i will

      • JerseyGirl

        The article mixes up race with ethnicity–Cuban, Jamaican and Trinidad are not races, these are countries. Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad, like the US, is are ‘countries’ made up of different races. Those celebrities are black because they originate from Africa, more precisely, black Africa or the African race.

        • Phil J.

          oh god is everyone on that stupid juice? lol i don’t need a lesson on where ppl originate from or what ethnicity they are.

          • KAYLA

            Obviously you do, the person in the article who was half Trinidadian looked very “white” and he was just stating that she could still be full white and half Trinidadian at the same time. So, no, the Trinidadian woman was not trying to be anything but black because she’s not black! maybe you should actually read the article.

      • Nicole Brooks

        Am mixed Trinidadian and he/she is being truthful, a Trinidadian/west indian is not a race, just like Hispanics aren’t either.

      • Restless_1

        Uh, I was following your lead, and adding to the joke.
        Don’t get out much??

        • Phil J.

          lol sorry. tired of dealing with these idiots on here. i have that “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. turns out having that sort of mentality isn’t such a bad thing. George Zimmerman where are you? stand up and give us a bow mate.

      • Don’t even start this “race War” “black/White shaming” crap.

      • Lauren Wallace

        Educate yourself first. I am from Trinidad and am white. And no one is separating themselves from the blacks.

      • ffjsb

        You obviously don’t know anything about the Caribbean Islands or the people.

      • jjrocks

        that’s just ignorant!

        • Phil J.

          so was yo mama when she had you. b*tch still dumb now

      • nocdib

        Assuming that Trinidadian = Black is as stupid as assuming that American = White. Trinidadian is a nationality, not a race. Matter of fact, the ethnic majority in Trinidad and Tobago is East Indian.

      • hiram nerja

        dingo-egret is absolutely correct phil j. i am white and from trinidad. my mother was from netherlands and my father was a causian expat from USA and I am trinidadian all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Phil J.

          i don’t care.

      • Rick Fader

        Which is worse? Anything to separate yourself from black…Or using an Ancestor from 400 years ago as “anything to be a part of black”?

      • chickypoo

        I do not believe that the comment was meant to separate from any particular group. It was to provide information about who lives there. Is there any reason that we should hide this education? Skewing the truth for an agenda never helped anyone.

        • Phil J.

          you should be hung for your blatant insolence

      • Nia_01

        Right what you said! lol. People kill me wanting to so badly go around telling people all the different cultures that their mixed with!

      • A god fearing white man

        Ignorance…so sad

        • Phil J.

          it was a joke, now go kill your self you dumb s.o.b

      • barbrshp

        Anything to separate themselves from white lol

      • SportsLady STL


        • Phil J.

          i’m almost sick of telling ppl to off themselves, but take a bunch of cyanide pills, drink a gallon of bleach and off yourself you dimwit

      • Laurence Broadus

        400,according to stats, agree with this, I am totally disgusted with you “human beings”, LOL that! Ml

      • SmarterThanMost

        There are many races in Trinidad. That does not mean your black. Just think people…….Americans are made up of different races. Trinidadian simply means they are from there. People really need to go back to school and actually learn.

      • Ernie Butler

        Exactly. You’re a negro stop it. African Americans are mixed with many different ethnicities but we’re still black. It’s this type of brainwashing that separates us to this day. Your prisons are overflowing just like ours West Indies.

        • Phil J.

          and like i said before what i said was a joke, you’re a fool stop it.

      • mateusz

        i really don’t get it how it is in usa possible that a single drob of “black” blood makes you black forever. all of these celeb mentioned there are mixed, not a single one is black.

      • hawkay

        Still funny dude

      • Micah 李 文 Jung

        exactly! HAHA

      • star30

        @Phil J., You can not explain to people your comment who have no knowledge of history and the law that is still the law today which is, any drop of black blood in a person DNA, the law requires you to mark on any paper work that ask your race, to mark African-American/Black not white or mexican or Latino. They just don’t know history at all nor the laws.

        • Phil J.

          your dumba$$ should have read the thread, then you would’ve realized what i said was a JOKE, go try to school someone who gives a sh!t because i don’t.

          • star30

            What’s up with the name calling, when I was simply agreeing with you. You totally miss understood, I was for your statement because, you did not comprehend what I was agreeing with you on, I will not stoop as low to the lowest by calling you names I feel will fit you to the “T”

      • Vea’ Barksdale

        ???????? WTF!

      • Hrenee

        Way to keep enforcing that “one drop rule”

      • Chris

        negative, this is a true statement. Just because you are from a certain place, or…Have a black parent, does not make you black.. Part Black at most. Look at south Africa….

        • Phil J.

          Lol really Chris? It has been 2yrs, catch up

          • Chris

            no sweat….I thought this was a new article….I see the date and yea I am a little late.

      • curly 3C long hair

        yesss my point exactly right

    • Draesop

      Correct! The West Indies, including Trinidad was a Plantation Society. Big house with white master and black slaves. There are whites (many think they are but have a lick of the tar brush) and various mixtures with blacks, Chinese, indian, etc. Many apparently white Trinidadians, Barbadians and Jamaicans fled their countries for Canada, Australia and New Zealand when politics altered many of the rights and privileges they thought were theirs. There’s rank racism in the Caribbean with its origins similar to that in America. Whites are badly outnumbered so they have to be cool.

    • G

      Just because Whites, Chinese and other non-black races migrate to the Caribbean doesn’t mean they are actually of Caribbean heritage. Speaking the language doesn’t automatically make you Caribbean. Caribbeans and West Indians are African slaves who were forced to leave Africa and come to the Islands. If you knew your history, you would know that Africa is the mother land.

      • A6768NAMVET

        “Mother” land….to blacks, “mother” is only half of a word!!

      • Guambush

        Uh, actually you are wrong my friend, like the other transplants to the West Indies as Columbus named them Africans were not the original people, the original inhabitants were the Arawak and Caribe Indians whose populations were decimated by the diseases the Spanish brought to the islands; Columbus did not discover he found/stumbled upon inhabited islands.

      • stopspending4

        You forget that Indians were also brought into Trini and make a large part of the population. Just as there are many races, there are also many religions

      • Stan Bryars

        So, by your logic, willingly migrating to an area does not make a group part of that society, but being forcefully immigrated makes that area yours?

        Every single culture or society in the world today is made up of immigrants and has been for thousands of years

    • Reginald

      Yes, i agree except she says specifically her father was black, i think she would know better than anyone else. Funny there was a time if you had one drop of black blood you were black period.

      • CAT

        Which is a racist statement!

        • Angela

          No, actually, what Reginald said is true. It was called the “One Drop Rule”.

          • mammy

            or hypodescent!

      • jane

        That time is still now…unless you’re rich, famous, or doing something positive.

    • disqus_oFqtYP3zH2

      I’m Trinidadian and we are mixed with some of everything. Ah callaloo…lol

    • Justice4TrayvonMartn

      It also doesn’t make you AFRICAN AMERICAN either.

    • sid

      Dingo: in the end I think the answer is WHAT DOES THE PERSON CONSIDER THEIR RACE TO BE! Ding: when the US does the census it gives the person filling out the form a choice to put down what Race they are!

    • hinche

      It so ridiculous, just because a person has black in him or her or are even half and half, they’re just half black and half white, not “black”. Jennifer Beals for instance doesn’t have a shred of black looks on her face, who would know.

      • LJM

        nope she’s BLACK and WE, she knows it that color/race thing was made up by the good ole forefathers of this country

        • sara

          SHE IS NOT BLACK YOU CHIMP!! THERE ARE EUROPEANS WHO ARE MORE ETHNCI LOOKING THAN HER! get out of here! trying to claim everyone and anyone as black

    • Cris Granger

      Then go back to trindad

    • Justin

      Santa is Filipino

    • dcore18

      I am from Guyana, and I was just thinking the same thing. Thank you for your knowledgeable comment.

    • Nik

      I just sent that exact same thing to a friend who posted this to Fb.

    • lindanabq

      Trinidadian is a nationality not a race



    • Rich Brown

      What you have to learn is that other races/cultures that are not Black considers anyone with a drop of Black blood to be Black. Yes they are brainwashed idiots, yet that is the reality. What’s funny is that those same idiots don’t realize that every person’s DNA originated from African. So what does that make everyone? Exactly. “The more you know.”

    • Nicole Brooks

      That is true, in Trinidad there are white, black, east indian, chinese, syrian, lebanese, mixed, the list goes on, another American flaw of limited knowledge of the outside world.

    • Nieves

      I find the content of description of the pictures racist, just as you mention the one from Trinidad. Racism is embedded in American way of thinking, difficult to eradicate

    • Capitalism Is Freedom

      Same as Jamaicans. Just like it is in America, there are blond blue-eyed Jamaicans, Asian Jamaicans etc. Get over the race thing already for most people. My biggest question is: Is your blood not red? If not, you have larger issues.

    • mrcead

      But it is highly likely.

    • Ebony

      That may be true but racist white people think otherwise. One of my colleg friends is biracial, black mom, Irish dad, still gets called the N word.

      • lilslzr

        uhhh because she is!! one drop rule!!!!!!!!

    • Professorlogical

      How dumb is the assumption that her father being Trinidadian automatically makes her black. It would have been fair to say she has Caribbean roots, but that doesn’t mean she is black!

      I live in Jamaica and it is such a melting pot of various people of ethnic backgrounds. Plenty of American, Canadian and European expats live in Jamaica, they normally bring their wives and during their stay they have another child or two. Now that doesn’t mean the child is black!!!!! They were simply born in Jamaica!!!

      In other instances, the single expats sometimes end up falling in love with a Caribbean woman and start a family. In that instance we can say the person has black roots etc.

    • -__-

      I agree some of these people are geting nationalities and race confused.Like the pete guy and etc. This list isn so surprising.and if you want to make a list like this you should try go more into details besides listing countries people parents are.

    • JoyRichey

      Well she claiming she’s BLACK so what’s the problem and if she want to claim that that’s her business.

    • MzBond

      this is very true dingo…but if you’re talking about Gabrielle Reece, her father has been described as black…js

    • Lauren Wallace


    • Racedoesnotequalethnicity

      Amen. I was going to write that as well. Whoever wrote this article has an article obviously doesn’t understand the difference between race and ethnicity.

    • Sara

      The name of the article is 25 celebs you didn’t know were AFRICAN American… Not “black”. Trinidad is a country located in AFRICA… Right?! Soo that would still make her AFRICAN- American.

    • da one!!!

      preach on!! I caught that dumb crap myself!! this thing is stupid!! just because vin diesel has a black stepfather doesn’t make him black!!!

    • Jessica Uyvette Thompson


    • Jackie

      Haha. My dad was very much born in Trinidad when his dad was there for military work, but that doesn’t make him any less white.

    • ha!

      Let me guess, you’re one of those “white” Trinidadians that doesn’t want to identify as black.

    • John T. Farrell

      I would hardly think of being Chinese and Indian as “white.”

    • TIGER


    • Rugah

      Your absolutely right. It’s almost the same as saying that someone is white because his parents are American. Ms. Reece’s dad was actually a black man with fair skin complexion.

    • nowuknowmore136

      This is true but Trinidadian is a nationality not a race. So if they are saying she is half black her dad was a black Trinidadian

    • rene

      dude… Portuguese are white.. there no seed to say “white and Portuguese”.. that sounds stupid.. ..Portuguese people are European!

    • Marta Rizzo

      YOu already said White. Portuguese and Spanish are WHITE 🙂

    • Ladyofpeace

      Black people in America have been saying that forever so why the choice to differentiate them from the mixed races of the Caribbean?

    • Guy McIntosh

      This is the most rediculous article I have ever read…what possible difference of any significance could any of this make? I have a neighber…blue eyes and blond hair, born and raised in Africa…but a US citizen. He is an African American…! Geeeesh.

    • vdub

      Very very true. I have two friends from Trinidad that are Indian.

    • Caitlin

      And just because someone is African American doesn’t mean they’re black either. But based on the tone and trend of this article, I think you’d have to be dumb to not fill in the skin tone blank yourself.

    • Asha

      This is exactly what I was thinking! How silly of them to say ‘Trinidadian’ and expect us to know what that individual looks like!

    • Sarah Theodore

      Sweetie, white is European. Know the difference.

    • MrTToftheWest

      That is so true. Trinidadians make up a wide range of ethnicities. So to say she is part Trinidadian does not tell her what her ethnicity is, this is just part of her nationality.

    • Vea’ Barksdale

      Again, judged by COLOR OF SKIN!!! This is what makes RACISM & PREJUDGING SO DEADLY & JUST WRONG!!!

    • Me

      Total denial. Self-hatred. Typical of African Americans still enslaved not by chains but by ideologies. Nobody ever wants to be Black. Your statement is pathetic!

    • Ruiz

      Most Trinidadians are either Afro Trinidadian or Indo Trinidadian the white population is very small.

    • TLT

      Well I guess they checked DNA and should some negroid in the DNA

    • Theodora

      Your splitting hairs it states Afro-Trinidanian, not Caucasians, Portugese or even Chinese. Afro if you don’t know is short hand for African.

    • Madeline Drummond

      That is true I am from Trinidad I come from a mixed family I have cousins that are part portugese, some are half Chinese , my grandmother was French my mother wasborn in Venezuela , the list goes on andwe have whites that are very prejudice also ,
      so there you go

    • Ummmmmm, every single one of us are descendants of Afirca..get over that people #Facts

    • curly 3C long hair

      sounds like you don’t want to clam your heritage

      • dingo_egret

        Sounds like you need to read a book about the people from JA. My parents are Jamaican and I’m proud of it. But anyone who has been there and my folks can tell you too, there is Chinese, Black, Indian, White Jamaican. If you know any about Jamaica’s tag line…One out of many – one people made of different cultures, races, etc.

    • Prince

      That’s why they said afro-Trinidadian if your talking about Gabrielle Reece. You know Afro derived from the world African. Get it ?

      • dingo_egret

        Most West Indians or people from the Caribbean have absolutely no connection to Africa. They don’t have this relationship like Americans where they feel they need to be identified as Afro or African American. Other than identify ourselves as Black, Indian, Chinese etc, we consider ourselves to be West Indian first and foremost.

  • Bridgette Anderssen

    I didn’t KNOW most of these “celebrities” at all, let alone know that they were “Black” – which obviously most of them are not…

  • latxguy

    who did not consider them black? African ?? NO. I think they were probably fooled more than most. America black. Yes

  • Meelah

    We knew that they were African American I dont think they know they African American..or maybe just won’t admit it..

    • HoosierDaddy

      Since all blacks are from africa drop the term african american, your either one or the other lol. How often does one hear african canadian, or african swedish you don’t. Redundant y’all.

      • Meelah

        ..the term is African american because there American born of an african decent..this is what some of the great leader fought for..to not be called black or Negro..and it not my term it society term..go tell your government that

        • blahblahblah

          Does that make me a French Canadian American?

          • Meelah

            IDK ask your mama..On all my application and every I fill out say African American…

          • Marvelous

            You see, EVERYONE that lives in North America is AMERICAN. That would include the country to the South of the U.S called The United Mexico States of America (Mexico’s REAL name). So yes, If you’re French Canadian, aka CANADIAN; YES, you would be an American. Kind of like if you live in Europe, you’re European, If you live in African you’re African, and if you live in S.American you’re South American. Although calling South Americans; Americans isn’t out of line. It’s only confusing to Dumb Americans.

            Now, back to your regularly scheduled stupidity.

        • hoosierDaddy

          African would mean your from Africa, a continent, American would mean your from the USA (country) not north America which is a continent, or South America which would also be a continent, I have seen the term black used many times on many forms, whats the big deal y’all are black, would be like a white person getting mad because someone called them white, foolish makes no sense, this tells me your not proud to be an American or black. No one answered my question—why do I never hear african Swedish, or African Brazilian, or African Irish?

          • Meelah

            Listen your opinion is yours, keep it,I could care less if you called yourself alien american..I prefer to be African American my choice..now GTFOH

          • FallingStars89

            I’m sure it bothers some people because it’s their history, not yours. If you had a name you preferred to go by I’m sure the majority of people in your life you would refer to by that name. You probably don’t any other terms because you surround yourself with other ignorant people that can only relate to the struggles of “hoosier daddy”. Swedish African or Afro-swedes. There’s an association called the National Association of Afro-Swedes, so yes, it’s a thing..it’s a term. You can call people black all you want, do whatever the hell you want. No one here is going to change anyone’s mind or make some meaningful impact. You and me included. Hey! Look common ground.

            Could you tell me why the suicide rate for white males is so high? Can you tell me why a middle aged white male is more likely to molest a young boy than any other race?

          • Marvelous

            Actually you’re wrong. African American refers to 2 CONTINENTS. Here in The Americas it’s now used to determine if someone is black from the U.S as opposed to black from somewhere else (Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico). The problem is that to do that, the word AFRO should be used. But i’ll touch on AFRO later. But In other words, is a black Canadian African American? THEY ARE FROM NORTH AMERICA. SO, YES. The main confusion comes from what do you call the blacks from the spanish speaking countries here in the Americas? THAT’S A WHOLE DIFFERENT DISCUSSION ON RACISM. But let me end it with this, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Honduras ALL HAD MORE SLAVES THAT THE UNITED STATES. (bet you didn’t learn that in H.S or College).
            To answer your questions….I’ve been to Ireland. Have you? My guess is NO. Because if you had been there, then you like me would have met quite a few people there that were referred to as “Black Irish”. As for African Brazilian…..The words you’re looking for is AFRO. Remember I said I’d touch on that word later. Afro Brazilian, right along with Afro Dominican, Afro Cubano, And Afro American all refer to someone of African decent. Look back up top to learn about Brazil. The issue is that Afro-??? are English words. They don’t don’t exist in latin America UNLESS the person happens to speak ENGLISH. That doesn’t mean people don’t know they’re black.
            Like I posted earlier, Amazing that in Africa everyone is African, In Asia, everyone is Asian, in Europe people are European, but in North American people are Canadian, Mexican, American, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, etc. Mexico by the way’s proper name is United Mexico States of America (bet you didn’t learn that in H.S or College).
            At the end of the day, if you live in the Americas, YOU ARE AMERICAN.

          • Deigh

            Since when does 12% of the US population
            determine what goes on a census, ID, job, or education application? Last time I checked that was not determined by blacks. African American is code plain and simple. It lets white people know you are a person of color.
            Asian/Pacific Islander
            Caucasian (Not Hispanic)
            Hispanic (Not white)
            African American (Not Hispanic)
            Native American/Eskimo
            This isn’t perfect, but this usually what I see on applications. WHY? Why do I have tailored my identity to some cookie
            cutter forum to make other people feel comfortable? WHY DOES ANYONE GIVE DAMN!

            With the exception of an ID card, there is no need for this on any forms. This is just divisive and has no true value,
            UNLESS it is necessary for a scholarship for specific ethnicities, etc. I am Nez Pierce and black. I love to keep em guessing. But every time I check anything other than black, if it is a person of color, no prob, if it is a white person processing the information, they change it to AA. WHO are you to tell me how I identify myself. I realize most people fail to understand that race has NOTHING to do with skin color. It is based on common genetic traits, which are why AA varies from Vanessa Williams to Wesley Snipes.

          • Layla

            The labels are there to keep us separated (fighting) only in the US is this done (that I know of) and my skin color is not black its brown like 99 percent of AA.

          • lilslzr

            you’re black!

          • Misty-Mac

            I’m Black!

          • lilslzr

            your is a possessive, you’re is a contraction of you are… trying using the latter in your sentences

          • Fpotr5

            you’re = you are ie. the same thing. I find it funny someone would go out to correct someone and then they themselves are wrong. Are you a frustrated English teacher that got fired for bad grades?

      • emma

        African American is referring to 2 continents, not a continent and a country,

        • Don’t drink Flouride

          So why do they say “Mexican-American”?

          • lilslzr

            because we’re American of Mexican descent

      • Deigh

        Since when does 12% of the US population
        determine what goes on a census, ID, job, or education application? Last
        time I checked that was not determined by blacks. African American is code
        plain and simple. It lets white people know you are a person of color.

        Asian/Pacific Islander

        Caucasian (Not Hispanic)

        Hispanic (Not white)

        African American (Not Hispanic)

        Native American/Eskimo


        This isn’t perfect, but this usually what I
        see on applications. WHY? Why do I have tailored my identity to some cookie
        cutter forum to make other people feel comfortable? WHY DOES ANYONE GIVE DAMN!

        With the exception of an ID card, there is
        no need for this on any forms. This is just divisive and has no true value,
        UNLESS it is necessary for a scholarship for specific ethnicities, etc. I am
        Nez Pierce and black. I love to keep em guessing. But every time I check
        anything other than black, if it is a person of color, no prob, if it is a
        white person processing the information, they change it to AA. WHO are you to
        tell me how I identify myself. I realize most people fail to understand that
        race has NOTHING to do with skin color. It is based on common genetic traits,
        which are why AA varies from Vanessa Williams to Wesley Snipes.

  • vim

    They are biracial! Slavery is over!!!!!!!!

    • David Edwardzz

      I once got in a heated argument with my HR manager over this, she said anyone who is part black isnt LEGALLY considered bi-racial they are BLACK.

      • HoosierDaddy

        Did you correct your HR manager and say no they would be BROWN!

        • David Edwardzz

          I tried she wouldnt listen. She is stubbornly conservative in her views. HATES obamacare calls the president an “Idiot” Calls the New York Times “garbage”

          • hoosierdaddy

            Sounds like she is doing a good job of what she is told. A follower. Makes sense look at her title. Lol.

          • hoosierdaddy

            When you mix white with black you get brown. Not meant to be a racial comment, its what happens. Physics.

          • Bill Nye

            mixing of colors is Chemistry. Not Physics.

          • FallingStars89

            Actually not always. My son is mixed..looks nothing like me. He doesn’t look “brown” as you call it..which honestly really..I can’t even, you are such an idiot. I am black, my husband is white..my son which I caught out of own “whoha” looks white. At the store after complimenting on who adorable my son looks the next question is…brace yourself! Is he your son? Yes, yes he is. He’s almost two and still this “brown” you speak of hasn’t shown up on him. People are more predictable than genetics. You are infact one of those predictable people. Life too short to get caught in this mess over skin color and race. People who focus on nothing, but that are truly missing out on some beautiful experiences with people they are too racist or blind to notice. I’m a firefighter paramedic and I see how short life can be. Stop wasting your time.

          • hoosierdaddy

            Bad comment of the food stamps and the color brown.
            Yes you are correct life is short, better to focus on the beauty that surrounds us! Race or color of one’s skin does not determine one’s worthiness or one’s character.

          • Alyssia Melange

            Actually there is a spectrum we are all on and range from darker to lighter shades of brown. I don’t know anyone who is actually black or white.

          • metis

            true, true- we are all mixed; indeed, have never seen a white or black person.

          • lilslzr

            I feel so sorry for your son… and your in laws… what shame they must have that their son procreated w/a primate!

          • jbird84

            O_O when you mix white and black you get grey. Black people have BROWN skin. I don’t know why they’re called black in the first place, or why whites are called white, when their skin is not absent of color. Back in the day it was just to show the extreme physical differences in the races but now it is quite archaic thinking since so many people are more than one race. Mixed races are sometimes lighter brown, but other times you can’t tell the difference because you have African Americans with very little mixed heritage who can still be on the lighter side. Everyone has some level of mixture but since no one is actually the color white or the color black, this statement makes no sense. All in all I wish these articles stopped getting written.

          • Islandgirl

            technically if you mix white with black you get gray. lol

          • ArbeitMachtFries

            when you mix white and black , you get grey; that’s chemistry.

          • Stan Bryars

            Conservative has nothing to do with it. I am conservative, ahte Obamacare and the idiot it is named after and concur that the NY Times is barely fit as a fish wrapper. But I know the difference

          • Fpotr5

            I would love to work for a boss like that that has common sense to see the truth.

          • David Edwardzz

            well, technically not my boss, but about 4 people, including the store manager all seam to be conservative.

      • jennifer martinez

        She is going under that old adage: one drop of black makes you black. Wow! I didnt think people were still that ignorant!

        • jane

          Not an old adage. It is still very much alive and well. America made the rule, now wants to take it back so they won’t have to admit they have a black president. pfft

          • jennifer martinez

            They’ve been doing that crap even before the 13th Amendment’s 3/5th rule.

          • Mark

            Hey Jane. Yes, my president is is black. I voted for him twice.

          • sara

            he’s bot black u idiot!!! he came out of a white vagina!

    • LJM

      nope sorry they area BLACK and WE no BLACK when we see it

      • jennifer martinez

        As much black as they are white and they have the parents to prove it. Who should they deny, their mother or their father?

    • LJM

      NOPE they are BLACK and that’s that

      • sara

        Just because ur a blackie, doesn’t mean the world is!!!! you are freaken kidding me if u think these people remotely pass as lack! if these people go anywhere in the world…people wouldn’t think therye black! only u blackies who want to claim them as black o up ur numbers! one afrocentric idiot tried to say irish are light skin blacks

      • Craig

        be careful who u claim, I wouldn’t claim almost none of these guys, they are all controlled by white interests an money anyway

    • guest

      Slavery never ended my friend .

  • vim

    Please stop race baiting! It is old! And for blacks who cannot accept people who are biracial that is your problem. It does not mean people are ashamed! The one drop rule is over!

    • chris

      Then I guess that means we’re all biracial then. 90% of blacks in America have some European or Native American blood.

    • Rastaz Koon

      TELL THAT to the VICTIMS of the NI^^ERS!!!!!

  • OverTheCoastline

    This article could only have been written by a liberal Democrat. They are the only ones who constantly make an issue of race. Must be because they are trying to cover up their KKK history and their heritage of race-cleansing.

  • kid

    this is another fine example of a college educated idiot . this is what they went to school for to write stupid stories like this. another fine democrat working hard…..

    • JudithNYC

      Jealous much? You know, you do not have to be ashamed of your G.E.D.

  • Xorn

    I swear, you people want everyone to be black, even if it is a quarter percentage. Get over yourselves.

    • K-Hou

      actually “you people” i.e. ignorant whites created the “one drop rule” meaning if you have even a little black in the mix you’re black so…yeah read a book because according to you people a “quarter percentage” individual would be called a quadroon.

      • sk_in_co

        “Read a book”, which one? Never heard of that rule. Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve never heard that before. The whole idea sounds like a load of crap to me, but I think they way people talk about race is usually backwards. There’s only one race – the human race.

        • G. Gartrell

          Seriously, you are ignorant. Ignorant in yes you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. The one drop of blood rule is very well known since the days of Slavery and “quadroon” as horribly racist as it is was a term regularly used. Read a book on the history of slavery – it’s not made up fiction. The US school system has done you and further generations after you a disservice.

          • G. Gartrell

            ….and by “read a book” and your response is “which one?”…….I would think maybe your first place to look would be a HISTORY BOOK, but obviously you’re not much of a scholar.

          • Erik Baran

            And which “HISTORY BOOK”?

          • Deigh

            AFRICANS IN AMERICA: Americas Journey Through Slavery is a good start, its on amazon, look it up. But before you accuse the authors of one-sided race baiting, try this one. It is written by a Caucasian : Howard Zinn’s A Peoples History Of the United States. Its on Amazon as well. Enjoy!

          • sk_in_co

            Ah, I see. And you successfully through me off because you referred to it in the present. The way you refer to it I thought you were referring to some new concept (it was also late night on my end). Through all you insults and hyperventilation, you can’t see that your hung up on a 200 year old racist concept as if it happened yesterday. Let it die and move on.

            Relax and re-read. I said the concept was a load of crap. As in racism is crap. As in racial divisions are crap. As in we probably agree on something if you could get over yourself.

          • Erik Baran

            Why is quadroon “horribly racist”? It just means one quarter “black”.

        • blahblahblah

          actually there are 4 races: caucasoid, negroid, mongoloid, and australoid

        • nomatter

          The actual rule is 1/32nd black makes you legally black. This was mainly for purposes of segregation. Frankly, when I first found this out I wondered if it worked the other way, If, for instance, you want to claim you are Native American (as many people do) can you do so if you can prove you are at least 1/32nd? Don’t know if this rule is still on the books anywhere, either. The book is about Creoles and is readily available in New Orleans where the lines were very distinct and strictly adhered to.

        • Deigh

          AFRICANS IN AMERICA: Americas Journey Through Slavery is a good start, its on amazon, look it up. But before you accuse the authors of one-sided race baiting, try this one. It is written by a Caucasian : Howard Zinn’s A Peoples History Of the United States. Its on Amazon as well. Enjoy!

      • lilslzr

        if you have 1 drop of monkey blood, that makes you a monkey, so if you have 1 drop of negro blood, you’re a negro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Landyn

      Yeah what K-Hou said. Please read a book. The whole construct of race was something YOU people came up with. PLEASE READ A BOOK. According to what YOU people came up with, someone with LESS than a quarter percentage of black is BLACK. Read a book… PLEASE, educate yourself, and maybe try it again.

      • HoosierDaddy

        More like Brown LOL!

      • Walter T Justice

        The Easy way to spot a TRUE RACIST is to listen to them speak, A RACIST (White or Black) ( yes there are both) ALWAYS makes statements that contain phrases like ” YOU PEOPLE ” or “THOSE PEOPLE”

  • Mark2014

    Who cares about these so called famous people and their race. I wouldn’t waste my money, my vision, and my hearing on so called famous people.

    • Erik Baran

      Yet here you are, clicking on the story, reading it and commenting on it. Guess you do care.

      • Mark2014

        Actually I don’t care. I just wanted to read the comments. LOL

  • vinceNYC

    Troian Bellisario father is Italian serbian

  • Lungs_of_Steel

    “Down ‘pact’?”

    Is that like ‘axe?’

  • Phil J.

    Why didn’t tthey put Beyonce’ on here? According to her make up commercial she’s black, french, europolynasian, creole, asian, twakanese, all dat, all dat but just plain black lol

    • Lalah

      Both of her parents are black. Her mom is a black Louisiana Creole. She refers to herself as a black woman…

      • Phil J.

        that my darling was called a joke. And I don’t need an educational lesson on beyonce’s ethnicity…

      • HoosierDaddy

        Who cares!!!

  • Aisha

    Everyone’s black when you turn out the lights lol.

    • Rastaz Koon

      NOT HUMANS—–


      • Aisha

        Troll much lol

      • Aisha

        Troll much. Why even comment if you think what i said was stupid, racist cracker b****!!!

        • FEDUP

          Don’t let him get under your skin. This is the same coward that is in every Black man’s face smiling at work to afraid to show his true bigotry. He probably has a Black boss and acts like a happy puppy nipping at his, black boss’ feet whenever he comes into the room. You know the type coward to his heart.

          • Rastaz Koon

            YOU WISH NI^^ER—-

          • Aisha

            You wish you were black don’t you lol.

          • Erik Baran

            You’re the real thing, aren’t you? A real live, dyed in the wool ignorant excuse for a human being.

            People, this is the typical right wing nut. So very brave on the internet, but a eunuch off it.

          • Erik Baran

            lol That happens at work regardless the race of the boss.

        • Rastaz Koon


        • Erik Baran

          “Cracker”? Racist, much? You can’t claim the high ground if you’re going to throw around racist comments.

  • jan

    DNA doesn’t determine race

  • lava_roc

    Was this list supposed to surprise us? Who really cares?

  • David Parsons

    How about don’t care that they are black

  • phatboytrex

    These people are not Black. They are mixed. Black people are fools for believing in that racist 1 drop rule.

  • Rastaz Koon


  • Joseph Thomas Campisi

    Anybody that has even “one drop” of African blood is considered “black” in this country. It really shouldn’t matter at all. What a retarded and devided nation in which we still live, in this, the 21 century…

    • sara


  • charlie

    Many of us Mexican/Americans know we have Arabic/Moor i.e. Black ancestry due to the Spaniard being conquered for 800 years, but really who gives a f__K , i’d rather be judged by the content of my character, and not by the color of my skin. M.L.K.

  • Carl Rodgers

    No Michael Jackson?

    • Ardeare


  • Marcus

    Majority of people know that Mariah carey and the Rock is black. Especially the rock. It is not that hard to tell. Anybody is is irrelevant to me, except for that black dude that is born in England because his father is black. Never knew that. That shock me.

  • Princess

    To tell the truth I just don’t care about someone race. People play to big importance on race when in the long scheme of things it does not matter. What matter is what you think of yourself and what makes you happy.

  • Toya

    Mariah Carey is Latina not African American, Her father is from Venezuela Style Blazer

    • bad title

      I assume the logic they use is that she is American in nationality, speaks only English and was not raised in a hispanic household. So they could have better titled it Celebrities of African Descent as being a hispanic is an ethnic classification not a racial one.

    • OMG Really

      Have you ever heard Mariah describe her background? She constantly describes herself as half black, so get over it.

  • The Boss


  • Ardeare

    If you believe in DNA research, all of mankind is a descendant of ONE black man from Africa.

  • Suckitpigs

    the long, thick mane that adorns his head????? Slash?

    You idiot writer. That guys been going bald for years. Who knows how little is left under that ugly hat he’s always worn.

  • TREY


    • brainfry

      Not ancestors. It appears to be mostly from their parents. Lol Ancestors!? That was funny. Your comments seem very fuddy duddy/neoliberal and a bit of” I just want everyone to get along” without any idea of purview or real opinion. As well as the comment above yours. LOL made me laugh. Race=Human theoretically just like global equality and class with maniacs like the Imf spewing similar comments. THINK CRITICALLY

    • lilslzr

      HELL NO!! NOT EVERYONE! NOT ME!! I’d have to shoot myself if I were black, even if it were .00000001%

      • ignatz

        You almost certainly are, so please do so.

  • ow

    im with my niece, 5th grade, fills out the space that says race? HUMAN. there is no other!

  • ironhorsetamer

    Why is Michael Jackson not on here?

  • Atrueamerican10000

    This is why they should carry a card with them to identify their “Blackness”… you just never know with some of “them” hummm

  • Anna-Claire Joseph

    I knew that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had some black in him. 🙂 Such a fine man!

  • gina

    She’s half white.. not all black

  • gina

    This is a joke to black people.. These people are not black..they are mixed nd

  • Lawyer77

    Soo…If we are talking genetics then the last one “Vin Diesel” is not black! His step father is…that does not make him black…plus whooo the haelll caareeess! One of the reasons racism is still here is because BLACK people talk about it aaalll the time! They make it such a point that every advertisement HAS to have a black figure in it or else they are racist!…. if you want equality then stop separating your selves so much and stop making black santas…santa is white…deal with it…

    • Valentinos

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus the word NiG3R is still used because .. guess who uses it still…..THEY DO!

      • Erik Baran

        Yes, “they” do, but so do many, many “whites”.

      • FallingStars89

        Hmm, when you say they you are grouping everyone you don’t know into something you nothing about. I don’t use that word. My mother raised me to have more respect for myself than that. Educated black people don’t use that word dear. Only you seem to be using at the moment.

    • Black007

      In my house Santa is Black we buy the gifts to give to our children. No one of the other color is giving anything. Deal with facts!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    “…he too is of ethnic descent…” Everyone is of ethnic descent. Clarify if you are referring to an ethnic minority, otherwise please do not spread ignorance.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    Actually, they are multi-racial.

  • Dianegirl

    This is actually really ignorant. Stop making a big deal out of race. And I’m sorry, most of these people are bi- or more- racial. They are not “black”. They are black, white, and everything else. Grow up.

  • Robert Watt

    Wait most of them are only half black, so does it count then? I don’t think so. It should only count if they are 100% black.

    • mimi

      Who is 100 percent black in America? If your family has been here for centuries, more often than not you are a person with a multi-cultural background.

    • HunnyBagja

      Sorry but most black Americans are not 100% black. A lot of white Americans would be shocked if they had their DNA tested.

  • jasonwheeler97

    Who said we didn’t know they were black? I’ve known that all of them were of African American heritage.

  • jasonwheeler97

    Good grief. It appears that all the neo-Nazi bigots found this site. Their posts are predominant on here. Which just goes to prove once again, that racism is not dead in America.

  • The_Architect

    Who Farted?

  • Wain Lewis

    Tiger Woods the cablanasion or whatever……Cant beleive you all miss that one

  • Chris Sanchez

    How about 15 celebrities no one should care if they are black.

  • finalquest

    Whatever is CONVENIENT ! Let’s see… One day they’re white, the next black ??? WHAT?? I guess it depends on the cause they want to front however this entire article is racist in its presentation anyway. I thought we were all working towards forgetting about race. Guess not huh ??? You should take a person for themselves not their race anyway…. I remember when progress was being made in regards to racism but this present administration and articles like this just love to hack it up, over and over and over……………..

  • Autumn

    We didn’t know Slash was black?

  • ChrisDG74

    You can tell by looking at them that they are. With the exception of Reece, it’s OBVIOUS. (Not that it matters, btw)

  • Brock

    They left out Justin Timberlake.

  • Erik Baran

    Yeah, Slash reeeeally IDs with “blacks”. That crap he wears and plays SCREAMS the ‘hood. lol I doubt he has much more than a passing nod at being “black”.

  • igor

    And the point is? I don’t care if they’re black, white, green or yellow. As long as they’re good people.

  • Erik Baran

    Gabby Reese…..riiiiight. Trinidad is made up of so many races I wonder how much she black blood she has in her.

  • Walter T Justice

    While the country strives for equality, why is it necessary to define the offspring of a mixed marriage as Black or White ? That in itself is RACIEST !!! If the parents where color blind they raise children who are color blind, why does the Media want to CONSTANTLY try to stir up racism where it does not exist. This a artical could also be titled “15 Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were White American ! ” Or would that then be Raciest ??? Why can;t we ALL just be AMERICANS ???

    • lilslzr

      what the h#ll is raciest?? I think you mean RACIST

  • disqus_C9T3b1q75z

    Who cares! Oprah, Jay-Z ect, no mixed “Richer!”

  • AuroraB

    They must think we are stupid, I knew most were black. Maya even plays black characters. A few actors on the list I don’t even know who they are so I won’t count them.

  • BillyRayC

    “While Jessica Alba…….producer Cash Warren, he too is of ethnic descent”……….
    Aren’t we all ‘ethnic’ in one sense or another??? What a classically demented liberal statement.

  • TiredofThis

    “Daniel is half African American and half Caucasian.” Why is everyone so afraid to say ‘Negro’? If he is half African, from what country did his bloodline originate? South Africa? Morocco? Libya? Liberia? Is he Euro-Caucasian? Russo-Caucasian? Middle Eastern-Caucasian?

  • Troy Goodwin

    No Vanessa Williams?(Black/Welsh/Native American)

  • Liz

    it seems the more ethnically diverse a person is, the more beautiful they are!

  • massine

    Usually Hair texture says a lot about African genes. Enough said.

  • Guest1208

    The comments on this site, related to this article, make me sad for our country and our world. One person said something about the human race, and I agree, we are all part of the human race, but that doesn’t negate from a person being proud of his/her heritage. I identify as African-American, although I know that I, as well as many of us born in this country, have other races within us: Native American, European, Asian, etc. What is wrong with wanting to identify with one’s heritage? How many people have I heard speak of their Italian, English, French, Spanish roots? What is wrong with me or anyone like me wanting to identify with his/her heritage? That DOES NOT make us racist.

    If the comments on this site represent the lack of knowledge and level of racism prevalent in this country, we are in a sad state. No wonder other countries are beating us in every area.

  • Rodney Belanger

    they forgot Micjael Blackson

  • Trudy

    “We will let you be the judge” has to be the most disgusting thing on this site, which is saying a lot actually since so much is disgusting here. Blackness is not up for judgment by others to “vote” on, like our race, culture and subcultures are an episode of American Idol. There’s a great deal of history, oppression and sociopolitics involved here and to simplify it into something that your primarily White readers are going to “judge” is utterly disgusting.

  • Well

    I suppose the “classification” African-American has since changed definitions? There variations of “black” and a good number of the people on this list, all though “black” are not ethnically African-American. Poor really done.

    • Well

      *Poorly done

  • Teresa Allen

    how can they be black if they are biracial – mixed does not make them one or the other

  • Unfrickingbelievable

    This article should be entitled: “Black people we didn’t know were celebrities”

  • leslie

    s%&t and ice cream rule 1.if you mix s&$t with ice cream, it don’t help the s$%t and you fock up the ice cream. rule 2. no matter how little s$%t you mix with the ice cream, you fock up the ice cream.

    • Luv Israel

      So what you are trying to say is, you are focked up!

  • Pearl

    African Americans already knew whose black and whose not………

  • leslie

    the most confusing day in niqqer town; fathers day.

    • Luv Israel

      You should know, you are one.

  • Billy

    These celebrities are aware of the disgrace there black heritage has brought to the world and hide their backgrounds well. Most of their fathers are dead or in prison as would be expected. No amount of money will buy class..!

    • Luv Israel

      You should know.

  • saduslover

    What percentage of black ancestory qualifies you as “black”? Just wonderin’ !

  • arthur

    How did they not know that Nicole Richie is black? Her father is Lionel Richie. Aside from this being somewhat offensive, it is also clueless.

    • kenct

      Cuz Nicole was adopted.

      • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

        so she is automatically not black? It’s an identity not just a skin color.

  • misslourde

    but he is Black ~

  • tallmonkeygrass

    Odd article. I’ve never heard of most of these “stars”. Except for the Wentworth guy, they all look black or certainly mixed with black. Silly article.

  • John Barr

    Did this site actually post that regarding Nicole Ritchie “While Lionel Richie isn’t Nicole Richie’s biological father, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dose of chocolate in her blood”.
    I am amazed with this sort of terminology.

    • ANI N DA UK

      It is appauling

    • William Westmoreland

      …bet the author doesn’t credit their heritage as including a “dose of chocolate”…..

  • Justalkin

    A lot of these people are mixed and it should be up to them what they choose to be called.

  • human

    There’s one Earth, were all human, if the world dies and other people find our remains would they really differentiate all this?

  • productofjersey

    LMBO! At this articles racial comments haha..this is terrible.

    • Luv Israel

      Just goes to show how racist bigots still dominate this nation.

  • James Schwartz

    Every person in the world has ancestors who originated from Africa, so we all have African heritage to some degree…

  • 1peevedbob

    Black Celebrities? I didn’t recognize 12 of them………….

  • Adair

    did anyone really not know these? Other than the 2 people I’ve never heard of on here the list was rather obvious.

  • Trinigurl98

    I am from Trinidad and I am of East-Indian/Black/Scottish/Chinese background. Additionally – there are White people from Trinidad – we call them Trinidad White. Google Trinidad and Tobago – we are a melting pot island. Bishop Desmond Tutu called us the Rainbow Island.

  • Court

    Being mixed, means your evil white half is to be ignored.

  • AJ

    I didn’t know about a lot of these people. I do know that you got Soledad’s parentage wrong. Her father is white Australian and her mother is Afro-Cuban. She only talks about it all the time.

  • FinalAnswer

    This article along with prejudice people makes me sick. The article and many ignorant people make it seem like if you have any black in you then you must be tainted. what makes a person tainted is evil, unkindness and judging someone’s worthiness.

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      please.how many haters were hating on the white man during the trail of Zimmerman????

  • slhp

    WOW! The lengths people in in this discussion thread are going to declare people DO NOT have African blood in them, is astounding!!! Is it THAT bad of a thing for you all??? accidental racist = racists in denial!!!! Unacceptable in the age of information!!! WOW.

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      truth will always be relevant

  • TT

    nicole richie’s real father is half afro mexican and half creole on unsung sheila e. Sheila E. said that back in the day she was black the escovedo children including her brother nicole’s dad didn’t give them selves the title of being latino the media did…Nicole has said it her self numerous times she is black and shes mad no one considers her black…well she has no black friends and her husband is white she cant get mad

  • Mauve_Avenger

    If you didn’t know Mariah Carey was black, you’re not paying attention. I mean, she didn’t exactly keep it secret…

  • jrcs

    If they are HUMAN and act like HUMAN WHO THE F— CARES?

  • Bigman47

    Does it matter, black websites seem to invest much of it’s time concerning itself with comparing to white people or what would white people or why don’t white people like us. Move on from that it remind me of the kid at school that can’t seat near the cool kids and so desperately want their approval.

  • Rich

    Just one comment, Mariah African American mixed heritage is not a news flash!!!!

  • Ya Think

    r u kidding me? how racist is that? maybe YOU didn’t know, and for some odd reason thought it would be interesting to point that out? get a life!!!

  • straighthorse

    half breeds……………

  • RAllen3

    I guess I missed the whole point. I’m just getting old. The people I knew on the list I was well aware of their ethnicity. However, there were more people on this list I didn’t know at all, so their ethnicity was of no concern, to me. Then I realized that none of this was relevant to anything. It’s amazing what age does to one’s perspective. None of this affects me in the least. I just don’t care and wonder why anyone does.

  • claptrap

    Hi yellers

  • andy

    One has to question the editors decision to print this article.
    I am a 60 year old white christian male.
    What relevance is an actor/actress’s nationality, religion or skin color to their ability , skill and talent ?
    Oh well, maybe I’m to old and out of touch in todays real world.

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      I am glad for the discussions, but honestly, I am starting to become hateful towards people that want to harm my white men just because they are white.

  • Jane

    This slide show is subtly racist. No one would ever post a slide show saying, “Guess who’s partially white.” If they did post that slide show they would have to put almost every African American actor and actress on the list. Besides, they would never treat being white as something shocking, exotic, newsworthy or worthy of judgment.

  • Dee

    Sometimes people are so silly and full of hate. I wonder if now people realise that some of these people are black, they won’t be their favourite stars anymore?

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      how easy it is to assume others are hateful. Just because of their skin color.

  • sffan4life

    Racism is not a “white” thing, it’s a human thing…I grew up poor and lived in areas where there were few Caucasians ((by the by “white” is racist) and I and my brothers and sisters caught hell every day…I grew up loving the culture (Soul Train in the seventies was “church”) and lots of the people…but hating the racism (Roots came out and going to school was so ugly I stopped in the seventh grade just couldn’t go, it took me years to finally get over it and finish school so I could try to get ahead). Daily we were called paddy, pecker wood, cracker, white trash, for a while Patty Hearst (crazy right)…people hitting me in the back of the head as they walked by…not going to the bathroom because you could get jumped..every day brought some new torture..So I know that racism is a people problem…I am not a racist because I learned first hand how much being hated and hurt because of how you look is wrong…also because my family came from Dublin Ireland during the potato famine, starved out by the British and so knew that color (except) the green of money wasn’t the problem…But in the current American culture it doesn’t matter.,,every day got to listen to some idiot (Oprah and Spike anybody?) tell how every Caucasian is just dying to shoot a child wearing a hoodie or deny a rich woman the right to buy a five thousand dollar purse…it doesn’t matter if you never owned anything in this country least of all slaves your guilty and cannot be proven innocent….were you can say anything you want about Caucasians (“whites have to be cool because they are outnumbered” so racist)…I despise those who deny their own racism.and just keep fanning the flames of hatred,…Just saying….

  • A6768NAMVET

    Didn’t have a clue they were black? Really? Not only are you wrong about that, you should tell someone that could GAF!!!!

  • lipstick

    every body knew she was black she just dont recognize it .

  • Pui

    Just because these ppl have some black in them, doesnt men they are black…
    just as Tiger Woods is not Black, he is mostly Asian…

  • tomaf

    slash’s hair is a wig, for christ’s sake

  • guest

    Correction, Soledad’s father is Australian-Irish and her mother is Afro-Cuban.

  • bizzilee

    I thought I was gonna see names like Jessica Simpson or Anderson Cooper, not Mariah Carey or Vin Diesel.

  • macccc

    how about 25 celebs that we didn’t know were celebs…. i mean i knew a couple of these people. i guess that means my brain hasn’t been pumped full of all this useless junk

  • blackie

    “that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dose of chocolate in her blood”. Classy writing.

  • Brenda

    This article is a STRETCH to say the LEAST..

  • Chris HK Persaud

    Why would one black parent and one white (or non-black) parent give rise to a black offspring? We have been conditioned (mistakenly) to think that even a minimal negroid genetical input makes an individual black, regardless of the ethnicity of the other, non-black parent. A child or offspring of white and black parents is as much a “white person” as he or she is a “black person.”

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      Because some people embrace old laws while saying they were bad and wrong. Go figure.

  • Barbara Rose

    Who cares? They are all human beings. Most people are mixed; some are just not aware of their heritage or choose not to acknowledge all of it. I have family members who are passing because the Caucasian people are easily fooled. One of my nieces checked Black on an employment application and was told, by a Caucasian lady, that she had made an error.

  • Goingforbroke

    Mariah Carey was never proud. She used to lie to people and tell them she was half Italian.

  • Useless race discussion.
    SF 49ers Gay America’s Team will clinch the playoffs this Sunday!

  • slb

    oldest news ever and everyone on the list is clearly mixed with something. Although Gabrielle Reece’s father in no way looks black at all…he may have lived there but was not “black”.

    • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

      up yours and around the corner for assuming all white people are ignorant.

      • slb

        boo hoo cry me a river!

  • Does It Really Matter

    Soledad’s mother is Cuban and her dad is Australian. Get the facts right!

  • TimorReardonTaggert

    Like, who cares what someone is? Just another racist article. Is somebody low on self esteem and therefore has to build up said self-esteem by promoting some racism?

  • Bewitched

    Doesn’t anyone care that the authors of these crappy articles can’t spell and have no clue about well known phrases like “that whole rugged Caucasian guy thing down pact” (it’s PAT!!…DOWN PAT!)

  • SG

    Why does this matter? Why is this country so race obsessed? You can blame it on whomever you’d like but everyone is part of this problem. Really though, you didn’t know Maya Rudolph and Mariah Carey were partially black? Interesting because they have both openly talked about it. Why is this interesting?

  • disqus_yt5oKOMIqx

    What a load of crap.

  • Jennifer

    People from Cuba, Trinidad , etc may be black but I don’t think they’d ever call themselves African-American because that’s not their heritage so the “We didn’t know were black” title is much more accurate than the secondary “Didn’t know they were African-American”.

  • Doris Casey

    that way in many European countries.

  • ???????????

    We are all mixed up. It’s just that certain characteristics are more dominant. If you don’t consider a person who is mixed with black blood along with anyother race “BLACK” than non of us are black. PERIOD! Whe are what you call “HUMAN”. You are what ever race you consider yourself to be. Being Black, White, Asian, or Chinese is not a bad thing. Embrace who you are. Im Black. Not African American, but BLACK. Black is a great thing. I love it. Can’t imagine being anything else. Being Peurto Rican or Cuban or African ect….Doesnt mean your Black or White. Those are Countries. You have White Africans, Black Peurto Ricans, and even Asian Americans. The Problem is that we all need to embrace all people of all different nationalities and take the time to learn from each other in order to UNDERSTAND each others culture. We still have folks prejudging on other groups without knowing who and what they are. We gotta coexist so GET IT TOGETHER….

  • no name

    My ancestors were Danish, German,Indian,does that mean Im a Danish German Indian American??

  • DaPlayaIsBack

    I knew all of these people were mulatto….NEXT!

  • Andie

    Just a heads up, Soledad’s mother is afro-cuban. Her father is Australian. A quick wikipedia check would have told the author this.

  • Ramon

    What a stupid article.

  • Chase510

    If you didn’t know that Mariah Carey and Dwayne Johnson are half Black then you need to get out more.

  • jc123

    Pete Wentz is not FOB’s frontman. Patrick Stump is. Get your facts straight.

  • gary

    Actually not only did I know know they were black…. I didn’t know at least half of them !!!

  • Holly Kuhn

    For the most part, a better headline for this article would have been ’25 Celebrities you didn’t know were celebrities!

  • sid

    Cash looks Whiter than George Bush!!

  • sid

    She considers herself to be a Latina!!

  • sid

    Ding: You are the Race that you want to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Trish Smith Trout

    So know they are just only Black?? They are only African American?? is this what we do these days?? we just discount any other part of our race and only leave the black in? Just like the President. He is only Black.. he refuses to count his white side?? This is ridiculous..So I am not Italian and Irish .. Just white now?? this

  • Srszee

    So only if you’re 1/4 Black (Mariah and others), you are considered to be Black?

    • Michael L Warren II

      yup, just ask the Massa! Never heard of the “one drop rule”?

  • bcats

    Is mulatto a bad word?

  • CAT

    Wrong!!! Soledad O’Brien’s father is white, Australian and her mother is Afro-Cuban.

  • guest

    Soledad O’Brien’s mom is Afro-Cuban and her dad Australian….

  • JimjnToo

    Ok, so now if you have any “black blood” in you are now black? How about black and anything else in your ancestry? This I why labeling anyone by color or race these days, especially in the USA is ridiculous.

  • John Tauro

    All these celebrities except the case of one has black fathers. Big dongs attracts these white women to these black men? Once you go black you never go back? White women chase black men with big dongs and mean time white men go to Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South America, China, Russia to find soulmates.

  • John Tauro

    White women rob everything they can from white men and meantime they send money to men in Africa they met online. Are these women smart?

  • demi

    “a dose of chocalote in their blood”? Who wrote this? SMDH

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who gave this Alexis Webb dimwit a job and who is the dingdong that thought this article was worth posting? And what the f*ck am I doing here?

  • Astra Lia

    Soo.. it’s ok being BLACK now? or being black mixed with another ethnicity? Most of us are nothing more than a bag of skittles-some M&M with the nuts. Being Black was cool ever since I was born tah dah 😀

  • John Tauro

    All these celebrities have black fathers.

  • RU4Sure

    We’re supposed to NOT KNOW these stars are black?? With maybe only 2 exceptions, I knew they all were.

  • Dee Dee Sterling

    This is ridiculous. Why don’t you also call them white since most of these have a black parent and a white parent. And, who even cares!

  • hooty

    So much for not making a race an issue!!! It’ll never stop.

  • Sensei

    Who cares ! stop labeling people black or white. Drop it already. It doesnt matter what fuckin color you are. Stop pointing it out. Why does it always come down to color? Thats why the world is the way it is. Always labeling. You assholes make us notice these things.

  • meangreen1

    Hey! Derek Jeter is like Harvey Belafonte he’s a caramel colored white guy.

  • meangreen1

    Where’s Wayne Brady?

  • Mike in Virginia

    It really seems that Samoans are just naturally big people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a small Samoan.

  • tripletmumm

    Ummm. . . wouldn’t Hungarian be considered Caucasion? RE: Jessica Szohr.

  • leanderm


  • pikadon

    Santa Claus.

  • ameme234

    Still ignorance on race. Its almost 2014..

  • OHNoNoNo

    The Melissa Gorga one is sooo racist..LOL… I know Samoans/Hawaiian/ and ITALIANS who have huge noses!!! That one I will leave alone

  • Niagara Falls, NY 14302

    Most of these people are white with black mix. That doesn’t make them black. they’re white.

  • Donald Schuster

    Doubt very much that these folks would appreciate you pointing out that they are colored. How about respecting some people’s privacy?

  • LJM


  • American

    This article is just plain stupid. there is nothing here that makes any of these people African American. All I see is they are all “American”. Enough with the race issues. All most ALL Americans are mixed race, that’s what makes up America.

  • womaninkc

    Having a black stepfather doesn’t make a “person of color”. How incredibly stupid.

  • Blamsandwich

    I’ma let you finish, but this is one of the DUMBEST ARTICLES OF ALL TIME…..OF….. ALL…..TIME

  • bad041 .

    Hmm…should have just titled the article: “15 African Americans You Didn’t Know Were Celebrities” Who ARE these people?

  • The Good Faery

    There are probably five individuals there that don’t talk/haven’t been quoted as being people of color, and maybe one or two I never heard of. The rest, however, make no secret and are proud of their heritage.

  • TSimm

    Soledad O’Brien’s Mother is Cuban and her father is Australian

  • MaryAnn

    A) No duh this is not news… B) Just because someone is from Jamaica or Trinidad doesn’t mean they are African American…

  • NB56

    This is funny to me because ,most caucasins can not spot when a person has African American blood in them ,but most African Americans can , and I knew that 20 of those people were African American . But does it matter what was the point in pointing that out about those celebrities????

  • Joe

    Uh, how wonderful for them, but they are Americans. Period.

  • Donna Hurley

    25 celebrities of African American descent? I had never heard of most of them. How celebrity can they be?

  • Are Buntz

    There are no races in our species. We know enough about genetics now that “race” has become a social construct where each person self identifies their “race” per the official US government position. So on any given day anyone, any celebrity, can be any “race”.

  • James McLarey

    This country will advance when the conversation is about “people”, not “black people” or “white people” or “gay people”, etc. The individual and his/her freedom is much more important than what group they belong to. The politics of division/separation is killing this country. Wake up.

  • Mrs. Claus (and I should know!

    Where’s Santa??

  • yes we can

    Are any of these people going to star in the next ‘Black in America’ CNN? I’ll be sure to tune in to see their poverty stricken lives.

  • yes we can

    #26 Barack_Obama


  • Cindy Bear

    Uh, they aren’t African Americans. They are of mixed race and that’s a totally different thing. Most of us are including myself. What’s the big deal?

  • delores_in_wa_state

    My opinion? Who cares !

  • estoy2u

    The label African American is a misnomer. So the repeated misuse of the misnomer does not make it a fact. A very good friend of Australian heritage that people want to call an AFrican American agrees with me; so applying it to all and anyone who is mixed is blatant hubris and an insult to their ethnicity. The melanin concentration does not make someone black, but checking certain areas of ones body will indicates the admixture. Why do we always want to fit people in some kind so called “racial” box.

  • estoy2u

    The label Caucasian is an invented term initiated and promulgated by a group of scientists who thought the fairest (skin) people came from the Caucasus Mountain area. Just the opposite; so Caucasian is a misnomer, so is African American both terms are artificially constructed labels.

  • Uncas

    Who really cares; what is the purpose of this; why just black; what about Chinese or american indian; the latter group is an important part of American history and now almost totally overlooked; whats so important in our now ever more mixed society?;

  • Sandra Davis

    Your color is determined by man. Whatever he is then thats what you are.The seed came from him from his dna

    • estoy2u

      Skin pigment is determined by melanin that is transmitted by genes from both parents.

    • Actually, Color isn’t determined by the man. It’s just all about genetics and whose has the stronger of the two when it comes to certain things.

      I have friends I grew up with who had a black mother and white father, and they are obviously black and one of my closest friend’s son, has a black father and he doesn’t look half black at all.

  • Donning Armstrong

    Next up, Celebrities you didn’t think were white
    1. Kardashians

    • CrosbyTee

      They are not white.

      • Actually, they are. Their mother is white, and their father is Eastern European.

  • Donning Armstrong

    26. Michael Jackson
    27. Little Richard
    28. Beyonce

    • voltron101

      How isn’t it obvious beyonce and Micheal jackson are both black. MJ couldn’t look any blacker when he was a kid.

      • Donning Armstrong

        That one flew right over your head, Ace.

  • Donning Armstrong

    When the article reads “WE DIDNT know,,,,,” they really meant “THEY didn’t know” Those of us that aren’t clueless already knew, just by looking at them and their parents

  • Keith

    Who wrote this article? Not all people of African ancestry are African American.

  • John

    Wait – 80 percent of these folks are NOT celebrities. In fact, I’ve never heard of most of these folks.

  • lgm

    Believe me, only white people did not know these celebs were black. (And NOT necessarily that arrogantly pigeon-holing, lazy term “African American” because that ASSUMES you mystically KNOW and had researched whether that heritage came from the islands/cuba/jamaica/africa/and ON and ON. The term may be PC but it’s thoughtless!)

  • guru

    Isn’t it time to get over race and what’s with these colors: black, white, yellow, humans are not colors.

  • yahoo

    This writer needs to go back to school and perhaps take a course in anthropology.— It turns out WE (humans) ARE ALL AFRICANS by heritage, some more some less.

  • Maynard

    Strange. George Zimmerman is and looks more black vs. some of these 25 “people” and yet were told he’s white. LOL…Why not give a list of 25 celebs who are Jewish but pretend to be White_Judeo Christian?

    • George Zimmerman’s mother is of Afro-Peruvian descent, which explains his dark complexion…but many central and south american countries you wouldn’t think have people of African ancestry, actually do. Many don’t claim it and will go off if you mention it. I know this because I have family members who do.

  • CrosbyTee

    Nicole Ritchie is a hideous little druggie.

  • CrosbyTee

    Damn, that Rosario is a hottie!

  • Dale Seitter

    Exactly how we try to create less racial focus, make a headline about it with some of the most abstract data as possible to emphasize the point. Way to go media, between you and the politicians we stand no chance of ever being remotely less racially focused as a society.

    • Chris Mack

      I agree. I think it’s a dumb “article” to begin with. But most of the people, if I’ve heard of them, I already knew they had black roots, be it African-American, Caribbean, etc. I don’t know if it was put together to make some black people be more proud of these famous people that are “one of them” or what. I expected to have my mind blown. Instead I was like, um, who? Or, duh, you must be an idiot not to know that. Whatever. I see people for who they are, not what they are anyway.

  • yaegerj

    I would like to no if any of these people acknowledge that they are black?

  • Why is this a story?

  • John Baker

    Until five minutes ago, I didn’t know most of these “celebrities” even existed, let alone their ethnic background.

  • Marla B

    African American = ancestors from Africa.

    Jamaica and some of these other listed nationalities aren’t African…You can say “Black” you know.

    Being PC only works when you are correct in your language use.

  • eroq

    This is the most racist list I’ve seen since Schindler’s

  • Koch

    more like a list of white women with jungle fever and their babies – sounds like jerry springer

  • CardinalPuff

    Trinidad is not “African American”… It’s not even on the continent of Africa! It’s in South America, If anything she’s American!! Idiots!

  • CardinalPuff

    How exactly does Vin’s step father being black make him black?

  • hugh kunt

    What about 25 writer’s that are Idiots ,and you can top the list.

  • gcf1965

    I know someone who is black, does that make me “African-American” too? Wow, what a crap and dishonest piece of fluff. I guess it is the political correct thing to do to attribute any success to “being Black” no matter how far the stretch. I don’t care what your personal story is, tell the truth about who you are. Kind of like the lie of having a black president. People conveniently forget abut obama’s white momma

  • blastah

    since when did mix people become black?

  • orpickmynose

    lmfao! coughs.. wait.. lemme catch my breath. (so the hell what? i got MUTT blood and i’m white as a ghost.. doesn’t make me ‘black’.)

  • why does it matter

    Arguing about the past when none of us were even alive is senseless, move on with life..

  • Aiych

    “Well, Brien’s father is Afro-Cuban and her mother is Australian.”

    Please do your research. Her MOTHER is Afro-Cuban and her father is Australian, she has stated this in interviews multiple times.

  • Jack Madison

    Under Wentworth Miller the proper word in the saying is “pat” not “pact.” It should be “he’s got it down pat”… no doubt a millennial writing this…
    Ironic that Wentworth Miller played the younger Anthony Hopkins in “The Human Stain” which is about hiding ones ‘blackness.’

  • LC

    Funny how people get labeled and they arent even what the label is. So dumb. Right, no one cares. Get over it all an accept everyone as people.

  • Dave

    “he too is of ethnic descent”. Well of course he is, EVERYONE is of ethnic descent. “Ethnic” does NOT mean “not White”!

  • Dave

    Funny how most Black people in Latin America call themselves “Black” (Negro to be accurate, and there’s nothing wrong with the word) but this article makes everyone “Afro-” whatever.

  • CC

    LOL who did not know she was black?

  • jvermeer51

    Why dehumanize people into their skin colors. (Remember that content of character thing?) Our half white President is a lying empty suit because he’s a lying empty suit, not because he’s half white.

  • Wynnefael

    For myself, the interest comes not from the genetics, but from the culture that shapes a person. Who raised you and HOW they raised you plays a humongous part in shaping who you become.

  • Wynnefael

    For my part, the interest is not in the genetics, but the cultural input. Who raised you and HOW they raised you has a huge impact on the person you become.

  • Mark Rishcards

    So I wonder if the people from other countries, Africa included, sit around and say oh they are White because they are American. Problem is that whites were not here first the indians were, Columbus was not white, neither was Americo Vespucci, or the Spaniards that came across, whites showed up and claimed they owned it all without having to be here damned English Bastards. So this whole point is moot, the idiot that wrote the piece was looking for shock value and is in a sense trying to out those who are not saying the are black. So if you are an actor or singer out there and you are a tenth black on your mothers side, you better tell us or this idiot writer is going to put you on the list.

  • CatalinaThePirate

    Why is it that we find this deep-seated need to LABEL people? What does it matter if you are red, white, orange, black, blue, yellow, green, brown, or pink with purple polka dots? Whatever the case, it SHOULDN’T matter, and the delight this article evidences in “revealing” the apparently titillating (to the author) surprise that some people have “mixed” blood – SHOCKING! – is racist and offensive. Mixed blood is nothing that is shameful or something to hide. It should not set you apart from anybody else. Our differences are in CULTURE, not in color.

  • teflonvagina

    “The list of the secretly black…Shhh tell no one.”

  • Mimihaha

    Don’t people have to actually be famous anymore to be called a celebrity?

  • Mike L

    Oh no! Rock is black! No dear writer, we had no idea that may be the case …

    • Kenny_Bania

      Black and Samoan

  • CaucasianHungarianMixture

    “is Hungarian, African American, and Caucasian”

    Now they invented a new category: Hungarian.
    Celebrity journalist are not the more cultured ones.

    • dav dan

      I thought that was so weird. Are they saying that Hungarians are not Caucasian?

  • dav dan

    I think it is so silly how we talk about race in this country. For example: Saying Mariah Carey’s father is of African American and Venezuelan ethnicity – you can’t be both. If you’re from Venezuela and your black you may be be Venezuelan by nationality, but you’re still black. If you’re from Venezuela, like most countries in North, South, or Central America, it is simply your nationality. Venezuelan, Colombian, or Chilean aren’t actual ethnic groups. As someone has already pointed out, being from Trinidad doesn’t automatically make you black. In fact, people of African descent aren’t even the largest ethnic population there.

  • markinla

    The “one drop rule” is still in force I see, but from the left.

  • Joe Semon

    this is so silly, I had a pure caucasian guy working for me that was african american; he was born in Zaire.

  • Christine

    These people are “mixed”. They are not black. When you label someone as black because a parent is black, you are totally disregarding the ethnicity of the other parent who isn’t black. MIXED….nothing wrong with it…embrace it, but call it what it is.

    • Lizz40

      Well said. It would be like me saying I’m Native American because my 4th great-grandmother was. Also, we don’t even get all our DNA from each grandparent. You could have a black great grandparent and not get one ounce of that DNA, so DNA can lie.

    • Then again

      Well, yes, but also you’re just being American about it. In a land where having one drop of black blood once made you black and also subjected you to all the death and discrimination that went with that, you could be forgiven for lacking a bit in the racial nuance department.

      • Christine

        “….in a land where having one drop of black blood ONCE….key word ONCE…made you black and subjected you to….”

        We aren’t living in that land any longer.I had ZERO to do with death, slavery, beatings, hangings, hate; nor did my parents, my grandparents or great grand parents, etc. No one alive today did!!! It’s very tiresome hearing how it used to be…it’s time to move on.

        My post is about mixed race of ALL races. If a white man and black woman make a baby, that baby is not black. That baby is mixed. Calling that child black is like saying, “I’m not allowing my child’s white raced father to share his whiteness in our child’s life…therefore, our child black. IT’S NOT! If an Asian and Mexican created a child…its a MIXED race. When you don’t acknowledge the race of the other raced parent in labeling your child’s race, that’s an insult, in my opinion, to that parent. Why is that so offensive to you???

  • Mateo

    “he too is of ethnic descent” FYI We all are, regardless of ethnicity.

  • lynisalive

    Some of these were interesting, some had spoke earlier about their heritage before but some people may have missed the discussions and there were a few DUHS! I mean Jordan Sparks is African American I had not idea (sarcasm up walls)

  • Roach Tribune

    Which part of the Rock is black? I’m asking for a friend.

    • Kenny_Bania

      His father Rocky Johnson is Black, his mom is Samoan.

      • Roach Tribune


  • laavida

    There’s some fact-checking in order. For example, Rosario Dawson’s mother is Afro-Cuban and her paternal grandfather was Irish American and paternal grandmother Apache Indian. This is well documented and her grandmother told me to my face.

  • Surprised

    ok first of all, if you didn’t know that Mariah Carey was mixed, you need to get out from under the rock you’ve obviously been living under for the last 20+ years, second, Dwayne Johnson has always talked about being black and Samoan. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, and Rashida Jones? HELLLLOOOOOOOO her dad is Quincy Jones and last time I checked he was black lol.

  • naya c

    i dont get the whole “didnt know” thing…. most of these people arent super ambiguous.

  • Jack C

    Not only did I no realize they were African American, I did realize most of them were celebrities.

  • blaze

    There’s only to races your either black or white …And white is just a bleached out black person … Black is the original. .All come from black

  • blaze

    Two* typo♤

  • Will Smith

    …And here is a white Will Smith

  • mstyff

    Funny thing is that many Black people already knew most of these people were Black. No surprise to us.. why is it news to everyone else..?

    • sara

      Blacks don’t claim Mariah as black..AND NONE OF THESE PEOPEL LOOK BLACK!!!

      • mstyff

        You’re entitled to your opinion. But one fact: Black people come in all colors…you can tell when someone has something else to them and many Black folks do pick that up. So, what is your definition of ‘looking Black’…?

      • mstyff

        I think most people on this forum are refering to ancestry/roots moreso than skin color. You can thank racism and prejudice for giving us divided terms. I dont think most Black people (African or otherwise) care whether or not you claim or want to be ‘Black’ or not but we all know where humanity began and like it or not, most people even ‘White’ people have Black origins. With migration and intermixing no one is really white or black anyhow. I doubt many people on this earth walk around with ‘pure’ blood so lets not get so narrow on the focus of the point of this article. Point is..most people did not know these people were the ethnicity or contained that of which they truly are. Non white people can often tell when someone is of more than just Euro ethnic roots and can often point out features similar or same to their own ethnicity and race. Point blank….people get bent over stupid ‘ish – take a pill.

  • Ricardo Tubbs

    I didn’t know half these people were considered “celebrities.” And if you couldn’t tell that some of them were at least partially black, you need to get your eyes examined.

    Here’s one not included that will blow your mind — Carly Simon.

    • Me too

      Oh, Carly Simon. Never thought of that one either, but now that you mention it… Again, why the race sleuthing? Just seems odd.

  • jtedesign

    This is a very poor example of anything relating to style, news, celebrities and most importantly, race.

  • Kortney Dunkle

    Vin Diesel is a Furion Survivor !

  • larry

    The differences in people,is what make this country so great,,gives so much variety that it lends itself to a smorgasbord of traditions and cultures.So I suggest we just enjoy the Gumbo!!

  • Brad Smith

    Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe we don’t CARE about a person’s ethnicity?

  • Carl Ziegler

    nearly everyone alive has probably got african connections if you go back far enough, and anyway who cares, keep making a fuss and it only continues the impolication that “blacks” are different, and they aren’t. My ex is more African than the majority of so called african americans, and she is white, but born there of generations whites who have lived there, they are proud to be African and laugh at all the wannabe Africans we see over here

  • KonaGreg

    I never noticed any of these folks were black. Hadn’t really noticed they were white either. In fact, I can say their racial makeup had yet to enter my mind. Thank you you racists, whoever you are. Keep up the good work and we can forever be divided.

  • visitor

    just so you know I clicked on this website for an article but have now blocked it for excessive ad pop-ups and intrusive sound playing ads which I did not click on and won’t be silenced. Too much.

  • Me too

    You article writing people are silly. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that all the black people alive know that Mariah Carey, Nicole Ritchie, Jordin Sparks, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Beals, Maya Rudolph, Wentworth Miller, Rashida Jones, and Soledad O’Brien are black, half/black, whatever you want to call it. Half of them are the children of famous black people, so that might be a clue. As for Gabrielle Reese, knowing that her father is Trinidadian tells me nothing. There are Chinese Trinidadians, white Trinidadians, etc, so more information is needed there. As for Slash, now that you mention it, he’s obviously biracial. Funny I never thought to think about that before. And maybe that’s the bigger point. Who really cares?

  • Nicole

    It does not matter what race or ethnicity you, because we all come from one!!!

  • Sig

    The reason I didn’t realize many of these weren’t African American (as the title says) is because they’re not. How does being from Trinidad, or Jamaica or 3/4 of the countries cited in this equate to ‘African American’? – Probably one of the few articles where simply ‘black’ would have been a legitimate descriptor….

  • Alex Harris

    Where’s the list of 25 celebrities we didn’t know were white? One drop?

  • Blk_Mn

    That is a ridiculously racist and pointless article. No its not that I didn’t know they were black, its more like I don’t know who the hell some of these people are. And don’t care what race you feel the need to associate them with.

  • Federalist87

    Lionel Richie hasn’t been black since the Commodores. Verified by Chris Tucker 😀

  • Kenny_Bania

    So when a person is PART black they are considered just BLACK? How about bi-racial?

  • Kenny_Bania

    What about Rush Limbaugh?

  • Frank Rivera

    Why does the media and other insist on calling mixed raced people black? This goes back to the Jim Crow days when you were considered black if you had one black great-grandparent. Do we really want to go back to that?

  • Rick Harris

    I cannot believe how uninformed you are. Trinidad is not a race; nor, is Hispania or Hungary. These are geographic entries – not racial entries. There is no such race as Hispanic – it refers to language and culture. Most so-called Hispanics, in the USA, are actually native Americans, who speak Spanish. Look at their racial characteristics and you will see. Some so-called Hispanics are White – like a great deal of Cubans and Argentiians. Stop this madness.

  • lindanabq

    You all are confusing race with nationality. There are only 4 racial classifications. They have nothing to do with where people live or where they were born.

    • Kenny_Bania

      Just like allot of people consider being Jewish a race. It’s a religious affiliation.

  • annoyedbythisbullshit

    this is the most asinine article ever! Seriously!! Are we living in 1933? WTF!!!

  • Old Trekker

    Who cares?

  • G Star

    WHO WAS THE RACIST-RACE-BAITING PUNK WHO CONCIEVED THIS ARTICLE? So unimportant! And I bet some of these celibrities hate they have been outed! hahahaaaa LOL Only in America.

  • Amanthasay

    What are you guys talking about? How did you not know Daniel Sunjata was Black? And that “golden skin and fine hair screams Latino” is the most asinine statement I’ve ever heard. For 1. all Latinos don’t look alike and 2. there are LOTS of Black people with light skin who aren’t Latino OR mixed (e.g. my mom). On top of this, our hair is diverse; I have fine hair and I am 100% Afro-American, not one ounce of Latin blood. This is just bogus.

    • Limonlady

      Sure about that 100% blood line???? DNA test might prove you wrong. Just saying.

  • Ailey S.

    I’m glad that members of the new celebrity generation admit to their backgrounds, even the ones who could get away with not saying so. I wish everyone would just embrace their roots, whatever they are, without disparaging someone else’s. Many people–namely celebrities–act like being of African descent is something to be ashamed of, and it shouldn’t be. Apprently, the world still has more growing up to do.
    It’s articles like this that make me believe that blackness is the last social closet that should have been busted open a long time ago.

  • Dawn Doran

    I thought that he was Mexican or has some type of Spanish blood in him….

  • Dawn Doran

    Doesn’t Rosario know what European blood that her father has?…

  • Dawn Doran

    You can tell that Jordin has Black blood in her….

  • Dawn Doran

    Nice history on Wentz family…

  • Beth_12

    Note to editor: “Hungarians” are also caucasians.

  • Victoria6171

    What is the “real” purpose of this list!???!! To “out” people? Who cares??!! This is a waste of time.

  • tw

    this is dumb

  • Spellchecker

    We need to distance ourselves from the term African American. Most black people in this country are descendant from people who were captured and enslaved in this country. the great majority of African slaves went to South America and the Caribbean islands. Our people were enslaved and not allowed to read and write for 400 years and were told we came from Africa. We are Negroes.

  • Greg

    Some of them are really stretching it. Kinda like 1/2 a teaspoon of Hershey’s added to a gallon of milk. My son is white 6’4″ and weighs 275 pounds, His mother is 1/2 Filipino. I wouldn’t claim my son is Filipino, nor would he.

  • Greg

    Wentworth Miller claims he is black and white, but he is an amalgam of races.
    His father is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish, and Cherokee background, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese ancestry.

  • Prototype

    Since many if not most current anthropological theories assert that all humans originated and came out of the Rift Valley in Africa, we’re all black, assuming, of course, that the humans that came out of the Rift Valley were black as in skin color. And even then, they may’ve had black skin but they weren’t black in the sense that the article means which is cultural or having to do with identity.

  • DeathToBakla

    I like how like NONE of these people are black…

  • blue_strat

    just imagine the outrage from the left if this article had been done by a conservative megaphone. we all bleed red people. who cares where someone comes from or what color their skin is? it’s what’s in their hearts that count.

  • Willie

    who cares, its 2013 the only thing that should matter is; are you an American. This really ticks me off. I hate it when folks tell me their whole family background. I’m happy you are proud of that, but I am only one thing; American.

  • Bill Hicks

    None of these people are black, they’re all white. We whites believe in the “One Drop Theory” which posits that if you have even one drop of white blood in you, you are categorized as “white”.

    Mariah Carey is white, and it’s not her choice to say otherwise.

  • Independent Tom

    Why does anyone care about something so insignificant and unimportant? The only important attribute of an actor is their talent.

  • Stupid article they are as white as they are black.

  • llicey

    who didn’t know some of these celebs were black???

  • Margaret

    We are all one. Screw the differences.

  • Elise

    I like black guys that are tanned with Eurocentric features and blue eyes. I met a guy who was black, white, and German and he was beautiful and had nice hair and great cheisled bone structure.

    • Duh

      Um… Germans are white.

  • JTVET56@yahoo.com


  • Cindereen

    I agree – People born in the West Indies Islands, or in other places that represent normally people of Black decent, doesn’t mean that they are black. They just happened to be born there.

  • lildebbie125

    One drop of “black” blood does not make some one black. That was the KKK definition.

  • lildebbie125

    Most if not all are very attractive. Mixed can be a physically “beautiful mix”!!

  • whateverwhateverwhatever1

    the point isn’t who cares…. it’s that just because these people have half or 1/4 African American in their geneology, this article identifies them as African American. Biracial people are biracial, but because Americans like to put things into neat binary groups, we can’t deal with the fact that they aren’t black or white, but a little of both.

    Also, why does this list say they are all African American? That’s kind of like the “one drop rule” in Jim Crow days that said if you had even one drop of African American blood you were African American. These people may identify with either race. This whole article is worded and presented very bluntly and strangely to me.

  • Harmony Love

    I’d have thought that Michael Jackson would be on this list too. Just simply because there are some younger people who really don’t know that he was black. Two of my friends have children (aged 13 and 14) who are both Michael Jackson fans but don’t know much about his past… just his music, particularly from the “Dangerous” period (1991) onward. When they were at my house, I showed them a video of “Billie Jean” and they could not believe it was the same Michael Jackson that was in the “Black Or White” video. They had no idea that he was black. And honestly… when I was a child, the first video I saw of Michael’s was “Black Or White”. For months, I thought he was a white man until my mom showed me videos of “Thriller”, “Beat It”, “Billie jean”, etc. It shocked me. To this day, I’m still a huge fan and lover of Michael Jackson. But some kids don’t know he was black.

  • stillinmyrightmind2

    We all descend from one female the bible has told it forever and now science has proven it(it has taken long enough) We are all black to some degree so lets get over it!

  • Georgie Porgie

    If only one parent is black, can you accurately be called “African American”? Isn’t “bi-racial” more accurate? If I was born in America to an Australian mother and Italian father, am I “Australian American”? Or “European American”? Or “Australian-European American”? Actually, I’d be none of those labels: I’d just be plain “American”. Sort of makes the whole discussion seem silly, doesn’t it?

  • drVonSectomy

    According to R. Buckminster Fuller, in about 400 years we’ll all be a pleasant shade of beige.

  • DeathToBakla

    I like how none of these people are black…

  • White & Proud

    and WE are supposed to be freaking impressed!!???? You people are some sick sum-beaches!!! BEING BLACK AIN’T ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE !!! Ask the majority of blacks!!!! In fact, research done by several university psych departments show that BLACKS ARE THE MOST UNHAPPY PEOPLE ON EARTH!!!!!

  • Chris Mitchell

    Is this, like, for real? This isn’t a new site by the Onion? A KKK site? If one of their parents is white, doesn’t that mean that once people “accept” that these people are “black” that you can then post an article, “People You Didn’t Know Were White” or am I being to unoffensive right now.

  • Chelsea Richards

    Please fire whoever wrote this.

  • Silverfox27

    These people are all biracial, like our president. To call them african americans is wrong.

    In latin countries their known as ‘mulatos.’

  • Quasimodo

    Who cares! Only the race-baiters care!

  • Quasimodo

    “Hungarian and Caucasian”

    I hate to tell the writer that Hungarians are Caucasian, not Asiatic Huns! The name derives from conquered lands, not who ultimately settled there.

  • Brian Brumbaugh

    There are Irish Americans who are black—because there are black people in Ireland. And there are African Americans who are white–because there are white people in africa. Someone said it before Country or continent does not dictate ethnicity.

    I am happy we have all the above people.

  • bbridge4th

    Because many female slaves were raped by white male, blacks are well aware of other blacks who passed as white and many married whites, passing on their DNA. I think many whites are surprised when they find out they had black ancestry although black are more aware of this happening.

  • mixon1972

    what ignorance. just because there is “black” ancestry doesn’t make someone black. i have multiple nationalities in my dna, none are more important or prominent that the others.why are you trying to segregate? isn’t there enough of that already?

  • youknowthisandthat

    this is one of the dumbest columns ever. is it safe to assume author is white, and the “we” you are referring to are white coworkers? or maybe its just new the “Upworthy-style”headlines? umm, if you didnt know mariah, the rock, nicole richie, derek jeter, and way more are black then youre dumb. it should have been something like “7 celebrities we didn’t know were af-am”

  • Emily Anderson

    I think it goes without saying at this point that we’re all a little mixed.. Is it worth pointing it out?

  • ponderingpath

    No; it’s just you white folks who didn’t know; the celebrities always knew and virtually every black person knew: you white folks always show your stupidity AND your ignorance by these types of “articles”/

  • vinnie

    How disrespectful is this article. Two things 90% of these individuals are obviously from black heritage second what makes these individuals black? One quarter, one tenth, or one hundredth black ancestry?

    • changoe

      racism makes them black, back in the days when you had to be white and male to vote.

  • Debra MN

    Why is this even a concern? The only race I care about is the HUMAN race…

  • Sam

    M Carey one of the dumbest of people.

  • VL123

    Hungarian, African American, and Caucasian. WTF….

  • Max80919

    OK, how many people clicked on this and then clicked on “It’s Bikini Season” without going to more pages on this story? WHO CARES WHAT THEIR RACE IS! These are people and should not be singled out by race – now that is racism. If you will excuse me, the Bikini page is done loading…

  • Sheesh

    Who cares?! Why should anyone’s ethnicity be any of our business? I would imagine if any individual traced their family back far enough he would find races other than that which he self-identifies. The article should be entitled “Six Billion People We Didn’t Know Were Racially Mixed”

  • Buck Master

    notice how blacks are pointed out so much-they are the chosen race

    • a.mann

      actually that’s Jews…. go on mate! 🙂

      • Buck Master

        nope….jewish(judaism) is a religion -not a race but they where black like Jesus

  • Hortense Daigle

    What about Kanye West? I think he’s African American.

  • Chris Archer

    So half these people it seems were born in Europe, to parents that lived in Europe that were of different race. How the hell does that make them African-American?

  • Megan

    This is stupid. Does this make me white? I’m mixed like them but have brown skin. No, it does not.

  • tk86

    Lol all these black people trying to defend the ODR that was abolished decades ago. My mom is from Spain and my dad is African American I can also not only check African American box I can also check Hispanic and Mixed race box. However you won’t catch me checking the African American box because well im biracial there’s no need to be ashamed of what I am. If im black what haven’t I been considered black yet in my entire life? We can check our mixed race box or 2 more races box. Just because your stuck checking your African American box doesn’t mean we have to as well. Lets be honest if they walked around on the street or into a job interview they would not be considered black. Its almost 2014 deal with it.

    • Tracey C

      Stuck? haha you say it as if it is something most people would give up if they could. Unless most people are hanging their outer appearance too, what in the world would change if they could uncheck a box?

  • efig

    Daniel Sunjata’s…” golden skin tone ” screams Latino? Why is the American public so ” ignat ” A Latino person can be of any race. Those from the islands are heavily racially mixed. Why not just say biracial and be done with it. Stop the sterotype.

  • DeepThreat

    Title should be 25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Biracial…

    Yet you know idiots in this country still hold on to the “One-Drop” Rule.

    America is so jacked up when it comes to race it’s quite frankly shameful.

  • Tonya

    Troian Bellisario’s father is not African American, he’s of Italian and Serbian decent. Her mother on the other hand, is White, Native American and African American decent. She’s more white than anything.

    • changoe

      is white a race or skin color? what race is the crack you smoke, tonya?

  • changoe

    Alexis Webb, you are an 1idiot.

  • Rick Austin

    Anyone who didn’t know Soledad O’ Brien was black must have been living under a rock.

  • reldra

    This is in the “Top 25 Worst Articles Ever Written”

  • James McInnis

    Down “pact”?

  • Vinnie De

    So if your 99% white and 1% black, you are black?

  • john5651

    so if vin diesel’ never met his real father and his stepfather is black how does that make him biracial?

  • bibol

    What a bunch of reverse racists. One drop of black ancestry and your black. While genetic you are really white.

  • Kiaunta Hubbard

    I don’t think Melissa Gorga has ‘black’ in her in the sense that she is part African American. People with ancestry around the Mediterranean are close to North Africa where in the past centuries invasions of other people have occurred. I am sure a lot of these people have some African genes but are not ‘black’ in the socially abstract way we see race.

  • TraceGamble

    People questioning the premise that one drop of black/African blood makes one black here in the US, needs to read up on US history. It is a fact that anyone who had one drop of black or African blood was considered black, and some of those laws are still on the books. Read “One Drop of Blood” by Scott Malcolmson for a great historical accounting… do a simple Google search for the facts and a start to your research.

  • guest

    what is the purpose of this article-they are black and????? Great we are diverse-I know my black is beautiful!

  • cjaquay

    who wrote this article?!

  • cjaquay

    the most obvious list

  • Yvette

    This website sucks. You can’t sit an d ready one article without it scrolling up on you or some advertisement popping up while you are reading mid-sentence. Ridiculous.

  • Jools

    seriously why should this even matter??

  • Action Jackson

    People, when are we going to educate ourselves and properly call humans by their origin and not by the color of their skin. Can someone tell me where does Black comes from? Hell, where does White, Brown and Yellow come from? Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s no such nation as Black. Call it what it really is, African-American or some other nationality. Society is lazy or just stupid. I’d like to think it’s the first of the two.

  • R. Brown

    These people are dumb as hell i knew half these people were black. Especially Mariah Carey are you kidding me.

  • Amy

    This article is horribly offensive. Nicole Richie has “chocolate” in her blood.” The author should be ashamed.

  • foladisqus

    i think this list should be called “25 Celbrities I Know Who Are Black”

  • tulara

    You forgot Hailee Steinfeld and Rebecca Hall ….

  • ladysag2014

    this article is about as ignorant and irrelevant as you can get…and btw, being bi or multi-racial doesn’t automatically mean you are “African-American”

  • Pullitsurprize

    Are they kidding..? Didn’t think they were black…? LMFAO….

  • GhostWriter

    Any darker/tan/brown skin tones may be an indication of African American heritage, but not always. It is definitely an indicator of something non-Western-European, without a doubt. Pure Caucasians are declining in numbers, and there seem to be a lot of brown/olive/dark babies coming into the world. Enough said.

  • trini

    agree with dingo….just because someone’s father is from Trinidad does not automatically make them afro. In fact the largest ethnicity (by a sliver) in Trinidad is Indian. Also there are plenty of white trinis….I would know, I am from there and grew up among the white trinis – hell I had blond blue eyed Trini kids as classmates. Now Gabrielle could have an afro-trini heritage, but from that comment alone, you can’t tell.
    Also like most people don’t know that Nicki Minaj (actually born in Trinidad) is partly Indian from her dad side (real last name is Maraj)

  • ounceoflogic

    “the world is no longer about ethnic divide” ? Tell that to the racist in the whitehouse.

  • HALO101st

    … and I do not care how black they are! Take your race-baiting and stick it you bunch of left-wing liberal morons.

  • Cris H

    You forgot Dave Matthews and Charlize Theron

  • HALO101st

    In many instances, the white gene seems to be dominant over black. What is disgusting is the “gotcha” attitude taken here. Are we supposed to diefy people with a black parent as the media would have us do with q*****? Normal, straight whites are still dominant in this country.

  • blsching

    Let’s not forget that our ancestors all came out of Africa.

  • disqus_DQwCeasIJP

    Most of us are mixed somewhere along out family lines. I do believe that life started in Africa and that my ancestors (Im white from Irish roots) were more than likely african people. It only takes one generation to turn from white to black and black to white….remember that racist people!

  • zoetmb

    IMO, this is a racist headline. This is about the old canard that if you’re 1% black, then you’re black, which was used in the racist South to keep black people in chains, even after slavery. Most of these people are just as much white as the are black. Why wasn’t the headline, “25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were White”? Ideally, it simply would have been, “25 Celebrities with Multi-Cultural Backgrounds” or it wouldn’t have been a story at all, because to a non-racist, there is no story here.

  • kluguy

    ok did these muthafukas have JORDIN SPARKS on the list???

  • yippeekayay

    Who cares about any of this? The only way to not be racist is to stop fixating on race. Talking about race is so #lastcenturyboring. To the extent I’m interested at all (unlikely) I’m more interested in whether any of these so-called “celebrities” have any integrity.

  • Stevie Tron

    since when is trinidadian black?

  • youngpro

    why is this topic worthy of being an article here? oh right, because you LOVE the page hits.

  • Regina

    I don’t know why it is always an issue for African Americans to stress that that these people of mixed descent are African Americans, the Majority of Latinos also have African Ancestry. These are BiRacial people and should not be placed in one class because African Americans have issues with themselves. Please. Remember that in the next 20 to 50 years half of Americans will be of mixed ancestry. These people are coming from different cultures and do not necessarily identify with African Americans

  • darkshadow

    This should be titled “25 celebs white people did not know were African American”.

    You are really late, Black folks have known for quite a while, even the ones who “pass”. Just like gay people have “gaydar” Black people have “blackdar”. lol

  • cree

    Who gives a $@$%^*&%^…. We are told 24/7 – non-stop via movies, TV shows, the media, songs, foundations, museums, political action groups, politicians, legislation etc…not to pay attention to race, give it any thought, disregard skin color, not judge based on it and on and on and on. Can we talk about something else that the black race please. What about the American Indian?

  • TiekelToad

    So, my great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side was from slave-servant people, so I can claim to be “Black”?? My kids could have applied for special scholarships and admission and hiring consideration? Do people who classify as “African-American” have to prove they are a certain % black tribal African? Like Amer Indians?

  • Darth Kenyan

    This author is an IDIOT. Mariah Carey does NOT have African-American heritage. Do some research, moron.

  • ignatz

    You didn’t know Derek Jeter was mixed? His parents go to every Yankee game, and are on camera all the time during baseball season.

  • Mack Kearney

    Looking over the list some of them I didn’t even know were celebrities. If they are good at what they do who cares what race or ethnicity they are.

  • yaz reggae

    Come to think about it, these individuals are bi-racial or tri-racial identity. It is obvious on most counts that there is a shared African identity but accordiding to the US racial classification system.”is black dey black” meaning despite their other identity, that US racial apartheid rule is that they shall always be black because it is white that matters in their world view.

  • JosephP

    The title should be: 25 “Celebrities” You Didn’t Know Were Black.

  • johnsnare

    Is this really important.?

  • YeaBitchYea

    I already knew 90 percent of the people on the list were black

  • Kevin Imus

    Why am I black when I am only 50% of African descent? My dad is 100% Scottish. Why can’t I be mixed race? I’m as proud of my Pops as I am of my beautiful Mom!

    • Tony Scavone

      Because the Liberals insist that that’s what you should be called…they’ve just further labeled people.

  • Capitalism Is Freedom

    Funny how they say 100% Italian. No such thing as 100% Italian. Italians have been mixing for over 2 thousand years. Why do you think Italians are so blessed with good looks?

    • Tony Scavone

      I’ve seen plenty of ugly Italians

      • Capitalism Is Freedom

        I’ve seen some that are ugly as sin. But when an Italian is good looking, it takes it to a whole new level. I’m just proud to be Italian I guess even if it’s just half.

  • Charles Caswell

    It would have been maore accurate if this was titled ” 25 African-Americans you didn’t know are celebrities”. I have only heard of maybe five of these people. And I am offended by any hyphenated American.

  • Onyi

    ok, on some of these, u have to be greatly mistaken, confused, or just a down-right idiot to not know some of these celebrities have african-american roots (like mariah carey as an example)

  • Onyi

    also the one about bellisaro, her mother is not black…she’s half black…

  • privateEquityThief

    Any fool that subscribes to the notion that a Mariah Carey, a Derek Jeter, a “Rock”, an Arod, a Tiger Woods, a Thurgood Marshall, a Charlie Rangel, a Harold Ford, a Halle Berry, an Adam Clayton Powell, is of the same RACIAL DNA as a Michael Jordan or an Oprah, is a RACIAL DEMAGOGUE of the worst order.
    In this world, it’s only convenient for black racists and white racists to set up “camps” of identity and tell individuals which one they BLEONG to. In fact, this site should be admonished for suggesting what racial groups thes INDIVIDUALS BELONG to ! it’s outrageous and racist on its own face in the first place.
    look, everyone that is “non-white” is NOT “Black”…phenotypically or genotypically !!
    Good God Almighty ! the only accurate thing we can say is that these individuals are perhaps “non-white/Anglo”…but BLACK ??????? you’re an idiot for believeing that garbage ! or you’re an idiot who believes in a stupid “one drop rule”….LOL How stupid can society get ???
    So Black people should “own” all “non-whiteness” ?? LOL that’s a disservice to truly Black people.
    Look around, there are tons of non-white groups ! all over the world ! and they surely can’t labeled “:BLACK”. !
    Go call Tiger Woods black, and listen to what he explains in detail.
    Of course there are dummies who think mulattos, quadroons, and octoroons are “black” too…..god bless them, they’re REALLY ignorant

  • privateEquityThief

    Additionally, calling these multi-racial individuals “AFRICAN” anything , not to mention “BLACK” is insulting to intelligence ! “AFRICAN AMERICAN” ???? no thinking, rational person would suggest such a specious notion unless you are one warped person racist with an very bad agenda. Stupid indeed.

  • icystar

    Who cares what color they are. As long as they are good people that’s what truly matters, not the color of your skin.

  • Nick

    So… Hungarians aren’t Caucasian?

  • Tony Scavone

    This article should be called “People we through into an article so we’d have enough to make the article in the first place so you’ll click on it and be bombarded with advertising.”


    Being mulatto don’t make you black you racist bigots!

  • getitright

    : a person of mixed white and black ancestry

    See mulatto defined for English-language learners »

  • michael

    Every single strand of DNA came from the original couple, Adam and Eve. The whitest Scandinavian to the blackest from the Sudan got it all from the original two.

  • Skeptic

    Okay….everyone is a mutt. Strange how many had blue eyes.

  • Why are y’all arguing over what race they are? Most of these people are openly-black (which is so dumb to say). Everyone is black rather they like or not. Everyone. End of the discussion.

  • DDDuane

    A bunch of half negroes…BUT…
    EVERYONE Knows there is NO SUCH THING AS RACE!!!!
    Only the “HUMAN RACE”…
    Everyone knows “RACE” is an OUTDATED CONCEPT….

  • DDDuane

    Probably a liar…Probably more monkey blood (or was Italian….)

  • Chuck

    Daniel Sunjata’s hair screams Latino ? SO if he had “UGLY” hair he will scream Black or white?

  • Pat

    One race – the human race

  • Not you

    this is racist and i’m white

  • JesseJacksonsson

    If I was bi-racial, I’d choose to classify myself as black, just so I could dance better.

  • Our Road to Hatred

    I’ve got news for the dope who wrote this article. Science has discovered that ALL HUMANS have African origins. So what was the point of this article other than to be divisive?

  • Kimberley Schmidt

    aaahhhh yea we did! Are there any other lame topics to discuss !?

  • Eugene Cooley

    A little bit of black blood doesn’t make a person BLACK, its when they start acting like a black that makes them black. I have always said that the only way to get rid of unwanted blacks is to screw it out of them. It may take 100 years but its working. Look at all the fine folks that we are getting by doing that.

  • dgt178

    …..she’s not black…..she’s mulatto…..

  • ferdinand luchene

    i just read in this article that so and so “IS OF ETHNIC DECENT”? Can you please give me some examples of people (two or three maybe) that are “NOT OF ETHNIC DECENT”? i need this information so I can differentiate in the future. Thanks (in advance).

  • Raptorak

    When I have to fill out a form that requires ethnicity, instead of “White” I enter “Anglo American” under “Other”.

  • didi

    to skip the ad you just have to hit the back button and it lets you skip it!!

  • Debra E Tate

    I don’t know why people waste their time talking this trash. I like anyone that is a nice person it doen’t matter what color you are. It won’t anyway when Jesus comes back to claim His world. I wouldn’t be a part of this junk being talked for nothing in the world.

  • jeanie

    Stupid article.. this is the communication generation – duh, social media… everyone knows everything about everyone… nothing new in this info! Try again, StyleBlazer Celeb!!

  • WerewolfVm

    So what is so great being part anything anyway? So freaking what if people are this and that. Why is it so important to know if someone has black blood in them anyway? Does it make that person more or less of a person? Is it to be interpreted that having some black blood in your veins makes you a better person under today’s coolness standards? Please get real people. Nobody is better than anyone, stop with all this class and racist BS! Just go live your own life and be content with who you are!

  • larry england

    If they are black,why are they not black.

  • nosmiley

    I wonder how accurate these mixes are ?? Do the actors and actresses decide what they are ?? Somehow I doubt all of them are accurate. Not many suprises ,really. Their names give them away in several cases. A couple of the actresses are shown in terrible poses, makes them look rougher than they usually are.

  • Desmond Starr

    hmmm… something’s not right about the article. talk about some tabloids you thought were news

  • John Butchko

    “that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dose of chocolate in her blood”.. WOW! Not only is this a badly written article, but it’s amazingly racist too!
    Up next, starts you didn’t know were Juden…

  • truthseeker

    Who didn’t know they were African-Americans? White folks?

    • sara

      if white folks didn’t know then that’s how u know these people don’t look black!! go to any nationin the world and nobody would tell Mariah carey or any of these ppl are black! get out of here!!!

  • agree_with_dingo

    IMO this is the type of racist BS that still permeates America. It’s like a consolation prize for those that call themselves “black”. I wonder how many people would be amused if the list was of 25 murderers, and criminals of other sorts, that happened to have some drop of African blood in their body, and they make a list of “25 Monsters you didn’t know were black”. Hmmm, someone told me that Manson once a blood transfusion from a black person, so start the list with him….

  • Proud of all my heritage lines

    I assume they are 51% of black heritage then. All of them. But, I’m sure they of other heritage. Why disrespect your other heritage and say Black only? Don’t get it.

  • rckmtn

    i have a hard time with these characterizations, we are all of the human race. @ 65 years of age I had hoped to someday live in a world that was color blind but now realize that is not going to happen. Lets look beyond race, religion, color, and all the petty stuff, accept and judge on accomplishments and humanity. Now let me characterize myself–primarily caucasian male raised in the rural south and suburban north of lower middle to middle class working parents.

  • T.D. Brick

    This article is disgusting. Where is the one the titled “Stars you didn’t know are English American!” Really? This is news? Ignorance is bliss but stupidity should be punished.

  • Phatjam98

    LOL I love this, by this standard everyone is black who may have the tiniest amount of black heritage…. Curious, why isn’t this slideshow about actors we didn’t know were white? Cause most of these people have white or other races in their bloodlines too. But hey, its about being black right? LOL Freakin racist BS

  • concerned

    Thanks for perpetuating the western concept of race and the one drop of blood rule. You guys are geniuses.

  • Honest American

    Even if you 1/8 black in you, you are considered a ni66ir.

  • PeaCat

    Why “out” perfectly happy people as being something they probably don’t even consider themselves as being. Most of those folks are of totally mixed salad ancestry, even their “African American” side is also tossed salad. And the profiles of many of the actors confuse ETHNICITY with “race”. There is no such thing as a Hungarian race. Hungarians are white like English or Germans. I doubt these people identify as “black”. They probably identify as Americans of the Human Race….as we all should.

  • gh_Girl

    just because someone has African ancestry does not necessarily make them ALL BLACK! Most of us have caucasian ancestry we dont call ourselves white! Some of us have Indian ancestry, doesn’t make us ALL indian! Please!! Besides if someone has parentage of different heritage please acknowledge the other parent by calling the baby multiracial!! THANKYIU

  • Clark_Nova

    I see you subscribe to the pre-civil war concept of “one drop”. Shame on you.

  • Clark_Nova

    How about an article on stars that you didn’t know were Jewish? I thought not.

  • HarryTeknikos

    I’m confused, first we are told to NOT judge people by the color of their skin and then we turn around and classify a person as “Black” because they have some African blood in them> What makes a person’Black” 10%-20-50 percent? Why is this so?

  • Steve Clapper

    so it is still just a single drop huh? times have not changed that much after all.

  • mrcead

    Good lord. The comments alone prove why this article is a big huge deal in America and not anywhere else.

  • gAWD

    Who cares? What does it matter? To be a Hyphenated American is to be something other than an American. Should I go around saying I’m a ‘Hyphenated-American’? I think I’ll start putting that on all personal information request from now on.
    This article is purely racist and trying to keep America divided.

    • A B Chilling

      When people express pride at being Canadian-American, Irish-American, Italian-American, Mexican-American, Cuban-American, Chinese-American, no problem, but you better not mention that you are African-American ’cause the whole world will throw a fit and want to chop your head off.

      • gAWD

        Charleze Theron is an African-American. Maybe it should be Afro-American. Naaaah, I stand by my original post. Hyphenated-American is something other than American.

  • Moon Son

    Some of this people are not black they are Multiracial, and some don’t want to be put into a category, or claim that they are black.

  • Miss Irie

    I think the use of the term African American is stretching a bit thin for some of these celebs. And for some of them, no question they have African ancestry of at lease some degree.

  • Steve

    25 Celebrities I didn’t know. Period!

  • Guest

    I do not know if others do not suspect mixed descent. some f these people do not want to be identified a Black is more like it. While some of these are still questionable , you do have some of your facts wrong. Soledad’s mother was Afro-Cuban and father Australian of Irish descent. I remember Soledad saying on CNN that her Mother was Black and so I checked several other sources. If someone’s Grandfather was Jamaican, then a parent had to be of Jamaican descent as well–that was a strange description.

  • Jimmy DaHand

    What does it matter? We’re all people aren’t we? It’s not like: Hey, you’ll never guess who’s part giraffe. I really get tired of all this who’s whatever race. Get over it already. Start treating others the way you’d like to be treated.

  • GuestStar

    If your mother is white, you are white. It’s the mitochondrial DNA that factors ethnicity.

  • Mystery

    I am surprised Slash from Guns and Roses is not listed. He is half black.

  • Mitch Rapp

    Why do you refer to blacks as Afircan American ,and Irish , German and other ethnic groups as simply Irish, german, etc? arent they also Americans? All American ehtnic groups should be preceded by American eg: American African or American Irish ,American German and so on..Lets stop the media politically correct tsunami backlash and act like Americans. The 25 people mentioned above are partial black so whats the point of this article anyway??

  • Dan Wiley

    Now why is Michael Jackson not on this list?

  • MariaPereira

    what a stupid article. Seriously.

  • the cook

    What about Wally Cox ?

  • Alex

    I find this all incredibly irrelevant and offensive. The descriptions for this? This is explicitly racist and whoever wrote this article/compiled these photos should be utterly ASHAMED. This SCREAMS retrogressive.

    • ;akjsdh;fgadf

      Can you explain why/how?

  • laura r

    george zimmerman is black. is he on the list? hope so. blk on blk shooting tell that to jesse & al.

  • Vash The Stampede

    Lol @ people who say things like “I’m mixed with Irish, German, and French…” Culturally those are different, but they are all Caucasian. Stop trying to make yourself feel special. You’re just white.

  • John

    I am confused about the comment that was left about Melissa Gorga. i didn’t know your nose defines your race. Interesting comment….

  • Me

    Kris Humphries is not a celebrity!!

  • Strike Ice

    all you racists can die

  • Star

    So silly… If you are mixed… you are just that MIXED…not running away from being black/blue/green. When someone makes a cocktail, it has it’s own name they don’t hand it to you blue with bits of fruit and say here’s a glass of Vodka! Slavery is over… move on!

  • Uncle_Ant

    Isn’t every American technically an African American?

    • keepitreal

      wha?!?!? I don’t even understand your train of thought. Unless you are trying to say that life began in Africa, in which case I think saying all people are African would be a better statement. Also history doesn’t back this claim……read more

  • jomisan

    Wow, I would have sworn she didn’t have black skin!

  • Jay

    dingo..exactly right. thank you! And what is this fractionalization of ethnic backgrounds? Really, you are either American or not. It only becomes a pissing match when someone gets upset that their “identity” is not categorically represented in the annals of some civil paradigm.

  • CMC365

    Thank the Lord we are all human, although some making comments are inhumanly cruel.

  • sid

    Alexis Webb is this the best you can do . Isnt it time to move on?

  • d

    Since when is “Hungarian”, “Cuban”, and other “places” considered race?
    Uhh, black? yes, white ? yes, Asian yes ? These are races.
    Places are not races.

    • sara

      race is itself a dumb concept

  • ed_wood

    Wow! How lucky these celebrities are to have black blood in them! Too bad so many of them have white blood because as we all know the white race inferior is in every way, except when it comes to bigotry and violence. I wish I would be alive when the white race is totally eliminated from the earth.

    • youramoron

      haha, you’re a moron, but a funny one.

  • spender

    I agree with dingo, Ummm… but I thought the article was about celebrities you didn’t know were African American, am I missing something.

  • durp

    why is vin diesel on this list?

  • moose907


  • sunshine

    who cares if we are mixed or not we are all GOD’S Children like it or not ,not one family today can say there not mixed is there any one in you family that was living back in the 1400 or even in the 17 hundreds no and people back then didn’t write down who and what there mother and father was if they were mixed they didn’t tell….

  • Keepithonest

    I cant believe how racist this is. Talk about propaganda designed to keep us segregated. All you people who honestly took part in this chat are apart of that racial segregation and are the reason racism still exists…. Good JOB!

  • Jake_from_Statefarm

    Hyphenated- Americanism is stupid to begin with. These people are not African-American, nor are most blacks in the U.S. What country in Africa were they born in? Whites in America don’t call themselves European-Americans. The agreed upon term is white or Caucasian. These actors are just multi-racial not African-American.

  • Elia

    unbelievable that we are still saying anyone with mixed heritage is african american. Many of us who are truly mixed heritages would prefer not to be identified as one race or the other. Can we all grow up at somepoint??

  • 4DJai

    In my opinion, this was a bazaar news story…Anyone who knows anything
    about these celebrities should have already known their genetic makeup….And,
    why should this be news anyway?….What is the point of pointing out their
    genetic makeup?…We should like people for who they are; not what race they
    are…God Bless!!

  • guest right

    did anybody find any of these the least bit surprising? also, these people are just as much white/asin/latino etc as they are black. The name of the article should be “25 people who are mixed race, and you probably already knew it” who cares, really? Why is it so important to know how black they are or whatever, why does everyone make such a big deal about it? It’s great to celebrate different heritages and be proud of who your ancestors were but that doesn’t seem to be the point of the article. Lame

  • Highpachechief

    You mean to tell me Slash is a ni…humph humph…hey that’s nice!

  • Ken

    I lost patience clicking through the list after 11. Can’t we see all on one page?

  • Cory

    No matter what species or origin they are, they all have 1 coalesced commonality= Liberal Democrats.

  • A Man, not a Male

    weird….I don’t see color…kind of a racist article…what’s the purpose of this article…it the author trying to imply that “look these people are famous, yet black!”…like color limits their talent? What ever happen to judging someone by “WHO” they are instead of what color someone may or may not be….sad.

  • Really Confused By the title

    Are there any dinosaurs on this dinosaur tour?

  • KingKong

    Some of this people I didn’t even know were celebrities– let alone black.

  • jsdc007

    I guess the racist “one-drop” rule still runs deep in America.



  • Jamal

    Wow. I think this is the worst article I’ve ever read (1/2 of, at least). It’s amazing. 🙂

  • NW

    OMG! I discovered that my Mom is Hungarian and Caucasian! And to think, I always thought she was White!

  • montyross

    When youre a dying race you claim everyone you can.

    • R S

      You may be right in a sense…since ALL “races” are essentially dying…

  • JoyRichey

    I notice no one is fighting over whose WHITE it’s all about whose BLACK, we all know most people want to claim they have BLACK blood even when they don’t but you can tell as well and not to mention Black people know their own. Black history is in the Bible, those that are none white are most likely part of the BLACK race because there are only 3 race groups and they are Black, White and Monologue which are Chinese looking people.

  • Margie Spry

    What moron wrote this? Why is it so difficult to understand the difference between race and nationality?

    • Glenn Gustafson

      Ooops…here comes someone using common sense. This is the internet, Margie Spry! Common sense posts are forbidden.

  • Brandon Taylor


  • FreedomTranes

    1/8 drop of african (black) blood…plus the United States as built on racism…race is at the United States and many other countries core…its in every vein and strain….considering we (human race) all came to be from ancestors from Africa (around Uganda/Congo)…then the blackness resides in all.

    • Zoso Swansong

      United states liberals have made racism cool again. Black Americans are the most racist people here.

  • FreedomTranes

    The old saying was ” black from…snow to crow “

  • vmikid

    Great DNA diversity is great. All Russians are Mongols and not Caucasians and are proud of it.

  • RichClark

    When reading this article…you all have to remember that at the end of the day…being African-American doesn’t necessary mean being black, white, Hispanic, etc..African is not a race but its a ethnicity

    • Zoso Swansong

      Are you retarded? its a continent !

  • Pat

    Soledad O’ Brien’s father is NOT Afro-Cuban and her mother is NOT Australian. Its the other way around!!!

    • Zoso Swansong

      She is a racist so who cares.

  • BadWhisky

    This is more and more were the US is headed, it is sad that these people have to pick a race that represents half of what they are to represent them, why can we not all be Americans? It is one thing to be proud of ones roots and an entirely different thing to allow ones roots to dictate ones future….

    • Glenn Gustafson

      Many living members of this particular racial segment of America have ancestors who were brought here in chains. That the descendants of those slaves are free American citizens is a part of what America is supposed to be about. One’s race or country of origin should not be the only ways people see one another…or most importantly…RELATE with one another. The manner in which you use the term “these people” is often taken as an insult. Many of us separate Americans into groups…blocs of citizens who are all considered to be completely alike. My experience with people from different countries, different backgrounds, different races, whatever, has taught me to keep an open mind. We are all human beings and no matter how different we may seem at times to one another we are basically all the same.

      • BadWhisky

        I understand what you are saying; however, insulting or not within the context of my point the language was correct. Only when playing the politically correct speech game do you assign a pronoun to a race, in this case the pronoun referred to a group of people that have a particular out look on the manner in which their past should affect their future, you do not have to be black, white or any shade in between for it to apply. For example in politics we have people that say granddaddy was a democrat, daddy was a democrat so I am a democrat e.i. there past is running there future and they are allowing it to rather than thinking for themselves.

  • Chet Chesterson

    This article should be called 20 people I never heard of and 5 people I knew were black.

  • Zoso Swansong

    Liberals now believe the old KKK saying, one drop makes you a n****r. Liberalism is a racist mental disorder.

    • R S

      And yet you are categorizing an entire political group. So who exactly has the narrow mind?

  • Zoso Swansong

    If you’re from Libya and come to America you’re white. but if you’re black and from Haiti you’re African American. lol good God Americans are stupid!

  • guest

    This is more a list of 25 African-Americans that I didn’t know were celebrities.

  • MickeyOregon

    Geeeeeeezzzzzzz… how is this article and the thinking behind it any different than the old South? I hate this constant harping on race.

  • Thinktank

    Glad they do this list to show how diverse America really is… American television outside the Americas only shows pale, aging, inbreed white people or confused, inbreed blacks or Mexicans.

  • Bad Boy

    “Wentworth Miller has that whole rugged Caucasian guy thing down pact.” How embarrassing for the author.

    Adj. 1. down pat – understood perfectly; “had his algebra problems down”. mastered,down · perfect – being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish;

  • Me

    Black folks knew they were black. Are you folks that stupid?

  • john smith

    Hmmm. wonder how many of the people here who were so proud of Wentworth Miller changed their opinions when he came out as gay…hypocrisy much?

  • Ambster

    I think “we” knew they were black. You didn’t.

  • John Hillsbery

    I’m almost 40 and have never understood racism. I guess my mind was wired differently. Skin color should never be an issue for any reason.

  • guavas43

    down PAT, not down pact. Sigh….you people need an editor!

  • Natasha Johnson

    Black is dominant, it’s so funny how only the one drop rule is used when it suits the ruling minority. Carbon is the element that produces itself as melanin. White people produce no melanin therefore get burned in the sun or end up with skin cancer because they are not protected by the creator from the rays of the sun, only melanin blessed people, naturally black, brown, tan people are, the majority…

  • Natasha Johnson

    Tanned skin isn’t devilish and this is known. Blue eyes, green eyes ,red hair, blond hair and white skin are devilish. The words that are used should be used with knowledge because white skin has always been devilish, proven throughout history and other cultures who depict the devil as being white or red because blood pigment shows through white skin.

    • R S

      I am black, and I consider YOUR comments “devilish.” I believe in a God who teaches to love all people regardless of our physical differences.

  • South

    Why is this important? And… who set up the dumb !!!!! rules that determine who is black?

  • Lauren Wallace

    Yes I am from Trinidad. My grandfather is from Scotland on my dad’s side and on my mom’s side from Iran. Trinidad is a nationality not a race. Ethnic origin is the correct way to describe it. Trinidad like this person said could be anyone. Just like being an American. Being an American is a nationality not a race. Also it don’t understand why anyone would classified some one who is part black as African American! what about the other part of their ethnicity. If you are part black and part anything else that’s how you should be classified. Why do black people only recognize only the black part and not the other. In England they are classified as ”Half Cast” not African what ever. A good example is how whom ever classified those people that were mentioned in the above pictures. Tiger Woods mom is from Thialand . He is refereed as African American. He not from Africa. So to be correct is half black, half Thai. People of mixed races should be classified as biracial I suggest you educate yourselves. Thank you.

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Hey they didn’t put Bruno Mars on the list.

  • Nelson Castillo

    The term should be of African descent instead of Black

  • bubba

    I don’t care..there are no pure anything anymore. Why do we have to claim ONE race instead of just agreeing that we are multiracial. Do we have to deny one race to embrace the other. My own young son, has taught me well. He embraces all of his heritage and is eager to lean about them all. Children are our future.

  • chrisb

    Sorry all of them look black

  • Coco

    If Melissa Gorga is southern Italian, like ME, that explains the nose and hair. She is not black.

  • Coco

    …And Southern Italians (including Sicilians) have these features because of the influence from centuries and centuries ago of Moors, Arabs having invaded. So technically, that could give her black blood but I’m betting it isn’t anywhere in the last 100 year bloodline. It doesn’t really matter except that northern Italians look down on Southern Italians because often we’re darker (not always, plenty of blondes and fair-skinned Southerners), but just wanted to clarify that Melissa probably doesn’t acknowledge the 1/100th or so percent of possible black blood she has.

  • R S

    I keep hearing this a lot: “Why don’t black people acknowledge their other ancestry?” First, I don’t agree that all black people do this. I certainly do not. I acknowledge that my roots are from Africa, Europe, and Native America. I have traced my family tree back seven generations, so I do know where I came from. However, people tend to forget that it was whites in America who invented the “one drop rule,” not blacks — which states that any fraction of blackness makes you black. This rule was instituted as a way to justify slavery and other forms of racial discrimination. Is it delusional? Of course it is! But unfortunately many people still think this way, black people included. The truth is that all races and ethnicities are indeed melting together. The only reason why different “races” even exist is because for thousands of years humans lived in very isolated populations, so they adapted to their local environments. That’s not so true anymore. World travel is now easy, and people are generally more open-minded than they used to be. Technology has also made it so that biological adaptations may no longer be as relevant either. I just hope that the time comes soon that there won’t be a need for conversations or articles like this.

  • SolDeus

    They are mixed, not black.

  • Jon

    Adriana Lima was born in Brazil. Not African American. Who wrote this article, an idiot?

  • Eddie Brannan

    This is kinda weird. There are many people on this list who are certainly of color, but that doesn’t make them all African-American. It’s not synonymous, you know.

  • Just Sayin

    Hey, not everyone with a big nose is of African descent!! Italians (and other non-African races) have big noses too! On Melissa Gorga, the hair before it was straightened is probably a better indicator than the nose.

  • Racedoesnotequalethnicity

    I guess you are using the term “African American” = “Black.” You use race and ethnicity as synonyms when they are not. Ethnicity refers to nationality, culture, ancestry, whereas, race is a subjective term, meaning how you are perceived by the outside world. Basically, if you look black you are black (in racial terms)

  • Kymberley Grace Jurado

    My issue with this post is that number one, All of these people are mixed…so is it appropriate to call them “African American” Americans and thier racial categorizations really are so convoluted. Next, The woman who’s father is Trini. Trinidad is an island nation that is just as diverse as America, so its foolish to assume that she is “afro descend” on that notion, but also, the last time I checked, Trini does not equal “African American” They are not American. Lets please get educated before posting nonsense to the masses. My last point is that the Black experience is not the same everywhere. Brazilians, Caribbean Islanders, Africans, Black Americans…you cant tell by looking at someone’s skin what flavor of “Black” we are. I’m mixed (meaning one of my parents is from a different country and my father is a Black mix) but identify with both of my races. Why do I have to choose between them when both are full of culture and beauty. Why do i have to be ashamed of one culture and only identify with my Blackness instead of claiming both that I am equally proud of. Some people can be so closed minded. Take me out of your box America. We are not on the plantation anymore and the 1 drop rule and paper bag test are no longer valid. Now I have spoken my piece. Thank you

  • Joe Blow

    Some of these people are African-Americans I didn’t know were celebrities

  • Richelle Lancaster

    this article is ridiculus. Ill not even go into the details as to why because someone will get their panties in a bunchbut its a stupid article, poorly written, and sources need validated before saying o so and so step dad is this but his mom is this..um who the hell cares about step or adopted parents? thats not the gene contributor to the person.

  • WhoCares

    Racist article to begin with. Why does it matter what race Vin Diesel is, who care?

  • yah

    who the heck didn’t know mariah carey and the rock were black??

  • Will_B

    If you can’t tell if a person is black, then they are, by definition, not black

  • Southlander

    This has got to be one of the dumbest Posts ever. Who in the world care whether this folks are black, white, yellow, red etc? It makes absolutely no difference one way or another. Time and effort could be better spend saving our oceans and our world. Don and I CAN! :-))

  • us’n

    Humanity has this need to differentiate itself from itself. According to the film “Motherland” all present day humans carry some of the original DNA from Africa. Get over it, Chess Pieces!

  • Grant Hallowbard

    This is the most puerile and backward “article” I’ve ever read. Whoever compiled it and approved it should be ashamed. This isn’t 1930…there is no “one drop”-rule in place. But articles like this make it clear that far too many people wish it was. Grow up and, perhaps, grow a brain.

  • D

    OMG…get your facts straight. You don’t even know the difference between race and nationality or ethnicity. Hungarian is a nationality and Caucasian is a race. hungarian are white therefore Caucasian!!!

  • ffjsb

    These “so-called journalists” are completely ignorant. If you have African heritage in your family, you are NOT automatilcally “black”. The PROPER term is Mixed Race or Bi-Racial. And saying Nicole Ritchie has a dose of “chocolate” in her blood is just plain racist!

  • sid

    Carole Channing is Black! She is the Singer of Hello Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J. Edgar Hoover is Black! Some people say that Nixon was Black! Tiger Woods is a Capalasian!

    • Glenn Gustafson

      Sid…can you put me in touch with your dealer…I want some of what you smoke.

  • sid

    Many Italians & people from Cicily say that they have African & Black in their Background! People from Southern India called the Untouchables are Black!

  • sid

    John Travolta goes to bed with Big Well-endowed Black Men like Eddy Murphy!

    • Glenn Gustafson

      …funny sh*t, sid! I almost spewed good Texas Shiner Bock Beer on my monitor and keyboard! Funny post!

  • duh

    Who didn’t know these people were half black? The only ones that I didn’t know were the ones I never heard of. Maybe its because I grew up around a lot of biracial people, I just know how to spot them.

  • William Westmoreland

    …the article should have been titled ” The word “Celebrity” used VERY loosely to describe some folks in the following article”………………….

  • wtf

    This must be the most stupid list I ever put my eyes on.

  • Krys

    Need to review the info on Soledad O-Brien. First of all her MOTHER is the Afro Cuban parent and she is not at ALL Australian. I believe her father is Irish or Scottish. Please get your info right. We red one of her books when I was in college where she states her heritage.

  • AOSean

    Who gives a s**t what their skin color is?

  • mememe

    You have to be one STUPIDASS person to not know The Rock and Mariah Carey are part black.

  • Rob

    Half of these people aren’t celebs, and the rest are OBVIOUSLY mixed, so wtf is the point of this Someone has WAY too much time on their hands.

  • Olmono

    When you open us we’re all red so who cares.

  • Dede

    Where’s the list for Celebs you didn’t know were white.
    Just stop, it’s not all black and white.

  • mikdogg69

    She’s black…that hair…and nose says it all…nothing wrong with it all races came from black people…

    • Eagle2758

      Where’s your proof,eh.

  • daniel155

    So far: One that I did not know was AA, one that I did, and five that I had never heard of. Then I quit.

  • Stewbert

    The caption about Soledad O’Brien is incorrect. It is her mother who is Afro Cuban, not her father. Her father is the Australian of Irish descent.

  • DufusofAustin

    I may have descended from the Heathen Tribe. My mother often noted how my brothers and I acted like a bunch Heathens.

    • guest

      Hahaha that’s really funny.

  • Eagle2758

    So what, Who cares?

  • Eagle2758

    I know some people from Africa who are white. That makes them African-American too.

  • The New Black

    SHUT UP!!!! with all that racist SH!!!!,Love Everyone.

  • teriquajones

    Really?! They don’t think we know there mixed? We know, just don’t care. Lets talk about Dwayne Johnson; guys want to be like him and I’ve never met a female who isnt in love with him.

    Someday, we all are going to be mixed of white, black, asian, Indian, arab or mexican. Then what stupid articles will they come up with?

  • bob

    Black people from England are NOT African American…same goes for anyone who is not from America…

  • grandpaw

    Oh for the day when we have all evolved into the same color, then how will we know who to hate? Knowing humanity though, we will probably find another way.

  • OldBuddyOlePal

    It is so stupid for a race to think that a drop of african blood to changes a person from white to black but a drop of white blood doesn’t change a person from black to white. I’m disgusted with the cultural insensitivity and disassociation that is prevalent among white americans when it comes to mixed race persons with even a fourth of african descent.

  • Tom Joseph

    Why not title this “25 celebs you didn’t know were white”? Just more separation instead of just shut up and live your life no one cares

  • gaime

    This is the most stupid racist and idiotic story i’ve read in years. How does both your parents coming from italy EXCLUDE you from being a person of color? Or African? Many Italians are people of color… Dah!…

  • Bryan Scaggs

    most of these people are tan…

  • Julia Gordon

    If this doesn’t speak to the fallacy of American black-white binary race mentality, I don’t know what does.

  • bans

    ….”check out her nose”…..thats definitely racist…..and u didnt even say how she was actually black…..

  • adamweishaupt

    All You descent from my Balls Ha Ha Ha.

  • Fabulosa Queenie

    in America if your not White you are black thats how they stay

  • Giristide

    This is such a stupid topic. Why do we have to know celebrities who are black, white, …. whatever skin color/origin…..

  • Joe Chicago

    This is so stupid and pointless, as if it should matter in this day and age. I guess this is just another attempt of the media to drum up a race “issue”. Pathetic.

  • Jay

    Get over it. I stand amazed that whites created a one drop rule, now it’s changing, yet again. I am from Trinidad and I doubt if most white americans would see me as a mixture. We love being black…

  • Alex Woodard

    Slash is Black !!!!!! thats awesome !!!!

  • sadowolf

    Some of the list is really reaching, but the only thing that actually surprised me is that Adriana Lima is part Japanese.

  • Sean

    I am Italian/Indian from the Awopaho tribe, avete capite?!

  • T dennis

    How does Pete W having a Jamaican grandfather make him black? My family is made up mostly of white Jewish Jamaicans! If you tell my Asian or White family they are anything but Jamaican they will fight you, so how are we to know what his grandfather was. Didnt know he was a yaady. Nice:)

  • Metropolitan

    Seeing that several of the celebrities who were mulatto I.E Black and white mix are mistaken as Latino/Hispanic should tell you something…that there is no such race as Hispanic/Latino .It is not a phenotype, body type, a gene type .We just project a stereotype of looks to the word Latino which is usually mixed raced people ,Native American or Mediterranean White . types!

  • Jhazon

    This article/blog took over “25” minutes to view because of this sites love affair with phishing, ad click, ads, pop-ups…. trash.

  • Katie Williams

    Consider the color Black. It has all the colors. Consider the color White which is not a color. All people had to come from the color Black. It is just logical whichever side one would want to paint themselves.

  • skeete44@yahoo.com

    This just tells me Jim Crowe is alive and well! Bastard.

  • james4usa

    Preposterous. Real test is DNA test. White within 4% of Ocean Invertebrate, Black within 3%.Source Bio Chemist with PHD in Nano Tech. Even Eldrick Woods denies that he is black.

  • Shuichi Minamino


  • WEN

    Sounds like Mariah is 1/4 black, 1/4 Venezuelan & 1/2 Irish White and while I may not be a math major, these percentages seem to make less Black then White; why does she claim to be black?

  • phoenixstar

    didn’t know Hungarian was actually a different race than caucasian! really?!>!>| and just because Vin Diesel’s stepfather is black doesn’t mean he is! you people are idiots – did any of you actually learn anything in H>S> or were you too busy tweeting!?!?!

  • Amanda Reckenwithe

    I don’t know WHY, people are “proud’, of something they had NOTHING to do with…

  • sara

    Blacks always want to claim NON blacks as “Black”. They want to up their numbers! peopelf rom Portugal,germany,italy,scotland,etc hate black americans because of this!

    • Sunf1ower_Jones

      Oh, shut up. White people are the ones that created the one-drop rule so bytch to them. We don’t need mixed breeds to make up numbers, so Sara have a Coke and a smile and STFU.

  • sara

    white is defined different worldwide. People around the world don’t have the dumb racial classification as AmeriKKKans! white/light worldwide means people with a light complexion! has nothing to do with race and all that crap! in every language, people who are lighter in color are called “white”. you can find it in the 10001 Arabian nights,in Nigerian culture, in Asian cultures,in indian cultures,etc!!!! its common to hear.. “the bride is soo white”
    Americanss need to stop telling people “youre this” and “orue that”,a contry soo “free” wont let people define themselves??? sickening! youre not gonna define me, I define myself! and so do all tehse people! they consider themselves…white,black,etc….that’s them! you have no right!
    I had a dumb kid tell me I cant be African because im not black, than again another idiot who said “youre black” because I said I was African, he even giggles because he knew he is dumb. Africa doesn’t mean black either for all u dumb amerikkkans!

  • Jay

    Who didn’t know this

  • Jay


  • Jay

    Don’t know her and bc the parents have some in them don’t mean the child is bc she look like something else

  • Jay

    Who did know big boy Slash was part blk

  • Jay

    That outfit died with him,

  • john

    If we all descended from Africa then we are all minorities.

    • Jingle

      yeah, and why do we say black and white and all other cultures are referenced as latino, Asian and so on. Shouldn’t Asians be called yellow and latinos be called beige. I know the new black is African American but white is still white.

  • heimer

    if you have 1 drop of black blood in you and deny you’re black then you’re an uncle tom?

  • BlackNRight

    Okay there were only three “surprises” for me, Jennifer Beals, Carol Channing and Slash. Come on everyone knows Mariah Carey, the Rock, Derek Jeter and half the other people on here are Black, if you don’t you have some serious cataracts going! See an eye doctor pronto!

    • BlackNRight

      Oh one more thing, I am Black too! What a shocker right? Good grief.

  • FL_BigFoot

    All of these people are of mixed race. They are not “black” or “white”. I wish everyone would get past the race issue.

  • MomMom69

    Step father didn’t give him black genes!!He looks more spanish

  • MomMom69

    Pete Wentz doesn’t look like he has half black in him!!

  • MomMom69

    Adriana certainly doesn’t look like she has black anything in her

  • MomMom69

    He is one fine looking guy and I can’t see any black in him either, but did see his daddy. He must have white in him!

  • MomMom69

    Humphries has the wide nose which is common to a black person

  • MomMom69

    Jennifer Beals certainly doesn’t look mixed either. Most of the biracials, u can tell by the hair line, it’s kinky!!!

  • Cassie

    Why didnt they just call this 25 stars you didnt know existed! hehe

  • There wasnt one person on this list that im sure people had no idea werent black, the only shocking thing on here was people that YOU thought were black that were not.

  • Bill Scott

    And this is important for us to know . . .why?

  • jjrocks

    Not all Trinidadians are Black, the mojority population is split between people of Indian and African descent, wow to even say that is ignorant. There are people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds living there, read a book or something or get on a plane.

  • Sydney S

    Randell: How come I can’t see the women’s Adam’s Apple? Randy: if you have been dating a women with Adams Apples, I got news for you! Randy: you have been dating a man baby!!

  • Patriot1212

    That must explain it. Kim Kardashian likes the dark meat.

  • Jaymo

    This is a really DUMB article.!!!

  • Tonya

    Hoe BLACK are their parents b/c some of these people are NOT black or biracial.

  • Sunf1ower_Jones

    Solodad O’Brien’s mother is Afro-Cuban, not Australian. Her father is Australian.

  • Vuken

    This article is stupid. Who give the F-ING if you are black or white? Does it make you or anyone feel better if you know that he or she is black or white? We are all coming from out mother basically. People are people, period. This is another the form of segregation if you ask me.

  • Paul Cooper

    Why is the liberal media so obsessed with people’s “color”?

  • haroldwolf

    The point is they really aren’t black, at the best the are mixed race or Heinz 57 like the rest of us. Stupid media!

  • Cranky Steven

    I didn’t know some of these folks were “black”. I am inclined to think that if they have to point it out then maybe the black blood is not at all prominent and not worth mentioning. That goes for all the many blond-haired, blue eyed Indians I have had the misfortune of meeting. They all seem to be one-sixteenth Cherokee and have a government issued card to prove it.

  • Kendra Nicole

    All gorgeous!

  • honestguy111

    Gotta love this author, Apparently telling the public that you’re black is “DROPPING A BOMB gasp!! OMG you’re black!!! Also being racially ambiguous is “good for business” because who wants to support a person that they know is black. oh and You be the judge of if the world is about ethnic divide. Gotta love the way this is written.

  • Jazz

    This blog post is a waste of time. So now that we all know they’re black should we look at them differently? To the writer, racially ambiguous seems to mean not shucking and jiving and starring in Tyler Perry movies. Who knew that black people did more than twerk? It’s catering to ignorant people who think that all black people look like Oprah and Michael Jordan. Thanks Alexis Webb, for the news flash that black people come in all shades…great journalism there. Your alma mater would be proud.

  • thenemo1

    Who really cares ?

  • Terry Jones

    MOST “Native American’s” are NOT dark skinned like thier south American distant relatives. If you had ever spent any time where they live, you would know that.

  • Thomas Healy

    If anyone didn’t know Rosario Dawson was Afro-American, they need to get their eyes checked

  • Vanessa

    This article is highly offensive. “oh im 2% German so im gonna call myself German” like i said this is offensive, offensive to all people.

  • JoJo the Indian Circus Boy

    Why the F is this even a topic ? Talk about race baiting. Who cares !

  • Todd Preston

    So…you’re black if one of your parents had some Black Blood genes in them? ? ? WTF…lol. I supposed you could call yourself White if one of your parents had white blood in them too. PPL are so stupid. haha.

  • Leanne

    This article should have been titled “25 People You Didn’t Know Were Celebrities”.

  • agnetha

    This is the most ridiculous post I’ve seen in a long time. Shouldn’t the headline read, “25 Celebrities Who Are A Medley LIke Most Human Beings?” I am of Swedish, Danish, Irish, Russian and Native-American mix. Talk about a racist post and only highlighting the “African-American,” portion of their heritage. As if the rest of their bloodline does not matter.

  • Nate

    They’re NOT black. They’re mixed. The “One Drop Rule” no longer applies.

  • maru nolle

    Why don’t these peoplw celebrate their blackness? Could it be because they are “passing”, and they don’t want their careers affected. Unfortunate fact is, it most likely would be.

  • Claire M.

    So, what’s the point of this article? African American is an ethnic label,not a race! You are what you grow up like, not what others want you to be! And, btw, your statement about Ms. Gorga is absolutely racist!

  • stopkidding

    Maybe some other dummies in the world did not know they were black, but it is quite obvious in most cases. Why is it so imperative to point out that they are, indeed, black, or partly black, and to make sure that EVERYONE knows it and nobody misses it? Why doesn’t anyone see Halle Berry proclaiming “Hey, I’m white!” to all the black media and websites? After all, she is just as much white as she is black, right? Even though she has black features and a black attitude, she is only PARTLY black, but you’d never know it by listening to her. Is it because she gets more and has gotten more throughout her life and career by claiming only blackness? You bet your as s. Same goes for Vanessa Williams, and many other so-called stars who will only claim and capitalize on their blackness. I guess we would not want them to miss out on their points for being black, do we? Unphuckingbelievable. After all, it IS the world according to blacks, gays, and hispanics.

  • Carol

    How important is this anymore? I don’t care whether someone is of this race or that. I just admire their work. It’s time to get past this (from a Caucasian woman!)

  • Lady

    What’s with the history lessons? Accept it. These people have black ancestry. No one cares if you’re ok with it lol

  • Sandbagger

    Apparently the One Drop Rule is in full effect in the entertainment industry.

  • Ethan Koernke

    They all have Multi Racial Background… You could say half are Jueish, or Native American “Indian” or Irish, ETC…

  • Ruger375

    If I was black and her mother named me as the dad I would have definitely insisted on a paternity test.

  • Ruger375

    It’s sad his mother lied to him about his real father.

  • Reginald Dwight

    These people are not black. They are biracial. Some I have already known about and soe I did not, and some I have never heard of ever.

  • MsBridges

    I have a bi-racial daughter Blk and Samoan 2 niece blk/german 2 nephews blk/german/Irish. I am sad at the fact that they will probably NEVER celebrate both their heritages or their parents except when looking for Govt status. Otherwise we are seen as either white or black.

  • Harry Lafountaine

    I think this country is so messed up> just bc someone has a lil black in them they are black?? wow, where is the diversity> such closed minds…

  • bigdaddy

    why do people want to be anything but black?

  • gthomson13

    And I thought I knew what the color black looks like….

  • gthomson13

    As for Carol Channing, I figured she was of Yoda heritage. Or, perhaps she’s Yoda’s mother – not sure which.

  • Kool Brother

    Soledad’s mother is Afro-Cuban and her father is white…get your facts together!!!!

  • Laurence Almand

    So who cares? People are individuals, not breeds. The majority of people in North and South America are of mixed heritage, so classifying anyone is basically meaningless.

  • jr023

    since there is so many interactions how about stopping the hyphening and
    proclame youselves an american

  • Morgan Davis

    Racist article. I don’t care about the amount of melanin in your cells. Its articles like these that keep pushing people apart.

  • Nothing “BUT” the “TRUTH”!!!

    If your skin is Black YOU ARE BLACK, if it’s White YOU ARE WHITE! You may be light or dark. Black American…White American. Black Hispanic…White Hispanic even our Asian brothers and sisters Light or Dark. If it’s not White you are not!!!! If you don’t “BELIEVE ME” try joining the KLAN!!!

  • TTT

    This should be renamed, “People you didn’t know were biracial”. Also, just because you identify with being biracial/multiracial, and one of those races happen to be black, doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of anything.
    Sheesh. Sometimes this whole thing frustrates me. Shaming those of mixed race for not identifying only as the one race you happen to identify with is wrong whether you’re black, white, asian, etc.. If someone wants to identify as black..let em. If they want to identify as biracial/multi racial..let em. If they frankly would rather not identify with any race…back the hell off and go about your day.

  • yabo776q

    What does it matter racially? I look like a human I have a nose two eyes a mouth , two ears and a head of hair. And I have a body that serves me well. So why do we label ourselves with stupid titles to indicate color? I don’t get it!

  • Fitzroy Whilby

    To suggest that Trinidadian, Jamaican or West Indian means that you are black is very ignorant. There are people of different racial backgrounds from those areas. A little lesson here, Trinidadian or Jamaican are nationalities, not races. The West Indies is a region and does not denote race. Not all blacks are African Americans; the term refers to black Americans only. Black folks from outside of the USA are comfortable with being called black. 🙂

  • Erika

    Soledad O’Brien’s Father was Australian and her mother was Afro Cuban

  • CallmeGreen

    The author of this article got it wrong on Soledad O’Brien! I attended a lecture last Fall where Soledad quite proudly spoke of her heritage. Soledad’s father is white Australian and her mother is of Afro-Cuban heritage. I wonder what other errors are in this article.

  • Madison M.

    This is probably one of the most ignorant articles I’ve ever seen. People of African heritage we come in all shapes, sizes and colors! They need to just take this down!


    @Dingo_egret…apparently her father was a Black Trinidadian……What I am trying to figure out why the caption under Quincy Jones daughter says it hard to believe that she is part Black….REALLY! You would have to be fuck’n blind to not see she is mixed. Black….

    • Oldhairold

      as with many of them.

  • Oldhairold

    I knew Dwayne Johnson was black. It struck me as odd how he was portrayed in the movie “Planet 51”.

  • jlmont9@gmail.com

    Well the headlines is somewhat decieving as it says “25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were African American!” while they mention ‘Afro-Cuban’, ‘Jamaican’, etc..they may be considered ‘black’ groupings but NOT African American. Let’s get the political correctness correct…LOL!!

    • Rabbit23

      Not to mention they describe a few as part Irish/Italian/Polish etc…and part Caucasian. Mixing race and ethnicity?

  • MD

    Why is there even an article on this?

  • The POTUS is ambiguous in all regards.

  • Tina

    Interesting BUT they are not African American……….they are mixed!

  • skinni_minnii

    What is this a race war? We came on this site to see celebrities that have black in them, not to put each other down. No race is better than the next. I, myself am black and i have white and probably many other races in me. I love people of all races and would never talk about people the way you guys do. You claim to know our history, where we came from, what the first human race was. Well guess what its 2014 and that was thousands of years ago. None of us were there. No one was writing our history down back then, because they didnt even know what history was. Get off your high horses people. We live in a generation where lots of people are all mixed up. Yes, there are people who are 100% one race, but how many people can actually say that. Its time to wake up and realize that we are one race and that is the human race.

  • GreenManSteele

    Fuck…now I can’t tell these p