Editors' Picks: Go Naughty or Nice This Halloween!

Editors’ Picks: Go Naughty or Nice This Halloween!


We’re not quite sure when summer ended and fall snuck up on us but Halloween is quite literally around the corner. With countless costumes to choose from the options can seem kind of daunting so we chose not one, but two costume concepts for 2013. Each StyleBlazer editor picked both a naughty costume and a nice costume for this weeks ‘Editors’ Picks’ so I guess you can say we’re having our cake and eating it too. Check out the looks we were inspired by this Halloween season and get ready to pick favorites. The real question is, are you going naughty or nice this Halloween?

Crystal Tate, Deputy Editor


“In the 1920s Jazz Age, a new woman was born: the flapper. She wore makeup and cut her hair (which wasn’t the norm in those days), took risks and didn’t play by any rules. Plus I love the dresses and headpieces!”


“I could make any wish come true!”

Tameika Lawrence, Fashion Editor


Photo: Burberry

“Naughty: A flasher. I’ve always wanted to do that as a costume because it’d be super easy and I can keep everything: cute, classic trench, socks, and a devious grin!”


Photo: Polyvore

“Nice: I’d be an angel; mainly because I’d love an excuse to buy a cream slip dress and wear a boss arse white fur coat.”

Danielle Kwateng, News Writer


“Naughty: Grace Jones in “Boomerang” because you still have the quintessential Hot factor, but it’s also a moment to be psychotically bossy.”


Photo: Dominique Ansel Bakery

“Nice: A cronut because I love light, delicately filled pastries and cronuts bring joy to the free world.”

Damaneke Santiago, Associate Editor


Photo: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

“My naughty costume of choice? Elvira. If I was going for a naughty look who else would I channel but the Mistress of the Dark?”


Photo: Almost Famous

“My nice costume of choice? The fabulous Penny Lane. It’s all happening folks!”

Giselle Childs, Associate Editor


Photo: True Blood

“I’ve been wanting to have a True Blood-inspired Halloween since the show aired, complete with True Blood cocktails and everything. Pam’s style choices as proprietress of Fangtasia are as legendary as her fierceness as vampire. Lots of patent leather, push-up bras, and stripper heels–basically the definition of naughty.”


Photo: True Blood

“On the opposite side of the spectrum lies Sookie, perpetual damsel in distress. Her crew neck t-shirt and apron represent the epitome of supposed innocence. And it’s pretty cute, too.”

Anayo Awuzie, Editorial Assistant


Photo: Kill Bill

“Naughty: Uma Thurman In Kill Bill. A sword, bloodstains and all!”


“Nice: I found an amazing Ankara-print hooded cape at a thrift store the other day. I’m thinking Little African riding hood.”

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