Tika Sumpter Covers The October Issue Of Vibe Magazine

Tika Sumpter Talks Hollywood Beauty Standards In October Issue of Vibe Vixen

Tika Sumpter is giving us all kinds of mermaid goddess on the cover of Vibe Vixen’s October 2011 issue. As stunning as Sumpter looks on this cover shot, the actress sat down with Vibe Vixen to discuss the pressures of the industry and beauty image.

Tika shared her thoughts on image and how they relate to the world of acting, “People don’t go to see George Clooney because he’s ugly. They don’t go see Michael Ealy because he’s not the cutest guy on the block. They go to see a beautiful, strong-looking man. Of course you go see them because they’re acting and everything, but it’s a fantasy. You want to take people out of their world for a little bit if you can. I feel like everybody has some kind of beauty in them, regardless if they look like Halle Berry or they don’t. I don’t believe that everybody has to live up to this Hollywood beauty standard, because everybody’s not that”

See more quotes from her below:

About ”maintaining a standard” of beauty:
I think there’s pressure on everybody; let’s not deceive ourselves. It’s definitely a beauty business. It [matters] how your face looks, how your body looks, how everything looks. The blogs and magazines will be quick to show what’s wrong with a person…

About being a “super prude”:
I was super prude in junior high and high school; the prudest person in the pack. I was so active in school that I wasn’t even thinking about sex. Even my girlfriend and I, who are best friends since junior high, we were talking and she was like, ‘Tika, nobody knows what they’re doing in junior high, middle school or high school with sex, so why is everybody in a rush?’


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– Neijah Williams