15 Celebrity DJ's Who May Surprise You

15 Celebrity DJs Who May Surprise You

Being a DJ may look like easy work and loads of fun but it requires lots of skill, a fact that some of the celebs on this list may have been missing when they decided to jump into the DJ booth. Other celebs, however, have spent years honing their turntable tactics on the side much to our surprise.
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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton 'Good Time' single release party - InsidePhoto: WENN

Nope, we’re not kidding, Paris Hilton wants to be a DJ, and she’s serious about it. She made her debut in early 2012 at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil and her performance was ripped to shreds (even by DJ and boyfriend Afrojack who was the producer for her debut song.) She didn’t let that discourage her however, and continued to pursue a career as a legitimate DJ, making various appearances at clubs around the globe. Finally in 2013, after a few surprisingly well received sets in Ibiza, she signed a huge contract with club Amnesia for more gigs in 2014. Having already signed with Cash Money Records a few months before, it’s going to be pretty hard to argue that Paris is not a legit DJ.

 Paris Hilton’s WENN PFPhoto: WENN


Alicia Keys

2013 Global Citizen Festival in Central ParkPhoto: WENN

Alicia Keys is already a pro when it comes to making hits, so the multi-platinum songbird decided to try her hand at spinning them in 2011 when she made her debut as a DJ at a NYC Yotel hotel party under the nickname DJ AK-47. She got behind the deck and rocked the house with hubby Swizz Beatz supporting. Keys hasn’t returned to the turntables since that night, but one thing is for certain, she’s got the talent.




Lindsay Lohan

DJ Steve Aoki and Lindsay Lohan WENN PF Photo: WENN

Dating popular DJ Samantha Ronson must have rubbed off on Lindsay Lohan’s career ambitions because she now fancies herself a disc jockey. Lohan even got taken under the wing of veteran DJ Steve Aoki back in 2009.  She’s been named as one of the worst celebrity DJs on multiple lists but she’s apparently good enough to take occasional gigs every now and then. Her most recent set was a party in Brazil back in March.



Idris Elba

Idris Elba DJ Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images

Idris may seem like just another celebrity dabbling in the DJ scene for fun but the 41-year old British actor has been spinning on the 1’s and 2’s since he was a teenager. Elba began his career in 1986 helping his uncle with his wedding DJ business.Within a year, the young hopeful started his own DJing company with his friends. In 1991 Elba became somewhat of a professional, working in nightclubs under the name DJ Big Driis before eventually making his way to acting a few years later. As his acting career took flight the hunky actor had little time to devote to his turntable craft, running sets only on occasion, but in early 2013 he announced he would be taking a year-long break from his acting duties to focus on his music and performing as a DJ. It may even be the more fulfilling occupation for him as he’s stated that he gets “more of a buzz” from Djing than acting.


Tommy Lee

Tommy  WENN PFPhoto: WENN

Expanding his scope beyond drumming and singing, Tommy Lee took DJing back in 2000 but knowing that he lacked the ability to be taken seriously joined forces with his production partner DJ Aero. They made their big time debut together four years later at the Ultra Music Festival under the name “Electro Mayhem.” The duo has played well over 60 gigs in North America since their debut and are still going strong today having just finished a gig in Vegas in September.  While they may appear to be equal partners, witnesses to their performances on the turntables have said that DJ Aero primarily does all the spinning and scratching.



Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood DJ Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

Actor Elijah Wood isn’t exactly the type you’d expect to see behind the turntables, or outside of a library, really but the wide-eyed 27-year-old has been spinning records for over 10 years and has been playing large-scale gigs around the world for at least half of them. There were rumors floating around that he started a full-fledged DJ career this year under the name “DJ Frodo,” but the Wilfred actor denied them. Still, how awesome would it be to hear “It’s DJ Frodo on the 1’s and 2’s” while you’re out partying?



Solange Knowles

solage-knowles-perfume-beleza-01g Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

Solange Knowles is a woman of varied layers and talents. Not only is she a fierce fashionista with enviable vocal talent but she’s also a reputed DJ. The naturalista has had years of experience on the turntables by this point, and has busted sets at major events in New Orleans, Brooklyn, Las Vegas and more. We love that she’s rocking the 1’s and 2’s like a pro and looking like a model while she’s at it!


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Popchips+Playland+NY+Fashion+Night+Out+o_KqSonLxYQlPhoto: Getty Images

The actress turned singer never ended up pursuing the art of mixing beats, but she did give the turntables a whirl while at a “Fashion’s Night Out” party in New York back in 2011.


Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon DJ WENN PF Photo: WENN

It’s no big shocker that Nick knows his way around the 1’s and 2’s as he’s been DJing on the side for years. He was the DJ for Ellen’s Bigger, Longer and Wider show in 2009 and hosted some notable gigs for America’s Got Talent, Wild N Out and made his latest appearance at the Exotic Halloween Ball in Sacramento this year. To top things off, he’s got an EDM album titled White People Party Music coming out later this year.


Kate Moss

 Kate Moss WENN PFPhoto: WENN

English model and party animal Kate Moss became the center of attention after she got behind the decks during a party for Prada at the Paris d’lena in Paris in 2012. Moss did a 30 minute set mixing it up with ’70s, ’80s, and alternative rock jams. Since the event the supermodel has expressed interest in getting in the DJ booth again.



Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez DJ Photo: Getty Images

We’re not sure exactly when she took a liking to DJing, but it appears Michelle Rodriguez has been showing off her spinning skills, and playing sets at nightclubs and after parties since 2010. Some of her notable gigs include DJing at the 2010 Machete premiere party in Austin and the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.





Will.i.am DJ Getty Images Photo: Getty Images

 Considering that he’s already one of the music industries hit-making producers it’s really no surprise that will.i.am is also a DJ. The Black Eyed Peas rapper has more than a few gigs under his belt. He showed off his skills during the Peas’ E.N.D World Tour in 2009-10 and the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, amongst other large scale gigs . Despite his hectic schedule, he even finds the time to do smaller appearances, one of which was at a student event in Surrey in 2012. We imagine experiencing a will.i.am set is like getting to party with him in the studio while he’s laying down beats, only much much louder.



Kim Kardashian

Kim Karsdashian DJ+Tendaji+Lathan+2nd+Annual+Derby+Spectacular+GUmFpzxKFTGl Photo: Getty Images

If there was ever a famous person who should be titled “celebrity DJ” it’s Kim Kardashian. Her step behind the turntables seems purely for the publicity value and nothing more. The woman looks clueless behind the DJ booth, but then, what do you expect from somehow who is most likely only “djing” for the photo-op.  Still, that hasn’t stopped her from her from landing multiple gigs since 2007. How hard could it be, right? She’s famous.


Lil’ Wayne

 GQ Super Bowl party sponsored by Lacoste and Mercedes-BenzPhoto: Getty Images

Weezy’s been rapping to beats since he was a teenager, but being able to spit on beats doesn’t mean you can drop them. Weezy jumped in the DJ booth at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami back in 2012 but did little, if any actual DJing. The rapper spent most of his time on the mic bopping to the beat while someone else was seemingly doing most of the work. Well, at least Kim K. is in good company…





Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman WENN pfPhoto: WENN

Eccentric NBA great, Dennis Rodman, has had quite a varied career since his retirement from basketball. Amongst his odd escapades and bizarre choices was the decision to be a DJ. He made his career debut on April 23, 2010 at the Mohegan Sun Casino’s Ultra 88 Nightclub in Connecticut when he ran a set with DJ Vic Latin. The two did a World Tour in 2011, titled the DJ Dennis Rodman & DJ Vic Latin “Redemption Tour.”


  • DJ D-Mase

    So disrespectful to the real DJ’s that had to pay dues, Other than Idris Elba the rest should kick rocks.

  • I think most of these stories about Lohan are bullshit. There are no videos of anything of this anywhere, just some random photos of her holding headphones. People are just drumming up reasons to be mean.

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