Victor Cruz Takes On The Paris Menswear Shows, Everybody Wins

Victor Cruz in Paris

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

For the presentations of the Spring 2014 menswear shows in Paris, Vanity Fair editor Michael Carl thought it might be a good idea to invite NY Giants player Victor Cruz to some of the shows–knowing full well, as we all do, about Victor’s deep love for the fashion world, which he’s professed many times over. (And a good idea it was: Victor got to a chance to see some of his favorite designers and fashion editors shamelessly peppered him with questions about his contract. Win, win.)

In an interesting travel diary peek into Carl and Cruz’s time in Paris we’re given a look at just how knowledgeable the Super Bowl winning quarterback really is about fashion–he recognized a pair of Phillip Lim pants just by the stitching alone. Talk about a trained eye. Victor is so much a Phillip Lim fan, in fact, that when he received the proposed show itinerary from Michael Carl and noticed that Phillip Lim was left off (the show started early in the AM the day after Victor arrived in Paris) he called to request it be added to the list, jet lag be damned.

During his two days spent in Paris, Victor took in shows by Valentino, Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, Dries van Noten, and, of course, Phillip Lim. The pieces that caught his eye this season tended to be casual and athletic-inspired. He said of Valentino, “I just loved the sneakers because they had different color pops in ’em, they were very spring, and they were something you could dress up and dress down,” and he loved the black and white baseball jacket at Raf Simons, though he struck down the idea that he’d be wearing any of Raf’s wrestler-inspired onesies any time soon. (Though, we admit that is something we’d like to see.) At Louis Vuitton he couldn’t pick just one piece that he liked, but did stress his love for the tuxedo jackets.

Head over to Vanity Fair for the whole story; we’ll keep you posted on the whole Victor-in-a-onesie thing.

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