Our Thrifty Halloween Costume Finds (Fashionable Inspirations You Can Wear After Devil’s Night!)



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With Halloween coming in less than a week, we’re confident that you haven’t procrastinated. Not only do you have a Halloween costume ready for the last day of October’s festivities, but you have an individual one for each of the parties happening this weekend.

OK, let’s be real now.

You don’t have a costume or even the slightest idea of what you want to be? No fear! Thrifting is one of our favorite pastimes and there are always great, affordable options if you’re thinking of going the vintage route. And since you’re reading StyleBlazer, we’re going to assume that you’re a fashion conscious individual, so all of the finds are pieces that can be brought into your regular wardrobe once pumpkin lanterns dim and the candy corn runs out.

Look below for some devilishly good inspirations!


Thrift stores are overrun with these colorful, retro dresses. Grab a bright and prim jacket, and be one of the secretaries from Mad Men.



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