10 Stylish Bucket Bags To Swap Out Your Tote

StyleBlazer Approved: Shop 10 Stylish Bucket Bags To Swap Out Your Tote

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Finding a new bag could be tough. You want something durable, stylish and most importantly, cost-effective. Finding a three-in-one isn’t always doable. You’ll be lucky finding one with two of these qualities. Often the amount of frustration that comes with buying a new bag causes us to buy on impulse and snag the first ‘easy’ thing we see only to regret it later. A carry-all tote is convenient, but it can also gets boring. Before you know it, you’ll be walking around town looking like a bag lady and will be itching to buy something else. Instead of going the safe route, try something you normally wouldn’t go for like a bucket bag. They’re small and convenient and trending like crazy this season. With various styles and sizes, you could turn one into your everyday bag, or have one just for your nights out. We’re currently obsessing over the Alexander Wang Diego in black, navy, grey and cognac.

Check out 10 picks below to see which one will land on your shoulder this fall.



Alexander Wang


Diego Textured-nubuck Shoulder Bag