Model Photoshopped In 37 Seconds Video Is More Relevant Than Ever

Model Photoshopped In 37 Seconds Video Is More Relevant Than Ever

‘The supermodel is dead.’ We’ve come across the phrase a number of times in recent years, proclaiming that these runway-walking goddesses against which all other mortal women used to measure themselves is no more. So how come women’s standards of beauty are more out of wack today than ever?

It’s true that today’s average American woman wouldn’t know a Jourdan Dunn, Liu Wen, or Lara Stone the way women of the 90s knew Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, or Claudia Schiffer. Modern models don’t become nationally known household names. But American women don’t need supermodels to create their impossible standards of beauty anymore. The barrage of impossibly thin girls crowding bill boards, bus and train ads, commercials, magazines, and the world wide web more than ever before are enough to do that. In fact, we’d venture to say the anonymity makes them even more desirable in that they’re seemingly more accessible; the perfect girls next door to anyone in a way.

Their often doughy eyes, pouty mouths, thin waists, long legs and flawless skin are enough to provoke criticism of our own looks. Though dialogues have started within the publishing industry to address the output of these unrealistic portrayals of the female image that are less about genetics and more about photoshop, change has been slow to come. Maybe we need a reminder.

In a video titled “the power of Adobe Photoshop” recently featured on, we see a young modeled transformed into a ‘real life’ doll with the image editing tool. The video was first uploaded to Youtube earlier this year, in February. However, with the rise of the thigh gap trend and ‘am I pretty or ugly‘ videos, this video is more relevant than ever.

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  • To be honest, the current technology is too great Photoshop. When looking at a photograph, we do not even really know who we met in real life or not. It’s so different. I’m going to learn photoshop only. LOL