Heavy Metal: 7 Chokers That Make a Statement!

Heavy Metal: 7 Chokers That Make a Statement!

Choker Necklace TrendPhoto: Pinterest

Long gone are the days of cameo and ribbon-adorned choker necklaces. Thank goodness!  In modern times, choker necklaces are comprised heavily of metals such as glistening gold, shiny silver, and chunky chains. We’re sure you’ve seen these modern creations on stars like Rihanna and Kim K. as they’ve embraced the trend, but why should they have all the fun?

You too can get in on the action as we’ve picked necklaces that are sure to satisfy a bevy of tastes. Stuck in the ’90s? Into eye-catching accessories? Or do you prefer dainty and dangerous pieces? We’ve got you covered! Whatever your pleasure, any of these choker necklaces will add the perfect last-minute touch to your Halloween costume or everyday look.

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Curb Chain Choker, Top Shop – $23

Go big or go home right? This bold choker is a great finishing touch to an all-black outfit.