Michael Kors Believes Today’s Teens Won’t Support Fast Fashion Brands – Do You Agree?

NYFW Michael Kors - RunwayPhoto: Kyle Blair/WENN.com

Brands like Forever 21 and H&M profit mainly off of uber trendy tweens, teens and 20-somethings who want to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion trends, but are also on a budget due to a number of factors that affect millenials today. Fashion designer Michael Kors believes that this is all set to change once today’s teens become the new twenty-somethings.

At a WWD conference which took place earlier this week, Michael Kors stated, “This generation of teenagers is going to start shopping very differently when they reach their twenties. I think they’re going to have an aversion to the idea of disposable fashion.”

The undeniable presence of these stores seems to be constantly growing making it hard to imagine a time where we will start seeing them decline. Although, in an age where sustainability is a buzzword and eco-friendly fashion is becoming more and more of a hot topic, Kors says that today’s teens are more savvy about preserving the environment and will make a return to the idea of “fashion as an investment.”

“They’re likely to rebel because they don’t want to be like the generation before them, and will actually want to spend money on things that will last, and versatility and sustainability,” said Kors at the WWD conference.

We have our own thoughts about fast fashion, but we see twenty-somethings today as the pioneers of sustainability and the next crop will be passed the torch to continue that legacy.

StyleBlazers, do you agree with Michael Kors? Sound off in the comments!

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