New WSL Study Finds Today's Costumers Prefer Online Shopping

New WSL Study Finds Today’s Customers Prefer Online Shopping

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If you find yourself  shopping in a brick-and-mortar store this holiday season, not only will you be among the minority, you may also be missing out on a better retail experience. A recent digital shopper focus group, conducted by WSL, surveyed 11 frequent shoppers of both online retail sites and brick-and-mortar stores. They found that the traditional retail experiences are deemed no longer good enough when compared to the efficiency and ease of online shopping. “Shoppers have learned how to find what they want quickly online, searching by category, brand, and style, while accessing product information, comparing features, checking prices, finding coupons, and getting help on the spot,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL.

Along with the ease of accessing products and the “clean and simple” feel of e-tail stores, consumers also prefer not having to deal with long lines, as they found it more preferable “to click-through check-out [rather] than to stand in line.” There was also the reluctance to deal with sales associates that are either “too pushy or nowhere to be found.” Shoppers found that shopping online remedied that with the use of online personal shopper pop-up windows, which are there when you need it; thereby making it easy to ask a question or get a recommendation.

According to a previous WSL study, “How America Shops,”  60% of consumers are now shopping online, which corroborates the findings derived from the focus group—”shopper satisfaction with online retail well exceeds that of brick and mortar stores.” So what does that mean for brick and mortars? Will they go the way of the dinosaurs? Not exactly. According to Candace Corlett, president of WSL, “stores and malls will still be around…shopping is a social experience, one which e-commerce cannot provide.” She went on to explain that the volume will most likely be split between online and brick-and-mortars as shopper are using brick-and-mortars to browse items and then purchasing online.


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