Using Business To Improve Lives: The Marketplace at TOMS

TOMS Marketplace

Photo: Facebook

Socially conscious shoe company TOMS just launched a new section of their site called The Marketplace in an effort to promote a different way of shopping. If you’re unfamiliar with TOMS, it’s a shoe company that does business following a very simple premise: One for One ®. That means for every pair of TOMS shoes sold, one pair of shoes is given to someone in need.

The Marketplace is a departure from that original TOMS One for One ® model. Instead, TOMS founder recognized that there are other ways of giving outside of the TOMS way of doing it. The Marketplace was the fruit of that recognition; it’s a new platform designed to give other socially conscious entrepreneurs a way to showcase their wares and help their business and their causes succeed.

In The Marketplace customers can shop by product (jewelry, accessories, apparel, etc); by cause (children, education, clean water, etc); by region (Africa, Asia, South America, etc), or by brand (The Honest Company, Krochet Kids, Stone & Cloth, etc). So, for example, if you’re interested in this lovely bracelet from The Base Company, purchasing it would help fund community development projects in the artisan’s region of Namibia.

All of the items for sale in The Marketplace have never before been for sale on through TOMS, and each company was hand-selected by the TOMS team after an intense vetting process. All 30 companies selected have a different story, but they all share one common purpose: they’re working to make a difference to use business to improve people’s lives. And as you’ll see in The Marketplace introduction video below, that’s all TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie really wanted, to use business to make people’s lives better.

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