9 Fashion & Beauty Pledges To Our Boyfriends In Honor Of Movember 2014


Happy Movember, StyleBlazers! The worldwide occasion aims to raise funds for men’s health program investments and start conversations about men’s health. Men observe the month-long, annual campaign by growing out their facial hair, particularly their ‘staches. Since we can’t and wouldn’t want to grow facial hair of our own, last year we observed Movember with a moustache themed shopper. This year we’re celebrating Movember with a pledge (or several). For many of us, our boyfriends and husbands are the closest men to us, which means they have a front row seat to all the chaos from our fashion and beauty obsessed existences. So in honor or Movember 2014, our staff would like to suggest a couple of promises that you can make to that special man in your life.



“I won’t ask for your opinion when I’m getting dressed and then ignore it because I know better than you.”




 “I won’t leave my makeup scattered all over the bathroom sink.”




“I will clean my hair out of the shower and drain after I wash it so you don’t get creeped out.”




“I won’t complain about my heels hurting all night long…especially when you encouraged me to wear something comfortable.”




I will shave my legs regularly for the entire month. No stubble, no day!”




“I won’t ask you what’s different with my hair because I’m just setting you up for failure.”




“I will get dressed to look cute and be finished fast, at the same damn time.”




“I will not randomly leave my drawers hanging on the back of the bathroom door.”




“I will wear s*xy underwear to bed like every night (this month).”



Photos courtesy Instagram

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