NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray: The Next Michelle Obama?

NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray: The Next Michelle Obama?

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If you don’t live in New York City, you may not be aware that the Big Apple elected their next mayor yesterday. Democratic candidate and current New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio beat Republican Joseph Lhota and will become the city’s first Democratic mayor in two decades. However in our office this morning, the water cooler conversation actually revolved around de Blasio’s wife. Why you may ask? Let us introduce you to Chirlane McCray.

The fact that Chirlane still holds her maiden name should be telling enough that she operates by her own rules and many supporters have expressed their hopes for the great strides that de Blasio (along with wife Chirlane by his side) will make as well as the ambassador that Chirlane will serve for many.

Chirlane is a writer and poet who initially began to write in retaliation to the racism she received as a child when she was the only black student in her class. Chirlane has also held political positions including speechwriter for former New York City mayor David Dinkins. During that time, she actually met de Blasio who was an aide to a deputy mayor at the time.

Chirlane recently told HuffPost Live, “I do think I have a responsibility…” to the black and LGBT community. Chirlane, who actually considered herself a lesbian in the 1970s and wrote about it in an essay for Essence, gave the following statement that was released from de Blasio’s campaign: “In the 1970s, I identified as a lesbian, and wrote about it,” she said. “In 1991, I met the love of my life, married him, and together we’ve raised two amazing kids. I’m reminded every day how lucky I am to have met my soulmate.”

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the every move she makes in the next few years along with any and all fashion hits (and misses) she makes so stay tuned!



  • NeaJ

    Umm, they make an interesting looking couple…Ok, yeah they look awkward together. Kinda like Phaedra & Apollo but love is love. I wish them well

  • Team nymphis

    Sooo um…she went from eatin the funky to marrying a hunkie


    in those Putamayo sandals next to her husband in a business suit, um, no. 😐

  • enoughsaid99

    Congratulations to him as the new Mayor of New York. I wish nothing but happiness for him, and is family.

  • Lue Blacknell

    I would bet that napoleon/bloomberg is about to have a stroke! lol This new mayor will have so much in common w/Blacks-he has a BLACK son! This is “race” of a different color……If he did not know what challenges a Black male has in a racist society-he will know for sure now.. This is a beautiful family-I wish them love, peace & happiness!

  • MacingFacing

    Congratulations all around. I heard this is the first democratic Mayor in a decade or more. That is great. Hoping this can lead to an end to these dumb stop and frisk procedures.