A Lesson In 4 Unexpected Fall 2013 Color Trends

A Lesson In 4 Unexpected Fall 2013 Color Trends

There are a few colors that we can expect to see on and off the runway every fall, as they are the embodiment of the season. However, sometimes designers like to throw us a curve ball, buck the trend and throw in a few unexpected colors along side the classic colors of fall. This season we’ve spotted four out of place colors that made their way onto the runways of numerous designers. The ‘it’ color of the season also happens to be an unexpected color that is not typically associated with Autumn.

Here’s a lesson in 4 fall 2013 color trends to update your closet.


Think Pink!

Paris Fashion Week - Chanel - Catwalk Photo: JSB / PixPlanete/WENN

The cheery color is normally relegated to the warmer, happier months but for fall 2013 designers were all about showing how to rock the softer shade during the dreary winter months. Thanks to Marc Jacobs, Carven, Céline, Chanel and others, the hue has become fall’s breakout, must-have, ‘it’ color.