Lil B. Wears Nefertiti-Like Earrings In New Music Video

Uh Oh … Rappers wearing Women’s Clothes Again: The Lil B. Edition

We’ve done a post on this trend before in the past (see here), mostly for laughs. But now it seems rappers are really starving for attention, and are willing to get a buzz by any means possible.

Lil B has already proven an affinity for “Shock Value” Rap by naming one of his recent albums “I’m Gay” and now he pops up with this new video for the track “Got the Mack Loaded” wearing these Nefertiti-looking earrings while rapping about generic gangsterisms. We don’t know about you guys but this just seems waaaay too extra. Come on people, what happened to concentrating on the music, and just making sure you’re putting out the best product possible. Enough with the gimmicks already.

See the video on the following page:

  • Film Festival RAdio

    maybe this isn't a gimmick for this ashy-tooking fool! I kinda like those earrings for myself to be honest with you.

  • Wendy

    Only thought comes to mind is a certain episode of the boondocks " Gangstalicious" and his woman wearing swag anywho @ Film Festival RAdio like you said maybe it's not a gimmick???

  • eve

    It's such a pity that they have to turn out like that just to gain some attention..

  • eve

    it's such a pity that they have to result in doing such things just to get attention..