Selena Gomez Tells Flaunt She Might Have Worked At Cracker Barrel

Selena Gomez Thought She’d End Up At Cracker Barrel

Selena GomezPhoto: Amanda de Cadenet/Flaunt

Selena Gomez is a true Texan. She recently told Flaunt Magazine that she believes if things hadn’t turned out as successful as they have so far–thanks to Disney–she’d be living in her hometown of Grand Prairie, singing karaoke once a week, and working as a waitress at Cracker Barrel. Thousands of Wizards of Waverly fans, not to mention ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, are surely glad she found her way to Hollywood.

Gomez, age 21, is now five years older than her mother was when she was born. Though 21 is far from mature, Selena Gomez does display a self-awareness that belies her age–unlike ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber whose recent exploits in Brazil suggest that he’s definitely acting his age–all 19 years of it. She’s had nary a scandal or bad press moment in sight–so far–allowing her to stand out even more from the crowd of other young starlets who keep losing their way.

Part of it is because she makes it a practice to keep some sides of herself hidden. She recently told Jared Leto that she makes a point to do this because if not, “There’s nothing left for me, and there’s nothing left for my friends, and there’s nothing left for my family.”

Speaking of family, Selena and her mom watch every single Harmony Korine film before Selena decided to audition for the edgy, “Spring Breakers.” As she grows older and continues to expand her career in films, Selena wants to do a gangster flick with Martin Scorsese and a dramedy wtih David Fincher. It’s fun to completely go to the dark side,” she told Flaunt.

When thinking ahead for about her bright future, at age 26 Selena hopes she’s made a bigger impact on the world, and by age 30 she just wants to be really happy, telling Flaunt, “I’m hoping I’m super satisfied with who I am.”

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Click through for a preview of Selena’s Flaunt photoshoot–she’s rocking a bob–at the  Rosslyn Hotel, Los Angeles. Her stylist was Ilaria Urbinati.