Exclusive: Celeb Stylist Derek Roche Talks Styling & Holiday Tips

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Celebrity Stylist Derek Roche Talks His Career In Styling & Holiday Fashion Tips

Million Dollar Shoppers

SB: What does it take to cater to celebrities – all while building your personal brand?

DR: I try to stay open minded and ready for a new challenge when working with my celebrity clients because they often times need things at the last minute due to their hectic schedules. The ability to multi-task and always be on your A-game will definitely help you win. The rises and falls, the laughs and cries all build discipline and integrity, which will benefit my own brand, will endure those same highs and lows.

SB:  Where do you see your future after the show?

DR: I’ve built a clientele base in Los Angeles and am continuing to grow. I hope to work with larger movie/TV productions.

SB: What men’s styling tips do you recommend for the upcoming holiday season?

DR: Invest in a plaid shirt – great for pattern, color, and warmth. If you wear suits, invest in a white cotton pocket square – square it off and pop it in. Find a Paul Smith or an Urban Outfitters near you and buy your favorite color socks with stripes and patterns, and buy something with camo in it and style with favorite denim, tee, and boots.

SB: What women’s styling tips do you recommend for the upcoming holiday season?

DR: Go to H&M and purchase Isabel Marant for H&M collection – these things will go with everything. Find an over-the-knee boot and you’re ready to fight the fall. Get a little punky with a tartan plaid – Ralph Lauren is an easy destination. And your fall coat shouldn’t be in gray, navy, or black – go for yellow, pink, blue, or red.

SB: What styling suggestions do you have for the upcoming holiday based on what your current clients like?

DR: Find a signature shade and change the lens to a light gradient, so people can still see your eyes. A fun fur piece is great for the holiday – a vest, scarf, collar of a jacket or from your mother’s closet, and heirloom jewelry from your mom or dad added to your casual day look makes dressing worth living.


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