7 Questions For Leona Lewis And Her Huge Sock Bun

As far as we’re considered, fall and winter is officially bun season. It works well as a protective hairstyle, and is ideal for those holiday shindigs in the not-so-distant future. That said, you’re sure to spot a lot of celebrity ladies sporting this hairstyle in every form or fashion—tight top knots, low ballerina buns, trendy braided buns, and the all powerful, omnipresent donut bun. This has to be the most interesting of all the looks. Especially because the construction of it varies from person to person, but is shrouded in mystery to many of us.

Leona Lewis has been sporting a donut/sock bun recently, for attending the Sushi Samba 1st Anniversary party at Heron Tower in London, as well as for a visit to the BBC Radio 2 Studios in London. The prominent updo made such an impression on us that we have a couple of burning questions for the Brit-born singer and her hairstyle.

Here are7 questions we’d like to ask Leona Lewis and Leona Lewis’ bun.


1. Is that all your hair?

leona-lewis-bun-black-white-fashion-sushi-samba-2013-wennPhoto: WENN



2. Is it rude to ask if that’s all your hair?

leona-lewis-bun-black-white-fashion-sushi-samba-2-2013-wennPhoto: WENN



3. How did you get it that big?

leona-lewis-bun-white-coat-sunglasses-bbc-radio-2-wennPhoto: WENN



4. Does a sock bun count as a carry-on if you stash things in it?

leona-lewis-bun-white-coat-sunglasses-bbc-radio-3-wennPhoto: WENN



5. Are sock buns where unmatched socks go after laundry?

leona-lewis-bun-white-coat-sunglasses-bbc-radio-wennPhoto: WENN



6. Was that you on the Blonds Spring 2014 runway?

0a6c7ca80d4ccb0919ea24c40d28bec5Photo: Pinterest



7. Who wore it better: you or the cronut?


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