Style Guide: The Dos & Don'ts To Wearing Cold Weather Cleavage

Style Guide: The Dos & Don’ts To Baring Cold Weather Cleavage


Dressing s*xy during the cold weather months can be challenging. If it was up to us, we’d just go out in a Snuggie and pray Joan Rivers is still too busy beefing with Jennifer Lawrence to notice. But how realistic is it that any of us would be willing to give up those cute sheer blouses or short leather skirts because of a little cold air? Exactly. The key to ‘keeping it s*xy’ during the fall and winter is balance—not exposing too much to the elements all at once. The options are limited for showing leg. It’s either stockings, tights, or leggings. But when it comes to cleavage, it can get tricky figuring out how much boob is a good amount of boob to bare; and what fashionable options are even out there for wearing your cleavage out this time of year.

Get the answer to that and more in our guide to baring cold weather cleavage, below.



Do: Look For Cute Cuts And Designs

khloe kardashian cleavage neckline 2013Photo: Lia Toby/WENN

Why opt for a regular plunging V-neck? What you’re holding back with baring less of your breasts, you’ll make up for with cute cuts and designs like a scalloped or lace trimmed neckline.