Pitbull, Chris Brown, Dwyane Wade Expand Fashion Presences

Pitbull, Chris Brown, And Dwyane Wade Expand Fashion Presences

3Photo: Sprayground

As attention increases in the men’s fashion sector, male celebrities continue to toss their hats into the ring. While some athletes are only continuing their ongoing collaborations with brands — like David Beckham and mass-retailer H&M — others are starting theirs. Of course the collaborations aren’t only of benefit to the retailers but also the celebrities by expanding their brands and providing options outside of their main gigs.

So as we await the inevitable debut of the Jay Z, Barneys Holiday collaboration, we count down three other buzzworthy menswear collaborations.


Photo: Brand Wade

It was only a few days ago that we were talking about Dwyane Wade starting his own sock collection and now it seems the athlete has moved on to another target: neckwear. Via a collaboration with The Tie Bar, Wade has helped create 29 silk bowties, 15 neckties, and two dozen pocket squares. With a selection of the pieces available on November 20–the rest to be made available in December–Wade seems intent in carving out his own niche in the fashion industry.

“The design process has been a real eye-opener and I have a new appreciation for prints because I now know what goes into creating one,” said Wade of the collaboration via release. “I’m excited to share my stylish collection and show that the smallest details in your outfit can make the biggest impact.”

In addition to the neckwear, which comes in a classic prints as well as modern geometric prints, Wade’s collection includes seven tie bars and four cuff-links.

chris brown for sprayground

Photo: Sprayground

Though his name continues to stay in tabloids for his continued meetings with the law, Chris Brown is about to delve into the fashion industry. Teaming up with the streetwear brand Spraygound, the multi-platinum-selling, award-winning artist has helped create three bags for a Holiday 2013 collection. In three colors – green, grey and pink – the bags feature a winged silhouette and pose as only the beginning of an ongoing partnership between Brown and the brand.

“Chris’s genuine passion for the arts and challenging the norm is what sparked our collaboration and through our friendship, we’ve developed an incredible creative synergy,” says David Ben David via release. “Teaming up with Chris and his Black Pyramid brand has been an enriching experience and our initial ‘Camouflage Wings’ collection for Holiday 2013 symbolizes rising above.” 

iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

Photo: WENN

Pitbull has decided to go a little soft for his debut line of fragrances. In a first step to building his own fashion, accessories, and beauty product empire, the Miami-born rapper debuted the line which includes both men’s and women’s fragrances with a label that contains naught but his pen name: Pitbull.

With notes of raspberries, freesias, sage, and violet, the scents are fairly unisex as Pitbull says he finds himself mixing various scents regardless of the sex they were originally intended for. In regards to heavy scents, he tells WWD “Personally I wasn’t a big fan of that — I was more about a softer, sexier smell. I’m in the business of attracting women, not me”.

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