StyleBlazer Survey: Are We Tired of Celebs Posing Naked While Pregnant?

StyleBlazer Survey: Are We Tired of Celebs Posing Naked While Pregnant?

Nia Long graces the November cover of Ebony magazine and she’s baring it all. On one cover, we see a close up of the 42-year-old’s flawless face but an alternative cover features the mom to be nude. She’s absolutely gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that, but haven’t we seen this several times before? It’s the typical cupping of the breasts pose while the belly’s on full display. Some would say Demi Moore started the trend back in 1991 with her Vanity Fair cover and it’s been going strong for twenty years. We’ve seen everyone from Britney Spears to Tia Mowry to Mariah Carey following suit, just to name a few. Pregnancy surely isn’t anything women should be ashamed of and they all look beautiful, but is this getting a little played out?

  • Guest

    Nia longs pics look cheap, and the weave is awful. Sorry. I usually like her

  • veronica

    I agree w/ guest above!!!!!

  • guest

    nia long isn't even married like the other ladies are/were. I don't even know why Ebony used that for a cover when the other pic was in better taste.

  • IllyPhilly

    No, it's beautiful. Ask if we're sick of Rick Ross's flabby shirtless pictures. If it was a "Precious" type, everybody would go berserk!

  • ben


  • Guest

    Mariah Carey looks a mess as ususal! Yuck! i cannot stand the sight of her face lol

  • mteehall

    They chastise/ostracize Janet for baring a nipple and glorify others for showing it all, pregnant or not. Congress almost passed a law b/c Janet showed her nipple. I have nothing against these nude shots but how far can they take it. waiting for Demi/ Angelina to show pics of them delivering their babies and it will become the trend. Right now, we are just living it on TV shows, soon they will become a Magazine Cover. We have problem teaching children where babies come from but we don't mind the pictorial. Saw this Nia pic, drawn immediately to it but did not like the cover at all. Was not flattering. I love her but this pic did not do her justice. She looked very uncomfortable.

  • Simply Honest

    So why is celebrating the beauty of bringing life into this world classified as "doing wrong"? At the end of the day, whether in marriage or out of wedlock, a new beautiful life is still coming into this world and we all should celebrate that. regardless if it's on the cover of a magazine or not.

    • Vandellish

      I hear what you're saying but we can celebrate life without having to buy into such cliché styling by a once proud publication. Ebony simply could've put more thought into how to portray a 'proud' pregnant woman bringing life into this world.
      At this point the pregnant PYT/cougar shot is just a go-to-move for magazines such as this and it indicates a creative laziness and a lack of design vision on the part of their staff.

  • alf

    A round stomach should not be called a bump. Pregnant women can and should dress well.

  • obd

    This is getting redundant. All these celebrities want everyone to see their pregnant bellies and to marvel over their pregnancy (like they are the first in history to get prego). Then as soon as the baby is born, then all of a sudden they want the baby to be all hidden, or charge magazines to take photos of the kid… give me a break.