Jhene Aiko Baby and Father Picture

The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Jhené Aiko’s Rare Family Photo


Jhené Aiko can probably go on record as having the most ride-or-die original fans. The singer, whose career has been revitalized by recent guest appearances, has actually been in the industry since the age of 14. Fans of B2K recognize the multi-ethnic Aiko for being their opening act when she was signed Epic Records during their Scream 3 tour in 2002.

In addition to being a pretty seasoned singer, she’s also the mother to Namiko Love Grandberry, the daughter she had with former teen singer O’Ryan. We absolutely adore Jhene Aiko.

If you’re in shock that she had a child with Omarian’s younger brother, we’ll give you a moment. But for those of you who knew this, it probably warmed your heart to see the whole family together for Namiko’s recital. The rare family photo showed that the two may not be dating but they enjoy co-parenting and have an adorable kid.

Read some of the comments, below:

“Beautiful Family”

“Pleeease get back together I’m begging you”

“Beautiful parents, beautiful child”

“Reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix”

“This is so incredibly adorable! Awww”

“Dudeeee she’s soooo beautiful”

“Love how y’all both have nose rings!”

“O’ryan looking like he fresh out the 70s lol. Cute family pic”

“Two hippies & a princess. Lol. I love it”


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