15 Fancy Flats To Rock Right Into The Holidays

StyleBlazer Approved: 15 Fancy Flats To Rock Right Into The Holidays


It’s safe to say we have a love-hate relationship with flats. They don’t quite deliver that heavy dose of high-octane, feminine sex appeal that a pair of heels can. But they’re so darn convenient and practical. On second thought, maybe it’s us and not them.

There is such a wide variety of flats available for our choosing. The classic ballerina flat for a sweet, demure look. The oxford flat for delivering that masculine, ‘woman in charge’ effect. The d’orsay flat for a chic, but flirty feel. Or the flat loafer that is all the polish and sophistication you can cram into one shoe. And those are just your signature designs. Talking about the details would be a whole other conversation in itself. With that considered, it’s hard to think there isn’t a perfect pair of flats for each of us that we can wear confidently without feeling like we’re going to our third grade recital.

Since we’re well into fall, with winter and the holidays right around the corner, we’re all about fashion that’s warm, robust, and luxurious—even when it comes to flats. And that’s exactly the kind of styles we were in search of when we shopped these 15 fancy flats to rock now and right into the holidays.



Joan & David


Mitzie Flats



Jeffrey Campbell


Martini Studded Loafer



Nine West


AartOf Embellished Suede Flats