From Rio With Love: Celebrate The Boys of Brazil

From Rio With Love: Celebrate The Boys of Brazil

Made in BrazilPhoto: Made in Brazil

Ahh, Brazil. The land of beaches, bikini waxes, and babes. No offense to Gisele or anything, but it’s time that the boys got their share of the limelight, too. And the independent magazine Made in Brazil is here to help them do it. Started by Juliano Corbetta in 2010, Made in Brazil came about from a desire for a “more creative venue for Brazilian male models, photographers, and stylists to showcase their work without the boundaries or limitations of the national monthly fashion publications.”

Since its debut, the magazine has gone on to receive much international success and has helped launch the careers of several Brazilian male models; it also became a large inspiration for other publications in Brazil. Part of that must be because of how Corbetta and his team treat the publication–not just like a magazine, but more like a book or collector’s item. Corbetta told, “The print is limited to a run of 1,000 copies, all of which are printed in Brazil, individually numbered, and there are no online editions. There are also no advertising pages inside, to make it feel more like a continuous collection of pictures, and up until now there still has been no text in order to keep it more universal and as timeless as possible.”

The latest issue of Made in Brazil, the magazine’s seventh to date, focuses on “generations” and looks to honor both the old guard and the new guard in the Brazilian male model world. Inside the publication are more than 40 Brazilian male models, candid shots of their lives, and a career retrospective of Evandro Soldati–the most well-known male model from Brazil.

The publication is now for sale in both Rio and New York City, and if you don’t live in either of those locations you can order it online here.

Click through for a look at some of what you can expect to see in the newest edition of Made in Brazil. Let’s here it for the boys!