Two Years, One Necklace: Behind The Bulgari Creative Process

Two Years, One Necklace: Behind The Bulgari Creative Process

Bulgari Photo: Nicolas Wagner/T Magazine

Bright, bold, and beautiful–big words to describe the iconic Italian line, Bulgari. The design house  began way back in 1884 and has been cranking out one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry ever since, as well as watches, skincare, and accessories, too. The current creative director Lucia Silvestri (pictured above) is the creative genius behind each of the brand’s pieces, and she works with a team of 24 artists, as well as Paolo Bulgari, the company chairman, to make sure each piece lives up to Bulgari’s signature style.

bulgari2Photo: Nicolas Wagner/T Magazine

Silvestri spoke about that style to T Magazine, saying, “Color is in Bulgari’s DNA,” Silvestri said. “We don’t care if orange isn’t in fashion this season. We focus on the character and quality of what we design and assemble.” To craft the right blend of color and tone for their jewelry, Silvestri often travels to Jaipur, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka to find precious stones. T reports that she will often “spend months experimenting with color combinations and swapping jades for emeralds or amethysts for blueberry-size citrine gemstones, until she is happy with the tone, weight, length and design of each piece.” Sometimes a single piece of jewelry can take up to two years to complete.

That completion comes after her hand-drawn sketches are turned into computer-generated designs, the chosen gems are thoroughly examined by an in-house team of gemologists, and then pieces are finished by experts in metal setting and casting. The amount of effort and care put into each piece is the very pinnacle of high-end luxury.

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