Net-A-Porter's Hunger Games-Inspired Capitol Couture Debuts This Week

‘The Hunger Games’ Capitol Couture Is Coming Soon To A Body Near You


Photo: Facebook

Somebody at Net-A-Porter is a “Hunger Games” fan. Most likely basically everyone. Not only are they selling the official athletic gear the tributes wear in the upcoming “Catching Fire,” but they also partnered with the film’s costume designer Trish Summerville for a Net-A-Porter exclusive capsule collection: the Capitol Couture collection. Capitol Couture hits the online retailer this Friday, the same day “Catching Fire” will debut in theaters across the country.

Summerville’s capsule collection is made up of 19 pieces of lasercut leather, streamlined silhouettes, and dramatic eveningwear. The site’s fashion director told The Telegraph, “Our customers take their style cues from myriad sources, from the latest runway shows and street trends to TV and film.” As we reported earlier, fashion plays a heightened role in part two of the Hunger Games story, with Summerville looking to turn the main character Katniss Everdeen into an “It Girl” with her style.

Now all fans will be able to have a bit of  It Girl fashion to wear–well, fans with money that is. This collection ain’t cheap. Fabsugar reports that one of the collection’s most striking items–a “a bold, blue, digital-print interpretation of Katniss’s mockingjay dress” will cost $550, and t-shirts will be $75.

Fans of the book will remember that a lot of the fashion in the story is a bit on the outrageous side—but Summerville made a point of toning that down for the masses. There will be no flaming dresses in this collection. She told Fabsugar, “There are certain things in a book that won’t translate to film [and] there are certain clothes on film that don’t translate into your lifestyle. I did some sketches and pulled out some adaptations of what we thought would work. There are some pieces that we completely made new for this.”

While there’s no official lookbook out for the collection, interested fans can sign up for Capitol Collection alerts here.