Online Dating Stats for Hair Color

Women Prefer Silver-Haired Men When Online Dating

Anderson Cooper PF WENNPhoto: WENN


Ever wonder why you were attracted to Anderson Cooper? Other than his boyishly good looks and amazing intellect. Online dating app, AYI has figured out why.

The digital dating destination that allows users to meet through social media connections conducted a survey to find out the most attractive hair color to the opposite sex. It’s no surprise that men prefer blondes, but what was surprising was that women prefer grey-haired men more than any other hair color.

Following the silver foxes is is grey-haired men at No. 2 and bald men at No. 3.

See the results below:


AYI hair survey

Do you agree with the findings?

  • jeff

    Personally I think it just means women see gray and silver as more easily attainable……and hoping that means he is older and mature….of coarse the truth is
    that not necessarily is not the case

  • Belinda

    I don’t know any women who would list those hairchoices as their top 3.