Alfre Woodard Armani Caption Mistake

Idris Elba’s Doppelgänger, Alfre Woodard Spotted On Armani’s Instagram

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There’s nothing wrong with making a grammatical mistake on social media, we all do it. But Armani made a huge foot-in-mouth-loco-la-cabeza mistake when they incorrectly captioned a photo of Alfre Woodard at their 5th Annual Governors Awards on Monday night.


Alfre Woodard Armani Instagram

The star-studded event was attended by Naomie Harris, Steve Martin, Harrison Ford and, of course, Idris Elba to celebrate excellence in motion pictures. Accidentally, the person working Aramni’s Instagram page captioned Woodard’s photo with “Idris Elba posing in a gorgeous Giorgio @armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Awards.” And black Twitter erupted using a hilarious #ArmaniCaptions hashtag to mislabel other photos of black stars.

While Armani, changed the caption after the mistake was pointed out, it did stick in the crawl of many who were offended.

There’s no way we will ever know the psyche of the person who wrote the caption– did they not know Woodard’s real name? Did they mean to Instagram Elba after and wrote his name on Woodard’s picture? Do they think really think Woodard looks like Elba?– however the mistake was made, it does feed into the current debate about mainstream oversight of black Hollywood.


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