Rihanna Bob Hairstyle, The Worst

Why We Hate Rihanna’s New Hairstyle

Rihanna Bob HairPhoto: Instagram

There’s very little hate we can for the American Music Awards’ first “Icon Award” winner, who isn’t even American. But Rihanna’s new hairstyle is probably the worst one she’s had this year.


Rihanna Bob Hair2Photo: Instagram


After a very busy international tour, the singer settled in NYC this week, where she’s officially moving. In addition to her Chinatown home, the singer also got a new hairstyle done by hairdresser, Ursula Stephen. The stylist has a salon in Brooklyn’s Ft. Greene neighborhood.


MBFW - Marc Jacobs - RunwayPhoto: SIPA/WENN


Stephen cut Rihanna’s weave into a shaggy bob with frayed edges all around. Reminiscent of Marc Jacobs’ runway models for his spring 2014 show, the look is slightly high fashion and slightly awful. At this point it’s no secret that Rihanna enjoys changing her hair, and that’s all well and good, but she missed the mark with this boyish cut that hides her gorgeous face.


You like this look on RiRi?

  • Nycsweety

    Ahhh hush it she is killing this bob and in 4, 3, 2……. You will see a bunch of ppl with it.

    • ohthatswhatyouthought

      You do, it’s the same hairstyle the girls with short hair do after they take out there weave.

    • Val

      I agree..!!!

  • HarryAzzhole

    All these baby mamas want hair like white women .

  • guest

    Personally I prefer this over shaved sides. Since she’s off tour she should rock wigs let her hair breathe get healthy.

  • Nessa Fox

    Fake fefe dobson


    No! She is such a beautiful woman but she tries to hard to look ugly. Right now she looks like a Tranni no pun intended.

  • What The Hell Ever

    From the two photos of her shown on here, I don’t see anything wrong with the hairstyle.

  • elle

    naw. actually when she dyed her weave gray that was awful too.

  • scandalous7

    I like it

  • ZuluPrincess

    Im not a Rihanna fan but she IS American. Barbados is in North America the continent and the AMAs include ALL the Americas. What a pointless thing to even mention in this blog

    • Amarossa

      That’s reaching….lol! So why did she have to get a work permit for the US if she was American??..SMDH.

  • uhh

    I like it. It looks nice on her.

  • Trisha_B

    That’s not a weave. That’s her real hair, she just giving her head a break from the weaves. Her hair is in the awkward stage after a short cut. But it looks fine…..& that comment about her not being American but getting an award. Are you serious lmao. She’s an American artist. She’s signed to an American label. She won other awards from the AMA’s, she’s American enough for that but not american enough for an icon award lol

    • Denise Morgan

      Yes it is a weave … but it does look nice on her

  • CB3

    I love it, love her

  • livingsingle

    its finally classy and clean. leave her be

  • drezz

    it’s very stylish and I think it looks good on her. it’s flowing….do you hotness.

  • drezz

    what happen to fefe dob?

  • diamondsmiles

    I like it. She’s got a great face and there aren’t too many cuts she cannot wear.

  • Go away

    We hate rih rih. no reason shes just so annoying ugh!

  • Kim

    Instead of why we hate Rihannas haircut, how about “Why we hate Rihanna?” Talk about a self-important idiot. Go back to your beater bf, Rihanna!

  • Brooke

    The hair cut reminds me of Monica from Friends.

  • monique

    I like it. Makes her look a little older, but much more classy.