Afra Pourdad Shoots First Iranian Fashion Editroial In Years

FSHN Mag Takes Tehran: Iran’s First Fashion Editorial In Decades

Editorial in IranPhoto: Afra Pourdad

FSHN Magazine, a worldwide fashion publication based out of San Francisco, recently published a daring editorial shot on location in Iran at both the Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran and at the famous Manouchehri House in Kashan. While Iran is not really noted for it’s fashion forward leniency, the Iranian-Candian photographer  Afra Pourdad who shot the spread told NPR that of the people who watched her working, “The response that I got from them was amazing. I mean, I didn’t have anybody who says no to it.” NPR reports that this editorial is likely the first major fashion editorial shot in Iran since this Vogue shoot all the way back in 1969.

She wants people to know that Iran isn’t as closed-minded as you’d think. While many women do still wear the abaya–the long, traditional black robe–Pourdad says, “I had to explain this all the time to people here, that, you know, it’s not like that. It’s so much prettier, and it’s so colorful. It was just a very personal project for me. That I wanted to have something to show to people.” Her efforts were successful as the editorial, named “Tehran Face-Off,” is a delightfully bright affair.

The magazine’s publisher spoke of the project as well, saying “At FSHN Magazine our mission is to create a publication that transcends global boundaries and the leading publication showcasing emerging designers from all around the world. This editorial featuring the work of ‘Zarir Design‘ and shot by the incredibly talented and courageous Afra Pourdad gives the world a peek behind the iron curtain and lets you see the contradictions and culture of everyday Iran. We are proud to be the magazine which could showcase this amazing editorial.”

Click through for a look at some of Pourdad’s photos from the shoot, and head here to buy a copy of FSHN Magazine.