Sex Survey Finds Women Prefer TV To Sex

Women Prefer TV, Pets, Dinner And Paperwork Over Sex

woman-watching-television-tv-shutterstockPhoto: Women Watching TV from Shutterstock


Women in the UK are either having sex incorrectly or doing it lazily, because a new survey conducted by NOW TV found some interesting findings.

The company surveyed 2,000 British women and found that 39 percent of them would prefer watching TV over having sex. You’re thinking– maybe they meant regular sex and not the amazing, passionate kind? Nope. A measly six percent said they would prefer a night of passion over watching TV.

We will say, there are two clear reasons why this may be true: First, not everyone is cuffed up in the cold months and some would prefer to relax with a mindless program oppose to gyrating on a partner. Second, there is a lot of great programming on right now from “Scandal” to “Downtown Abbey,” who would want to miss this. “As winter approaches it’s not surprising that a night in is more appealing, and it seems the lure of a new series or the chance to catch up on a show that everyone’s talking about beats going out in the cold,” said NOW TV’s Director.

In addition to the media company’s survey, recent findings from others have found that women allegedly prefer a plethora of other things over sex including: indulgent dinners, hanging out with pets and catching up on paperwork.

The human race is probably in danger.