Cynthia Bailey Doll Debuts in Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Doll Makes Its Atlanta Debut In Time For Holiday Season

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” is at the top of its game, coming in at No. 1 for its Sunday night time slot. So it only makes for the stars of the show to milk the fame while they’re hot. Doing accordingly is Cynthia Bailey who debut her Bailey Doll under the Bailey Agency last night.

The model and entrepreneur created the doll loosely based on her but representing a wider group of women. “I’m elated at the opportunity to work with Stacey McBride-Irby and The One World Doll Project to design a doll that will expand my message and the overall mission of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion to be confident, to feel empowered and to always be inspired,” she told TheYBF.


Bailey Doll cynthia bailey

Donning an afro wig and cute monotone outfit, the doll was a collaborative project with Stacey McBride-Irby Signatures and the One World Doll Project, that works to make diverse dolls for kids.

In attendance for the launch party were “Love & Hip Hip Atlanta” star Erica Dixon, “Fashion Queens” Derek J and “R&B Divas” Nicci Gilbert. Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas was also there, wearing an afro wig to match the doll.

For those of you interested in gifting the doll this holiday season, pre-orders can be made here.



    This doll don’t look like her at all.

    • RHONYC

      Cyn’s trademark is her magnificent smile.
      ‘not’ having that featured on this doll makes it a Grade A FAIL. smh
      shame, or else i would’ve bought it. oh well…

      for my money $, i STILL say ‘the’ best doll designed after a black woman was Mattel’s ‘Brandy’ doll. that is ‘the’ best exact replica done of any black celeb i’ve seen ‘including’ the DC dolls. ;-/

  • RVA

    I would pay a million dollars for a NeNe Leaks doll but not one penny for a Cyn doll.
    Maybe Peter will boost the sales by buying as many dolls as his little pockets will allow.
    Russell Simmons and Leon can help by buying just one doll.
    Could you tell me does this do;; come with ashaway lotion.