Michelle Obama Interview on 106 & Park

Michelle Obama On ‘106 & Park’: ‘My Husband’s Got Swag’

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BET’s “106 & Park” was graced by First Lady, Michelle Obama’s presence on Tuesday night for the one-hour show. There to promote the Obama administration’s “North Star” goal of having the world’s highest proportion of college graduates by 2020, she urged the audience and those tuning in to go to StudentAid.gov for more information.

In addition to focusing on education and career goals, Obama also chatted about growing up in Chicago, her guilty pleasure (calm down, it’s french fries) and other little know things about herself. In addition to describing how the president charmed her on their first date, she answered other random questions from the audience.


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Biggest fashion regret: “I kind of always am happy with what I’m wearing. Sometimes I forget I’m First Lady. The first time we went on family vacation I had shorts on getting off Air Force One. And that created a huge stink because people were like, ‘she’s wearing shorts.’ And I thought, we’re on vacation, it was hot. So I’ve avoided shorts while getting off Air Force One.”

On Pres. Barack Obama singing “Let’s Stay Together” at an Apollo Theater Fundraiser in 2012: “I thought it was pretty awesome. I always say, my husband’s got swag. You know? He’s got a little swag. But he sings all the time. He’s in the bathroom just singing. And he’s always willing to sing.”

Watch a clip of the interview, below:

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