Logos Are Back: Here Are 5 Pieces That Deserve Your Attention

Logos Are Back: Here Are 5 Pieces That Deserve Your Attention

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There’s no denying that the logo is having a moment in fashion right now; Business of Fashion wrote about it back in October and New York Times followed that up last week with an article of their own.

Pointing to up and coming designers like Hood by Air as well-storied brands like Kenzo, both outlets say that the growing trend is one of empowerment for the consumer as opposed to simply free advertising for brands like in times past.

“It represents power, a language, a mind-state” said Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air to NYT about using his logo on pieces. “But it’s a sense of commentary, too. An encrypted code.”

Other designers like Heron Preston, who designed the shirt above, appropriate logos from big name brands like NASCAR in consumer-empowering collages. “I think about the logos, but not so much,” said Preston of his designs. To him, it’s just another art element.

Mash-up designer Peggy Noland–the woman behind the infamous nude Oprah dress–said: “It’s all a critique. I’m taking the idea of being marketed to and turning it on its head.”

Like wearing bold logos? Click through to view five logo pieces that you have to see.

dkny for opening ceremony

DKNY for Opening Ceremony Long Sleeved T-shirt, $145
Though the entire DKNY for Opening Ceremony exclusive collection was amazing, this t-shirt in particular with it’s cityscape DKNY cutout is the perfect logo-ed layering piece.

versus versace mia

M.I.A. X Versace Versus Logo T-shirt, $225
With the entire premise of the collaboration hinging on addressing counterfeit wares, the M.I.A. Versace Versus collection opts for gold foil to emblazon a logo on a short sleeved tee.

hood by air sweatshirt

Hood By Air Target Crew Neck, $230
It seems that you might have to get in line to get your hands on this piece from their Fall 2013 collection since they seem to be sold out at all major retailers–unless of course you have a friend in Malaysia–Hood By Air is a brand of the moment. This logo-ed piece is your perfect piece of history linked to the brand.

kenzo sweatshirt

Kenzo’s Tiger-intarsia knitted sweater, $715
Credited with bringing the sweatshirt to the forefront of fashion, Kenzo takes their trademark animal print and combines it with their logo in this knitted sweater design.

jeremy scott coke dress

Jeremy Scott Enjoy God dress, $228
This silk Jeremy Scott dress doesn’t have the designer’s personal logo, he did take the tried-and-true Coca Cola-style logo out for a spin with an ultimately religious message.

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