Fergie Named Her Baby Axl Jack Because Of A Dream

Fergie Named Her Baby From A Psychedelic Dream



Baby names come from a variety of places. Some from come elder family members, some from famous cities, some from one’s favorite fruit. Fergie found her baby name from a dream that had her at a rock festival.

“It was outdoors and it was all grimy and nobody knew who it was,” she told Ellen DeGeneres about the dream on her show. “On stage singing was Jim Morrison and then came Bob Marley and then Axl Rose. I was in heaven in this dream, and I’m dancing and just getting into the music.”

The Daily News had her expand on the dream saying she woke up by the kick of her newborn son, and knew it was the right fit. The dream resulted in the hybrid that is Axl Jack, the Jack being from her late uncle.

See, she stuck to tradition… in a way.