Throwback Thursday: From Beyoncé's Archives

Throwback Thursday: From Beyoncé’s Archives


 W Magazine 2002

Throwback Thursday can be dangerous. Instagram is filled with pictures of your hairstylist’s father on a raft when he was 15 years old, your freshman year roommate might post some hilarious–but best forgotten–photo of the two of you at a party… who knows what else will show up. That’s why this Thursday we thought we’d take it back to someone we can all agree to love: Queen Bey herself.

Just this week Beyonce was spotted on the streets of New York shooting for a new music video. Hopefully this means we can expect a new album soon, because she’s somehow been able to almost complete an entire tour with nary a new single or hint of an album in hearing range. What gives, Bey?

In other news, just last night she posted a picture on Instagram of her in some of hubby Jay Z’s pieces for Barneys, including a $2,295 varsity jacket and an $875 hat. Sheesh. She clearly is standing by her man in light of the recent controversial events.

In any case, let’s forget all the current controversy and questionable album release practices and take it back a bit. Stroll through memory lane with these fun photos from the “Throwback” section of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

  • Reese

    When all else fails, post something about Beyoncé.

  • Just Saying

    I like Bey and all but I hope she’s about to release some new music considering all these stories in the blogs, I’m going to say that’s what y’all are preparing us for.

  • carolyn bratton

    She is trying to copy solange’s style.