Your J Brand Jeans Are Made In Los Angeles

J BrandPhoto: Facebook

Any J Brand fans out there? Digital high five, guys. You can pretty much single-handedly thank J Brand CEO Jeff Rudes for the return of the skinny jean–the company’s most notorious output–which has been steadily trending since about 2004. The denim company is pretty much a ubiquitous staple, showing up all over from small boutiques to South Moon Under stores to Bloomingdales to Bergdorf Goodman. That much popularity means huge demand and huge production. And as Fashionista recently unveiled, most of the production happens right here in the good old U S of A–Los Angeles, to be specific.

Fashionista sent an editor to explore the factory and report back–which she did, revealing a number of interesting factoids, a sneak peek behind the scenes of the factory, and even got some face time with some of the veteran J Brand factory workers. It’s always a pleasure when a brand allows you a peek into their world, and seeing the insides of the J Brand machine is no different. So J Brand fans, click over to see the place of origin of your pants.

PS: Every pair of jeans is examined for flaws, so that means whoever is wearing a pair of J Brands is flawless too, right? Definitely.

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