StyleBlazers Spotted: Kim Kardashian Stuns In Black Fringe Mini Dress, Kanye West Repeats Outfit

  • Bloughmee

    I hate both of them – independent of what they’re wearing (or not). The day where Kimye media coverage goes away entirely will be one helluva great day IMO.

  • Bee Gigler

    i never even heard of kanye really and from what i understood he isn’t really anybody just some rapper, that i guess isn’t very good. He is sooooo using kim for her fame and using the paparozzi to promote his stupid brand called YEZUS, he is just ewwwww!!!! And he thinks he can tell everyone in New York to not buy any Louis Vuitton stuff until after January, really dude?!?! I miss the old kim, Every time i see these pictures of her, she looks different, i don’t know if its because of him or because she’s a new mom and she wants to change her look.

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