2013 American Music Awards: The Worst (And Weirdest) Dressed Celebs

  • Tiffany

    Jennifer Hudson looks great…you got that one wrong!

  • El Gestapo

    Lil’ Mama should be inducted into the Hall of Shame for this outfit…

  • blackberry

    Christina Aguilera looks great! !

  • Beckster14

    I thought Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson looked good first of all, and I think Marc Anthony was trying to look more “American”

    • leowmn7242

      @Beckster14 I think Marc Anthony was “in costume” for his next film. That, or he was trying to look younger. Either way, it failed.

  • Jonique Burke

    Lil mama needs to throw that wig away and find new friends because they obviously weren’t kind enough to tell her that her hair parting was wider than when moses parted the red sea. Cristina and J Hud looked great you guys couldn’t have been more wrong about those 2.

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