4 Tips To Flu-Proof Your Beauty Routine

It’s that time of year where we succumb to the cold temperatures and the probability of getting sick gets higher and higher. You do things to build up your immune system like increasing your take of Vitamin C and you protect yourself from the elements with scarves, hats, and cozy coats. But there’s one place you might be neglecting that needs your attention when it comes to fighting off sickness—your makeup bag. We chatted with beauty expert Sonia Kashuk and Target’s Associate Medical Director Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, M.D. who gave us some pointers on flu-proofing our beauty routines.

Check out 4 beauty tips for cold and flu season.



1. Clean makeup brushes daily during cold and flu season



Cosmetic Brushes image via Shutterstock

Some of us can be guilty of not cleaning our brushes often enough, but dirty brushes can be breeding grounds for germs that can get you sick. We like to use a brush cleanser like MAC Brush Cleanser but have found that good ole Dawn liquid soap works just as well. “Leave your brushes on your bathroom counter flat to dry and they will be ready for use the following day,” says Kashuk.



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