NYC Retailers Meet to Address Racial Profiling

  • OutHerSpace….

    Why is it that serious?

    • David Warren Jr.

      ….. Because Americans shouldnt be detained by police for being black and shopping.

      • OutHerSpace….

        Thank you Captain OBVIOUS

  • tracy

    All talk and NO action…

  • Mavis Raye

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m gonna follow this and see where it goes. A task force? we shall see……

  • Houston64

    Lets ‘Knockout’ the retail business

  • LP1087

    Hope this mean more “sympathy” minority hiring in the future. Probably not…..but I could use some of that generosity right now, real talk. ” I OWE YA’LL” that’s all ya’ll need to kno

  •プラダ-公式/ プラダ 公式

    She said she withdrew her son from the center, losing the remainder of the upfront fee that she already had paid.

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