Rihanna Doobie Wrap May Have Been Jacked

Bish Stole My Look: Rihanna Copies Bronx Rapper’s Doobie (And Everyone Loves It!)

2013 American Music AwardsPhoto: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN


We were very critical of the inspiration behind Rihanna’s doobie wrap that she wore to last night’s 2013 American Music Awards, and it looks like the mystery has been solved. As NecoleBitchie reports, the unnamed former manager for Bronx-based rapper, Patwa is upset at the “blatant theft of a image” that Rihanna took from the underground talent.


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“During 2011 Patwa and I crossed paths with Rihanna at a Roc Nation event,” the former manager says. “Rihanna who on that evening was wearing a hairstyle that she ‘borrowed’ from Cassie, complimented the jeweled pin wrap said it looked nice and even inquired as to who did it? We of course were flattered out of our socks and felt almost validated. Two years later it appears middle America is ready and Rihanna really liked what she saw. By no means did we invent the doobie wrap or name. However prior to the AMA’s no one had attempted to wear the doobie as a hairstyle in public. No one!”

The problem with this long argument is that nothing under the sun is new and expression can be a very difficult thing to attribute. In any given hood in America women fresh from the salon rock doobie wraps. In the grocery store, at the laundry mat, running errands– Rihanna’s inspiration could have come from anywhere.

But we will say that the Barbadian singer may have made it a new trend. “I absolutely LOVED Rihanna’s hair last night,” said veteran hairstylist Ted Gibson. “Women usually would not wear their hair this way as a hairstyle as it’s usually only seen at home or in the beauty salon, but Rihanna is all about breaking the rules! She took something that most women would never wear outside of their home and made it fashionable and chic! It’s as if she said ‘I’m Rihanna, I’m getting the ICON award, and I can do whatever I want!'”


Think Ri Ri jacked Patwa’s style?



  • T

    o please the doobie beeennnn out ! if rih wanted to copy her she wouldve done it then and there . . people are steady trying to make themselves valid lol

  • you guys, all the black girls in history to have a perm HAD to do this to keep their ends.

  • Fun101

    It still looks tacky.