Do Fashion People Suck? Maybe Yes, Maybe No

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There’s a story about a fashion photographer on a big budget shoot who got fed up with something or other and loudly declared, “Fashion makes you look like a cu*t.” (A “see you next Tuesday,” if you’re confused.) In an in-depth opinion piece on whether or not fashion people suck, a writer at the London-based i-D Magazine thinks you can kind of see the photographer’s point.

In the thought-provoking, all around great read, Lou Stoppard takes on the type of fashion people who make fashion suck–namely, “Those in it for the parties and free invites, the ones who think knowing where the good samples sales are equates to a good fashion history knowledge and who buy designer pieces just as a means of proving their self-worth.”

Starting off with an astute observation about not being able tell the editor of a leading fashion magazine from a person in running gear in front of a fashion show (there goes that rise in athletic wear), Stoppard breaks down exactly how a fashion person can come to be “the worst.”

In the past couple of years, the fashion crowd has made a mass exodus out of their all-black outfits of yore and blossomed into a colorful bouquet of peacock people. Lou notes, “They pose and preen, in their multi-patterned dresses, spidery legs balanced on club-sandwich platform shoes, or in thigh-high boots under sculptured coats blooming with flat flowers,”–all of which mark a distinct move away from actual peacocking and a step toward widespread “man repelling.” (Thank you, Leandra.)

Fashion outsiders–especially men–may not understand this type of dressing, but it’s not for them anyway. As Lou bluntly–but fabulously–notes, “In 2013 there’s nothing more cu*tish than dressing for man.” Amen to that sister--whether it’s feminist or not, true fashionistas should dress for themselves and themselves alone. After all, what is fashion but a way to express yourself and feel good about that expression?

Where the fashion crowd deviates from this path to self expression is where the suckiness comes in–”the side [of fashion] that’s about making people feel like they’ll fit in if they just part with their credit card enough times.” You know the type of chick–the one who wears her newest designer item as if it flashed “COOL” in neon lights? Yeah, she’s part of this side.

While there are indeed tons of slightly-sucky people who hang around fashion insiders looking for the next trend to copy, we’re happy that true trend setters and valuable influencers (Eva Chen!) are holding it down for the rest of us who are interested in the industry for its meaning and beauty and possibility and imagination. As such, we can happily report that no, fashion people don’t suck–sucky people suck.

StyleBlazers, are we right or are we wrong?

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