15 Celebrities Who Were Too Cool For School

15 Celebrities Who Were Too Cool For School

With the winter break soon approaching, students of life and in academia are all getting ready to rest and relax on the couch. We here at StyleBlazer feel that it is very important to stay in school, get an education, and graduate to help expand the knowledge.

But truthfully, it may be hard to focus on your books or your favorite teacher after reading about the successes these famous individuals achieved. In this list, you’ll see how some of the industry’s most famous personalities never quite had that experience, as they dropped out either in high school or college.

Hard work, drive, natural talent, and sheer luck helped these 15 Celebrities Who Were Too Cool For School to rise to fame.

We start off with a hunky cinematic heartthrob who is now married to one of the most beautiful women in the world:

Brad Pitt Dan Jackman PF WENN

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Brad Pitt

This world famous actor was originally on the path to become a journalist when he dropped out of the University of Missouri two weeks before graduation.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler Premiere

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Oprah Winfrey

One of those seven black billionaires that Kanye West is so keen on mentioning dropped out of Tennessee State University and seems to be doing just fine.


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Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor quit high school after his junior year, but not to act. Instead, it was to join a band.

Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling

The hunky heartthrob actor left school at the age of 17 and moved from his native land of Canada to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of entertaining swooning women.


Photo: Tumblr

Aubrey “Drake” Graham

Seventeen year old Drake was too busy enjoying his stint as “Wheelchair Jimmy” on Degrassi: The Next Generation to graduate from the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. Not exactly starting from the bottom, Aubrey.

64814 (12/11/00)  - MY WIFE AND KIDS - DAMON WAYANS  Photographer: BOB D'AMICO

Photo: Bob D-Amico/ABC

Damon Wayans

Made fun of by other children due to his club foot, this New York funny man would drop out of high school in the ninth grade and quickly follow his older brother Keenen into Hollywood.


Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN


The Chicago MC dropped out of Florida A&M University before he could earn his degree, but went on to be a very successful rapper, actor and producer.


Photo: CW

Tyra Banks

She was originally accepted to attend Loyola Marymount University, but dropped everything when she was offered a modeling contract. Not to worry, she recently finished courses at Harvard in business. Yes, it’s never too late.

Seth Rogen PF WENN

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Seth Rogen

The popular comedian and “Bound 3” star left high school at 16 to star in Judd Apatow‘s “Freaks and Geeks,” on which he played Ken Miller.


Photo: Tumblr

Marshall “Eminem” Mathers III

The self-proclaimed “rap god” never even made it past his freshman year in high school. He left since he was set to repeat the grade for a third time due to his unexcused absences.

Richard Branson PF WENN

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Richard Branson

The charismatic billionaire quit boarding school when he was 16 to start a youth-culture magazine, which was ironically titled Student.


Lady Gaga

Only attending New York University for her freshman year, the “ArtPop” songstress decided to forego a college education in favor of the spotlight.

Lil Wayne performing on Americas Most Wanted Tour

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Dwayne “Lil’ Wayne” Carter

The Young Money impresario signed his name and dropped out of school after getting his high school sweetheart pregnant.

Daniel Radcliffe PF WENN

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Daniel Radcliffe

The Woman In Black actor was taken out of formal school by his parents after landing the role of Harry Potter. Since then, he has led a relatively normal life as a successful actor.

Chris Rock PF WENN

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Chris Rock

The Brooklyn comedian dropped out of high school at age 17 to pursue his longtime dream of being a funny man. He would later go on to get his G.E.D.


Who else do you think was too cool for school?! Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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