Tips & Tricks On How To Care For Leather Goods

How To Care For Leather Goods This Winter (Tips & Tricks Inside!)

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One of the most chic and stylish wardrobe staples this winter would have to be leather. Whether in clothing, handbags or footwear, leather goods are a major fashion investment during this time of year. But along with making the smart investment, comes the need for proper care as well. We know when it comes to cleaning your leather pieces, it can be pretty intimidating, especially with the winter months quickly approaching (think snow, rain, and wear and tear!).

So we’ve gathered tips and tricks on how to care for leather goods to keep them for more cold seasons to come!


Leather Boots

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Leather boots have to be one of the top footwear staples during winter! And after dropping a few coins on your favorite pair, the main priority is getting plenty of wear out of your chic boots. Leather Spa, a luxurious repair and care spa for leather shoes and accessories, spilled a few tips to LHJ on keeping your boots looking like new.

• Condition your leather boots two to three times per season, finishing with water and stain repellant spray. For tall boots, purchase inserts or stuff with paper to prevent unwanted creases. (LHJ)

• Clean your boots by using a slight damp sponge or leather cleaner to wipe off dirt and dust. If the color is faded, use a colored cream that can also condition. For black marks on leather due to scuffs, dip a soft cloth in water with baking soda and rub the spots gently.

Trick: You have a one-to-two-day window to clean your boots from snowy winter residue before any stains set in permanently. Combine 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water and apply softly with a sponge.

For more information on cleaning leather boots, visit LHJ.